A motorcycle parked in front of a tent on a pleasant green campsite

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Henrik said :-
Upt'North ,... guess I will just use them

In the funny corner, why big attributes needed on MC :-)

4/7/2019 2:16:21 PM UTC
Ren - The Ed said :-
While I've never checked scientifically it always *FEELS* like the tyre is fine, fine, fine, fine, fine, bit of wear, BALD!!!

The notion of block movement makes sense but the modern street tyres don't have blocks per se, more like grooves as per your image. I would have thought that effect was minimal. As minimal as the effect that as the tyre wears it gets smaller therefore each section of tyre sees the road more often wearing it faster. Both these effects must be minuscule.
5/7/2019 7:38:51 AM UTC
Ross said :-
Re Tyres

I changed the original IRC tyres on my Inazuma at just over 9,000 miles...the rear was down to 2mm+ and still legal for the UK, but was picking up on white lines and road irregularities making the bike squirm a bit which unsettled me, the front was fine but the local tyre place offered me a deal for a pair so I thought it would be easier to change both together to have a matched pair and not have to worry about changing the front in the near future. I went for a pair of Avon Roadrider's which I'm very happy with...I've seen some slagging off the original IRC's but I never had a problem with them wet or dry (although I don't ride all year-round...hope that doesn't disbar me from the BAT website! ;) )
5/7/2019 9:13:00 AM UTC
Ren - The Ed said :-
Hmmmmm. Fair weather riders. Pfffft!!! And changing tyres at 2mm! Some people have waaaaay too much money.

Obviously I would banish anyone from the site who covers less than 10,000 miles (not KM) per annum, does not ride through winter and does not think Honda is the best thing since sliced bread. I'm not bias, I just know I'm right and the rest of the world is wrong.

However I am also a lazy feckless halfwit. This means while I have the skills to run a login system I can't be bothered. As such everyone is allowed in. Grrrrr!

I'm in a bad mood. Unfortunately it looks like I'm returning to a 5 day week.
5/7/2019 10:05:36 AM UTC
Ross said :-
I'm a rich southerner, get over it...and get back to work! :p

If you and your glamorous sidekick come down to Kent I'll buy you a cuppa and slice of cake to cheer you up a bit! :)
5/7/2019 12:28:59 PM UTC
Henrik said :-
256 pounds for good new tires, mounted, and balanced, is not as rip of, same level in DK,....

For a set of Pilot Street I would pay 132 pounds in DK ,.....(110/70 and 140/70)

For my slow speeds it might not even be nessesary to balance, and if a problem we have a simple balance tool

As often there is no problem ,... especially not if its Enduro or offroad anyway

I had BT45 in the GS500, my last road-bike ,.. mixed feelings ,.. but must say that Pilot Street is SUPER

Pilot Street is cheap, and seem to be very strong also

Just spoke to someone who had done mixed used 10000 miles on hes pilot street front tire, and it was still ready for at least another seson

Another thing I like is that its both for tube and tubeless ,.. I will rebuild my tires for tube

Tube means that I will be more likely to fix my own bike, in any circumstance, without waiting for help

In the Norweigan remote wilderness the cell-phone might not even work ;-)
5/7/2019 2:43:34 PM UTC
Snod said :-
I usually get about 15K miles from a front tyre on a 250, I actually had a front ME77 last 22K on the CB250 back when I commuted on the motorway - not bad for a £55 tyre! Rears are always 7-10K though depending how far past the markers I manage to get.

I do find that rears wear more slowly as they square off, I attribute this to the larger contact patch. Always makes me chuckle when a reviewer says they managed to take a millimetre off in 1000 miles so with tread depth of 6mm it should last 6K - they've obviously never worn a tyre out in their life!
6/7/2019 12:00:44 AM UTC
Upt'North said :-
Anybody use this.....
Was given to me by a passing Canadian.
It's a visual tightness check for critical components. Similar to OEM.

7/7/2019 1:42:09 PM UTC
Ian Soady said :-
A bit like those yellow arrows you see on lorry wheel nuts.

You could just draw a line with a Sharpie......
7/7/2019 2:49:14 PM UTC
Henrik said :-
Guess I will try out with pop-up tent this year ,... why not ?

Due to the hooks in top of the box it can be locked safe there, not loosing the ability to open the box at any time

Right behind me pn the seat is a big luggage roll, same hight as box, it will also rest on

8/7/2019 7:05:59 AM UTC
Henrik said :-
Falling in love with this caravan, cargo type 525/800 kg ,.. its nose-heavy offcourse this way, but to be dispensated with luggage on the rear-end where there is rails for all sorts of luggage

8/7/2019 7:31:47 AM UTC
Henrik said :-

8/7/2019 7:36:11 AM UTC
Henrik said :-
rear-rails with box, many other options

8/7/2019 7:38:36 AM UTC
Henrik said :-
Full wagon-width right inside the door, maybe a small bike could pass the door with a handy movement ?

8/7/2019 7:46:53 AM UTC
Ren - The Ed said :-
I bet that caravan ain't cheap Henrik, but to a man of your wealth it will be a mere drop in the ocean. Is there a website so we can look around for ourselves?

Upt'North - would that marking system work on a dirty motorcycle like mine?
9/7/2019 8:56:20 AM UTC
Upt'North said :-
Don't worry Ed, with all that crud and rust on yours you'll notice if something moves. It'll be the one visible bright spot.

9/7/2019 9:06:40 AM UTC
Henrik said :-
Hi, at work, cant find any link right now, but its "T@B 320 offroad", available in UK it seems, new ones are 650/1000 kg, butvtry to get a used one from around 2008, they will be 525/800 Kg, thus towable for even small cars, price will be around half also compared to new

Sometimes one have to pay, a caravan is fortunately a long lasting investmemt compared to a car

I dont find the overly expensive, and only caravan I can think of that looks good :-)
9/7/2019 11:13:45 AM UTC
Ian Soady said :-
"only caravan I can think of that looks good :-) "

Beauty, as they say, is in the eyes of the beholder........

They are quite quirky but I can never understand why they sacrifice so much interior space to make it look "good".

That rear rack looks very substantial but you'd have to watch the nose weight with a bike on it.
9/7/2019 12:14:51 PM UTC
Henrik said :-
T@B made by Tabbert
9/7/2019 12:25:06 PM UTC
Henrik said :-
Ian, its 525 Kg, that considered its the most space that I can think off, and then the load-potential same time,... I can think of nothing else that can do this, and be used even with a car such as my 2013 Fabia Combo

I find the internal lay out fine, very simplistic, open, and good space

Dont need toilet, porta-potty is fine

We are 2 people, maybe soon a dog, we think of it only as a place to sleep and cook when touring

Would likely build in a little air-condition though, but that I would in any case
9/7/2019 12:50:37 PM UTC

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