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France Day 12 - It's Gloomy Inside And Out

By Sharon Parker

It was really, REALLY COLD, during the night. The temperature at 10am this morning is a pathetic 6°C so I think it must have gone down to at least 2°C during the night. Glorious for the south of France at the end of May.

Our camping neighbors Bridget and John confirm that they themselves had also endured a very cold night. Their tent is smaller than ours, their sleeping bags even thinner, burgh. It is a very hard balancing act this weight versus comfort on a bike. A smaller tent is lighter and more portable. It may serve you adequately in the sunshine. However when it is pissing down with rain it just stops being practical. With no porch area like ours there is no room to cook inside and no where to store soaked clothing. Lighter, thinner sleeping bags curtail the need for the big yellow front bags like we have but they are sod all use once the temperature drops. You can if you have a small fortune to spend get the best of both worlds. Super warm sleeping bags which are both light and will pack up small. But you are looking at serious money for the likes of these so for the average biker with average resources the compromise must always be made between bulk and weight versus lighter but less comfort.

The rain eases off and we decamp quick smart to take full advantage of this unexpected lull in the weather. After goodbyes we set off. The plan today is to reach the Villeneuve region.

We pass through farmland and gentle rolling hills. Many of the villages we pass through appear abandoned. The houses locked up and empty. I wonder if it is the time of year? If many of the houses are holiday lets and the season is yet to begin in earnest? But I also wonder if it is due to the recession and hard times hitting. I begin to notice a lot of farms and business premises having for sale signs or liquidation notices on them.

These lost and abandoned images do not inspire an inner warmth and as I shiver I gaze up at the sky for some hope. No hope to be found there at all. The sky is very dramatic with every shade of grey on display. It would, I ponder, make a wonderful photograph but just as I consider the possibility of digging out my camera the heavens open with another substantial downpour.

The day continues with rain, rain and even more rain. Very occasionally just to tease you the rain will suddenly stop. A tiny small patch of blue will appear on the horizon. I fixate on this tiny glimmer of hope. Willing with all my might that this tiny blue pin prick will expand and grow large enough to give birth to a glorious orange round baby called the sun. Just when my hopes rise that the rain may have indeed stopped ... whoosh the blue is replaced by steel black clouds rushing back in and once again another downpour begins.

Sometimes while sitting on the back of the bike I can have some truly inspirational thoughts. Trouble being that such thoughts are fleeting and by the time I get off the bike I am lucky if I can remember one or two of them. I wonder occasionally if I should have a little recorder with me and if I think of anything worth remembering I could record it. It is not often the mind has the opportunity to roam at will like it has the chance to do so while I am sat on the back of the bike. The mind is usually busily engaged with the mundane. It seems a shame that all these little deep thoughts and ideas emerge in my brain just to blow away on the breeze as soon as I remove my helmet.

However on the flip side sometimes being on the back of bike does not always bring little glittering gems of inspiration. Sometimes it leaves the mind time to brood and dig deep into black thoughts. So if you have something bugging you and troubling your mind like I have today and you mix that with really miserable weather it is all to easy to let the bleakness and greyness of your surrounding seep into your very being. When we are troubled nature can often be our salvation, the salve to our wounds. But sometimes nature can match our mood perfectly and skies and thoughts can becomes ever blacker together. I am self aware enough to realise I am brooding today but sometimes I have as much control over my ability to turn off my mind as I do to make the sun appear out of the clouds.
I am not brooding over my current situation, even if the weather is ridiculously bad. I am brooding over the past, worrying about the future and filling my head with if's but's, why's and maybe's. I know the futility of all of this, I am aware this does me no good but today I have no stop switch. I cannot halt the rain and I cannot halt the torrent of my mind.

As we approach the River Lot region I am disappointed. I came here 6 years ago and found it beautiful. Today it looks ordinary. Maybe I have been spoilt by the beauty of the Alps and Millau. Maybe my brooding mind and bleak weather is tainting the picture.

Ren pulls into a small campsite which, surprise surprise, is beside a river. This being the Lot region it is indeed the River Lot, fancy that. The river is fast flowing, grey and almost at bursting point.

a grey and swollen river lot flowing between rain soaked trees

the river lot flowing fast through the towns
The River Lot - Full to the brim.

The campsite is a 2 star. It looks basic and about as appealing to me as a paddle in the river right now. But the €8 a night fee brings a smile to the bf's rain sodden face and I can see how tired he looks. It has been a long, hard, wet ride and I guess he really does need to stop. There is also a break in the rain right now. So as this little unappealing campsite, Les Berges du Lot in St Syvestre-Sur-Lot, is the only one we have spotted for a while this looks like the place we will be staying tonight.

a scruffy sign for camping les berges du lot
Campsite, not of choice but of necessity

We wander around the campsite looking for a suitable pitch. It is a tiny campsite which is already practically full with camper vans. Ours will be the only tent. Of the couple of pitches available we choose the one a little further away from the waters edge. Like I said it looks fit to burst. The ground it already rather water logged and the sparse covering of weeds does little to cover the mud underneath. No wonder we are the only tent. Oh well tally ho and pitch up chaps.

campervans line the gravel track through the rain soaked campsite
Motor homes prefer this site we soon realise why.

On the up side the site is incredibly friendly, with warm smiles from the owner and fellow guests alike. We chat to a rather eccentric English chap. It transpires that he spends his life living half the time back in England and the other half in France. In fact he lives just across the river from the campsite. But rather oddly he is camping in his tiny camper van on site. Why? When he lives 5 minutes away? He says he likes the company of the fellow campers. They are old friends to him now, returning each year they all catch up with one another. I can see his point but still it does seems a little odd. But he is a nice chap and if he is happy then who cares how odd it may appear to others.  

I decide to try and clean up and warm up a little with a nice shower. Just as well the smiles were so warm because the bloody shower sure isn't. In fact it is bloody freezing. The showers are the outside kind. Basically an enclosed cubicle with a roof but with the door opening straight to the outside. So here I am stood naked with the cold wind whipping up beneath the door, while standing under a streaming torrent of freezing cold water. I want to cry I am so cold. Add to this I can see steam coming from the next door cubicle the bf is in. He confirms his is not hot but it is at least warm, not freezing cold like mine. So I bite my quivering lip and like any true Brit I do not cry. Nope I just laugh hysterically instead.

The rain begins in earnest again and we dash to the shops for supplies for tea. After finally warming up a little with warm food in my belly and cocooned within my sleeping bag in the tent I can feel a smile returning back to my face. The rain lashes the tent and I can feel a small pool of water beginning to form under the tent. The porch area resembles a scene from a festival site and as such everything is covered in mud. It has been a totally miserable day.

the tent and the bike with a line of mud to the tent entrance

inside the porch of the tent the mud mixes with the camping gear
Mud, mud glorious mud. Nothing quite like it for sticking over everything.

It has been black today both weather wise and in my mind. I have showered in freezing water in the cold wind. But here I am snuggled in my sleeping bag with a smile on my face feeling ... happy to be honest. I am either a hell of a lot tougher than I ever thought I was or I am finally going rain insane.

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