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Borsuk said :-
I am planning on visiting Motolug next time in UK with my trusty tape measure and see how it all measures up against the foot print of the quad. If it meets the requirements all well and good, if not I can see if it is capable of being adapted to fit. What`s known in Ren speak as bodgeable.

13/1/2020 7:49:07 PM UTC
Upt'North said :-
Just read but not sure for which markets, that RE are dropping the 500. It's a victim of tighter emissions regulations in India and elsewhere. The range will still have the revised 350's, the Himalayan and the gorgeous 650's.
14/1/2020 1:06:36 PM UTC
Upt'North said :-
Anyone noticed it ain't half cold in that wind.

Posted Image
15/1/2020 9:43:29 AM UTC
Ian Soady said :-
That CBR300....

Why on earth does it have such a high seat? If you look at the clearance over the rear wheel it could be dropped by a good 10cm allowing shorter / less agile riders to get on more easily.

Rough scaling up from the rear wheel size gives around 30cm travel on the rear suspension - I'm sure it has nothing like that.

Fashion again.....
15/1/2020 11:39:49 AM UTC
Upt'North said :-
Ah, yes Ian, fashion, where are my flares and cravat?
I think some of the most interesting developments are from India and China at the moment, now let's think what RE could do with the 650.
What about a seat long enough for two normal people.
Maybe a half fairing with decent screen.
Foot pegs placed where a pillion can rest on them without having their knees tucked nicely under their chin.
A rear subframe which is strong enough for proper luggage.
Maybe an increase in capacity using the SS kit.
And sell it to us for under £7K.
Then warranty it for 3 years with decent service intervals.
Is anyone listening.
FWIW I'd say about 160 mm.

15/1/2020 12:56:32 PM UTC
Ian Soady said :-
Yes, I think the Chinese manufacturers (and RE) have twigged that there are many riders who want functional, easy to ride, economical bikes that don't look like something dreamed up by Ridley Scott. Sadly for them, many of said riders are like me and are never going to go into a showroom and plonk down thousands for a new bike.

When they're a couple of years old, of course.......
15/1/2020 1:46:23 PM UTC
Henrik said :-
Just spread hate ,.. I love that seat :-)

Plowing a monster-topic on advriders rigjt now, seems it gets a lot of love there, for being just what it is, and more than just a fancy road-bike

Even luggage ,... needed be
15/1/2020 1:50:12 PM UTC
Henrik said :-
Top of the bike, flat, like drawn with a horisontal ruler is also "fashion" its just "old-fashioned", hehe,...
15/1/2020 2:00:44 PM UTC
Ren - The Ed¹ said :-
I suppose Ian's right. We the seekers of acceptably priced vehicles where function is more important than form (although we do like form) tend to buy used. Unfortunately Honda et al don't make used bikes.

The Indian and Asian markets are (for the time being) quite different though. Perhaps that's why their machines are more functional.
15/1/2020 10:28:58 PM UTC
Henrik said :-
An Himalayan from scottland did break down here in DK recently, Rider stranded, heavy fail in the engine, piston broken in two,.. then the next problem, all spareparts you need is not availabke in EU, when you need them, even on a bike one year old, that alone is reason enough for mee to avoid RE, some is touring the world, yes, but also it will never be reliable like my old DRZ400, and simular, not even in the seccond generation models. That should be considered alongside the missing spareparts, bad and unforgiveable combination. After being shipwrecked two weeks in DK, with no solution, he went home, without the bike, dont know how it all ended
16/1/2020 4:08:43 AM UTC
Henrik said :-
Fact that the bike is "simple", the poor man could use for nothing
16/1/2020 4:10:24 AM UTC
Upt'North said :-
Henrik, I don't doubt that RE can have issues with reliability, all mechanical devices are on the road to fail from day 1.
It would be interesting to know the FULL details which often vary from those reported. Maybe there was an issue over culpability. Pistons don't break easy, so either it was a manufacturing defect or something like running low on oil causing a seizure. I'm sure some RE type person may know more. Why they couldn't get the bits to repair it in Denmark, I don't know, are there RE dealers there. It would certainly have needed more than a piston.
I don't think RE are on their own either, many manufacturers are woeful when it comes to warranty/repair work. I had to wait for ten days when the rear washer on my BMW car rear washer failed. That's ten days in the workshop to make water come out of a nozzle. Acceptable, No, the norm, yes unfortunately. And that's after waiting three weeks to get it booked in.
Like I said if someone knows more it would be good to know.
Thanks for posting.

