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Looking For Luxury

By Ren Withnell

Considering our strange surroundings and the surreal nature of this campsite, I've slept well. Of course I'm up before the gf is so I carry out cleaning duties, check the bike over, wander around aimlessly and wish the gf could be a bit more...well...awake really. I can't take it any more and as I have done most days of this trip I wake her up by being a little "noisy" with the brew making gear, by being annoying and asking stupid questions and by offering her tea. If I did not do this I think we'd still be asleep back in Cambridge where we camped on our first night.

old, patched and run down caravans at the camping municipal
Our not-so-classy surroundings. 

The showers don't look enticing and all we want to do is get out of here. Today we're heading North again, all things being equal this should be our last day on the road. I've deliberately left a "spare" day, tomorrow, just in case of problems, disasters or unforeseen events. Today I want to camp North of Boulogne-Sur-Mer, the last major town before Calais on the coast. Why? Our Channel Tunnel crossing is in the morning and I definitely do not want to be fighting rush hour traffic through or around a major conurbation whilst flapping about missing our crossing. North of Boulogne-Sur-Mer. North.

We decamp, load up and I look at the Fazer. It reminds me of an overworked, uncared for pack animal. If there were an RSPCM (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Motorcycles) then I would be arrested and charged with the most heinous of crimes. I do enough to keep it working, I rarely lavish it with luxuries or treats. I am a cruel master.

Out on the road the Fazer can't be all that badly done too. It still rides well and even with our house on it's back it never complains. The sun is shining although it's still cool and I feel relaxed, there's not too many miles to do today and I'm coming back into familiar territory now. I'm glad to leave Ault, Friaucourt and this area. Why did those English bikers send us here? Were they having a laugh? Did I upset them? Perhaps they have different expectations than us? No matter, lesson learned. I hope tonight's campsite is a luxurious delight with entertainment, dancing girls, bars filled with happy relaxed campers and maybe an interesting traveller to talk to.

There's loads of campsites North of Boulogne-Sur-Mer. Last year and at at the start of this trip we'd passed lots of campsite signs, we'll have time to choose the best. We ride and the sun shines a little. Why now? Why now at the end of our journey has the weather improved? Admittedly there's a very stiff breeze and it's not hot, but we'd have preyed for this kind of weather at the start and half way through our trip. Dryness. It's something we take for granted all too easily. Heat and sunshine is a bonus, just being dry is all that matters.

After Rue our surroundings change. The geography is much the same it's the man made features that are different. It feels much more affluent here. In fact it looks and feels like I expected Monaco to feel like. There's almost a Miami feel with broad roads, big trees, flash houses set back off the deep grassy footpaths and ladies that walk dogs in high heels (the ladies, not the dogs).

In Le Touquet it seems with time on our side a terrible waste to simply pass through. I look for a nice cafe in the town centre, I plan to soak in the ambiance of this high class area. I'd like to watch the rich folk pass by and to sip tea in the sun. I can't find the town centre and I can't find a cafe. I find a windswept marina where we stop and drink some pop we have in the top box whilst our hair blows into our eyes and riggings rattle against the masts. Things rarely pan out the way you'd hope.

The box open on the motorcycle, the gf eating butties all on the open windswept car park of the marina
Well this isn't a smart cafe is it...?

Back on the road we spot various campsites. They are all pleasant looking, some promise entertainment with large halls and outdoor bars. Each one looks a thousand times more enticing than last night's pitch, yet I must press on, North, North of Boulogne-Sur-Mer. Even with the stiff breeze this sunshine makes everything look better, brighter, happier and joyous. A thought crosses my mind. Some of the rain soaked places we've disliked, if we'd seen them in the sun would we have liked them? Should we just turn around and do it all again in the sun? Tempting, but we've both got jobs to return to. Damn.

