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The GF Question

By Ren Withnell

I discussed my plans with the gf, as ya do, over a brew one afternoon. I never really considered whether or not the gf would come on this trip with me, she has far too many commitments. I work for myself. The advantage is that I can choose my holidays as I see fit. There is of course a huge disadvantage though. If I am not working I am not earning. Not only do I have to cover the cost of any holidays or trips I also lose any money that I may have earned while I am away. Even worse is that customers don't like to wait while I go off gallivanting and will happily go elsewhere. However life is for living and all work and no play makes Ren an unhappy boy. My son is 22 years old so I don't need to worry about him too much.

The gf on the other hand works for the council. She gets paid leave which is nice but they tend to get somewhat shirty about losing essential staff for 3 weeks, especially in these hard times where staff levels are cut to less than a minimum. She also has 2 daughters, one of whom is 19 and allegedly old enough to look after herself. The other is 16, that awkward age where she's not QUITE independent enough for 3 weeks of self maintenance. Of course being siblings and teenagers they don't always get on so well either.

So I am taken back when the gf suggests not only would she like to accompany on my European adventure but that she will see if she can make it happen. This raises a lot of questions within me. Can I cope with the gf for 3 weeks? Can she cope with me? What if we fall out? Will she cramp my style? Will she like it? Last year I travelled alone. It had it's advantages and disadvantages, but I know I can do it.

th gf stood in front of an information board in north wales
The gf knows how to travel. Here she's not looking into a bin, it's a Tourist Information board, honest!

Being alone means I have far less kit to carry on the bike and I only need to worry about myself. I can choose how much or little I ride, what time I go to bed and what I want to eat. Loneliness pushes me to make the extra effort and talk to people such as locals and other travellers or holiday makers. These interactions with strangers are the part of travelling I love the most. Not everyone is nice but there's always something interesting or curious about them. If anything goes wrong then I only have myself to worry about, and myself to blame. It's a huge responsibility keeping someone else safe on the back of my motorcycle. It's an even bigger responsibility keeping them safe on strange unfamiliar roads.

All that being said, sitting in a cold wet tent pushing baked beans around a billy can all alone is not really my idea of fun. It's good sometimes to have someone to talk to, to share the views with, to help out and to discuss my thoughts. When things go wrong it helps to have someone to say it'll be ok, to offer assistance and to shout at and blame even when it's not their fault. I can see both sides of this question. I shall leave it and see if the gf can make it happen.

small tent with stove and pans out front
My tiny tent last year when I was all alone. Notice the tinned food and billy can. 

8 years ago I took my first real motorcycle trip abroad to Spain. Talking to friends and looking online I was given to believe that this country would be a warm lush land filled with nothing but beauty and joy. Dark dusky maidens dressed in flamenco dresses lined every street and would eye me with wanton lust. I'd sip cola or tea outside shaded bars and cafes. Everyone would speak English with a funny accent and I'd be welcomed like a family member to dine and dance the night away with locals. What I found was a broiling desert, empty villages with dust storms or busy cities with suicidal traffic. No-one spoke a single word of English and roadside truck stops employ gruff staff. Tea comes in tiny little cups and costs a fortune.

The problem was I went right through Spain, off the tourist routes. I saw the ordinary parts that are kept from the paying visitor. The run down factories, the endless construction sites, the massive concrete apartment blocks, the broken roads and the abandoned houses. I learned that life was no better for the ordinary folks in Spain, just different.

wasteland and scrub in Spain 2005
These are the parts of Spain I was not supposed to find.

Since then I'm interested in how the everyday people live their lives in the everyday places, not just the beauty spots and the must see attractions.

I'm concerned the gf may just want to see just the nice bits. My fears are reinforced when she brings a book filled with the must see landscapes, chateaus and ancient cities of France. I explain to her that while I too wish to see the beautiful and wonderful I also expect, even hope, to see the drab, dull, miserable and mundane. Fate plays it's part when the gf's already limited finances take another blow due to unforeseen circumstances. My explanations and her growing disillusion with the cruel world of money help convince me that she understands and shares my desire to not just "spend" our way to happiness in the nice bits.

It still comes as a shock when the gf tells me work has agreed to 3 weeks leave. It all becomes real when practical arrangements for the teenagers are made. Sororicide (killing one's sister) is strictly forbidden, the house must remain peaceful and tidy, duties must be followed and father will be providing respite at some point. So that's it, she's coming, it's happening. Like Oh My God! I'm sure we'll work it out, but how the devil will I get all the kit onto the bike?

the gf posing on a rock showing a bit of leg
I guess it's not all bad taking the gf with you on your travels...

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