16/1/2020 9:17:34 AM UTC
ROD said :-
The Himalayan does not seem to be inherently unreliable. As many other youtube watchers I follow Itchy Boots who is on her second Himalayan and travels large distances.
What I will say is that the bike may not be suitable for all users, and the user may be the issue.
With a top speed of 75 - 80mph it would be very easy to abuse the bike, along with the issues mentioned by Upt'North.
I have had a GS250 Suzuki seize when I was abusing it on a motorway into the wind fully loaded with camping gear, but that did not make it a bad bike, it just was not the correct bike for the way I was using it.
16/1/2020 10:08:04 AM UTC
Upt'North said :-
Just checked on the Himalayan, as you do when you've stopped putting 8' posts in for one day, there is quite a lot of disgruntled owners out there with regards reliability and parts availability.
No smoke without fire I suppose.
16/1/2020 6:10:27 PM UTC
Ian Soady said :-
When the first Indian made Bullets came out they had a terrible reputation. A friend of mine who specialised in Norton Commandos and had worked in the BSA competition shop showed me the gearbox from his brother-in-law's Bullet - the machining was terrible and many of the parts weren's case hardened.

I had heard that Enfield quality control had improved but maybe not as much as it needs to.

Upt': can't you get a man in to do that sort of manual labour?
17/1/2020 11:46:29 AM UTC
Upt'North said :-
I mentioned it to Er'Indoors Ian, she quickly calculated that she would lose the ability to buy many more pairs of shoes if I did employ said man. That's why I'm typing this sitting in the garage with a mid job cuppa and a choccy digestive instead of watching daytime tele, every cloud, as they say.
I think I'm turning into a mole.

17/1/2020 1:26:19 PM UTC
Ren - The Ed¹ said :-
I wish I had a property large enough to warrant a fence...

I really struggle to decide on the internet's reliable data. For sure there are folks with issues regarding the Enfields - BUT - if you read reviews of that lovely hotel you like or your favourite white goods brand you will be sure to be shocked at how different your experience has been. People only get typing when things go wrong. Your garage door opens and closes reliably year after year after year and never a word you utter about it. You no longer notice it because it just blooming well works. Then one day - "SNAP! - something has sheared off and you are now inconvenienced. You hate that door and you tell your friends and anyone else who'll listen.

I owned a CB250T Dream, forerunner to the much maligned CB250N SuperDream. I dispatched on that and ran it up to around 70,000 miles before the bottom end siezed. Yet if you read the "Used Motorcycle Guide" from back 'int day you'd think it was the least reliable and useless piece of poop ever made. Why? I think it was because it was a good seller. If there were only 20 Moto Guzzi 750s sold and only 2 broke, that's a 10% attrition rate, but only 2 reports of broken Guzzi 750s. If 10,000 CB250Ns were sold and 100 broke that's a 1% attrition rate but 100 tales of woe.

It's very hard to form a hard scientific opinion without good, solid and reliable statistics. I still like the Enfield but these tales of woe make me nervous. Oh lordy I've just realised, maybe Honda's out spreading rumours... (cue dramatic conspiracy type music and then the credits).
17/1/2020 1:55:15 PM UTC
ROD said :-
Thanks Ren, I was about to post along the same lines, but as usual you have posted in a much more readable form than my scribal.
17/1/2020 2:25:16 PM UTC
Upt'North said :-
Completely agree Ed, the people who shout loudest are heard more.
The failure rate of any product cannot always be placed at the door of the manufacturer and each case should be observed carefully.
Whether there is an issue with reliability or not is often conjecture but it would make me want to wait a while if I was in the market for an RE, which sadly I'm not, she's spent it all on shoes. And posts!

17/1/2020 4:52:13 PM UTC
Ren - The Ed¹ said :-
You're freaking me out now Upt', or Sharon's drugged my tea again.

I recall a Keeway RKS just like Sharon's at our local biker haunt. 8,000 miles, second motor and a total rusty wreck. We only needed to meet the owner and his maladjusted dry chain to realise where the "cheap Chinese crap" stories come from.

Equally there is some real crap out there! With 7 billion opinions it's nigh on impossible to deduce what's what and what's not. All we can do is try.
17/1/2020 10:27:01 PM UTC

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