We pass through Boulogne-Sur-Mer, easily as I have a fair notion of where I'm heading now. Time to find that perfect campsite I reckon. It's already getting a little late, maybe 1530? Why? We had a late start and we're moving at a leisurely pace. No matter, we've got plenty of time.

a broad sandy bay with the town of wimeraux in the background
A brief stop for a drink. 

Wimeraux Camping Munical. It's fine but there's no entertainment, a bit bland. It's on our maybe list but there must be something better. The gf really wants to avoid our next option, the place where we stayed on our first night in France, Ambleteuse. It was all right, but well, you know, nothing special. She'd like real showers indoors rather than covered cubicles in the wind. We press on.

One campsite is massive and the fees are cheap. We agree to stay and the barrier raises and lets us in. Pitch first, pay later? OK. We ride around. This is very much a residential campsite. There is not one single tent and maybe one or two holiday makers. The rest is filled with scruffy, ramshackle, dusty and knackered vans. There's little grass, what there is is dried up, dusty and stony. The residents look like extras from a hillbillie zombie movie and each looks at us with disdain or curiosity. I stop. We agree, we do NOT want to stay here. Back at the barrier I squeeze the bike past along the gravel edge. We are out of here!

Another looks much more camping based. Proper grass, plenty of tents already and a good tarmac car park. However being on top of the coastal cliffs the wind is howling by which displeases the gf. I notice too a large tent filled with catering equipment, the kind of stuff a large group of scouts may use. Hmmm. Possibly a rowdy night filled with youths and youthful antics. It goes on the maybe list.

It's already after 1700 and I'm getting tired, maybe a little agitated now. A couple more sights are found. One doesn't do tents. OK. Another is tiny and already filled up. Damn. Another one is on the coast and windswept, the gf doesn't want that. For gods sake! By 1830 I'm getting both desperate and bloody cross. Finally we find the perfect site.

It's inshore by a few miles, the wind is here but not in vengeance. It's pretty, secured with a barrier, has a bar and a small shop and the pitches are clean, well kept and there's even flowers in the flowerbeds. It's lovely. Inside a young French girl greets us with a big smile and a hearty "Bonjour!" We follow her through the sharp fresh bar to the office to pay for the night and to get settled in.

"Trente-deux euro monsieur"
"Trente-deux euro monsieur"
"Sharon, I think, I'm not sure, but I think it's thirty two euros for the night..." I look back to the girl "Trois...deux...euro...pour un nuit?"
"Oui monsieur, c'est ca"

You see, if it we were to stay one night and with the way I'm feeling right now, I might have paid. But we'll be here for two nights. I walk out, the gf follows looking still bewildered and confused. I curse and gripe and throw myself on the bike. The barrier remains shut for a while, have they trapped us here? I flail my arms in frustration and curse some more, the barrier finally opens. Ambleteuse is just down the road, we head there. I think the gf is now fully aware of my growing anger and she reluctantly agrees we'll just stop at the original campsite, it seems the best of a bad bunch.

I grumble as we pay at Ambleteuse. I gripe as the tent goes up. I finally start to relax when everything is where it should be and we are settled in. It's late, 1900. God only knows if there's any shops open now, god only knows what we can organise for tea.

Like it or not, being somewhere familiar has advantages. I would like to see myself as the great world traveller. I like to think I'm hardened to hardship, toughened to tough times. Yet in this dark mood it's good to know where the shops are. If I didn't I'd have been cursing profanities and hating the world, as it is it doesn't take long to have a handful of bacon, bread and cookies. After a rather tasty tea I am feeling better. What also helps my mood to subside is the gf agrees that although this site is not perfect it does appear to be the best of a bad bunch. I'm glad she's happy, I might have to murder her for making me go to every other god forsaken campsite on the coast to decide this one is not so bleeding bad after all though. WOMEN!

As the sun sets we take a walk around the familiar town. It's cold, the town is deserted and as the light fades it becomes a little spooky too. Bedtime

orange sunset outlining the trees and shrubs at ambletuese
We are treated to a wonderful sunset for our efforts.

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