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France...I wanna go but can I...??

By Sharon Parker

I like to travel, I like to travel on a bike especially, so when the bf proposed a trip around Europe on the bike I was well up for it. But he wanted to travel further this time and to do that you need one important factor...TIME. 3 weeks was the proposal.

So could I go? I was not sure I could get that much time off work in one go or how my girls would manage on their own? Well first problem was rather easy to sort, a quick query in work and I found to my delight I could take 3 weeks off. Now for the girls? They are 19 and almost 17 so in theory they are old enough to look after themselves and avoid reducing our home to a pile of rubble. IN THEORY. In reality they do not get along too well. In reality I have come home from time away to a home that looks like it was a nightclub the night before. All because the eldest hosted a Party!! That was a while ago now and she seems to have calmed down a little but she is still not what you would call tidy. I have not left the youngest alone with her sister for more than a couple of days before so my major concern is about leaving her. One of those weeks I am away she will spend with her dad and he is phone call away if needed ... but I still worry.

So I cannot go away without carrying these concerns with me.

It is hard to balance doing things you want for yourself and being a mother. If you do nothing just for yourself you can run the risk of building up resentments and becoming rather flat and depressed. But if you do things that are purely for your own being then you feel selfish and guilty. Hmmmm so you get the point it is not just an easy yes or no decision.....I want to go for ME very, very much but I feel guilty. I try to appease my guilt by reminding myself that I took the girls on a big holiday to Turkey last year. I have spent a number of years being there when needed and trying to be the best mum I can be. So I finally talk myself around my guilt and give myself permission to go.

I have left then only one other concern....how well me and bf might get on. In our 8 year relationship we have never spent 3 weeks together before day in day out. We have spent countless weekends together and some weeks away but never anything approaching this length before. We also have had our ups and downs and had a major split up the previous year and combine that with the unsuccessful trial camping run to the Thundersprint at Anglesey (see The Thundersprint story here) then I guess it is perfectly normal to feel a little trepidation. But I do the usual and have a little talk to myself and remind myself that overall I am a optimistic person. It is no good worrying about the worse because I do believe that in doing so this brings the worse about. If we are on the look out for failure or things going awry then this is what we see. We are so focused on those bad things that all the good rushes past unobserved. So with the mindset of positive thought I resolve to go and bloody well enjoy it.

Now all I have to do is pack small and light for 3 weeks. Damn this trip might not be so easy after all. To avoid any major melt down over the load the bf and I agree that a week before we leave I take all the stuff I intend to take to his house and we see how well it may or not fit.

Armed with the new knowledge that weight as well as size is an issue on the bike I endeavoured to reduce my load as much as possible. I therefore purchased some sets of base layers. They have many advantages over cotton. They are lighter, warmer and dry quicker. Therefore I should be able to take less for both warmth and washing purposes and the overall weight of these items will be less than the equivalent cotton counterparts.

I decide to take 3 sets of base layers, each set consisting of a long sleeved top, a t-shirt and a pair of leggings. To this I added 2 thermal vests, a light fleece jacket, and a few day wear items such as 1 pair of shorts, a skirt, bikini and some pants, couple of tops etc, my Converse for comfy walking and ankle boots if we go out for the evening. I tried out a variety of options (different skirts, tops etc) weighing each in turn to find the lightest and most packable. My biggest problem is toiletries. The bf sees no need for anything other than a bar of soap, toothbrush and toothpaste. I however am I lady, well female at least so my list is somewhat more extensive. Deodorant, perfume, makeup, mini straighteners. You know ladies all those LITTLE things that somehow when put together form into a huge heavy pile. Damn it to hell. More thinking and reducing required!!

After careful consideration and head scratching the chosen selection is duly delivered to the bf a week before the planned departure and loaded with all other camping gear onto our noble stead. The trusty Fazer that I love so much. I love this bike maybe because the bf does not. I love it because it is nothing special but it does everything you ask of it. Not with any whistle and bells, just quietly and efficiently. It is not edgy, fast or challenging. But it is reliable, trustworthy and it can carry a heavy bloody load. Hmmm I think I love this bloody bike so much because it reminds me of myself.

yamaha fzs600 fazer with full luggage
You may be an ugly duckling to others but I love you my Swan.

It is a big load, a huge load but the bf seems fairly happy with it and my attempts to stay small and light may be appreciated. He does not say so of course, I just have to assume that for myself. So, so far so good, things are looking hopeful. Another week and the adventure will begin. We have no set plans, no set destinations. It is very freeing. Scary too I admit as I have always planned any trip before in detail, researching best places to stay and visit. But this is just suck and see and I like it, I like it a lot.

It is also an experiment in how low we can go. As in budget wise. We are curious to find how cheap we can do all this for? What is the minimum you can spend and still have a good experience? So no plans for evenings spent in posh restaurants clinking crystal glasses over lobster and caviar. Nope this is no tale of fine wines and silk sheets, this will be a tale of two hopefully hardy campers who have little money but who still have hopes to travel the world, well Europe at least with a tiny budget. Can you spend little but enjoy a lot??? Only one way to find out and that is to do it. Yeee haaa.

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The Joy Of Being Lost As we head south the rain lightens but will it ever stop? I get lost which is no surprise, but lost turns out to be the best part of travelling. Are things finally taking a turn for the better? I do hope so...
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Melissa said :-
This is a great piece of writing, Sharon. So much here, and written both to inform and entertain! I love it. Saving the next installment for tomorrow:) Keep writing!
01/01/2000 00:00:00 UTC

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