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Sharon said :-
So it was finally time to say goodbye to my bike tent. It had served me for 4 years but it ripped recently and it began to have something of a Clampet look. So it was with much excitement that I swapped my smaller metal shed for a much bigger one. The new larger one will fit both bikes in with ease. So unable to contain myself I put up the new shed last weekend in gales and torrential rain. I can not thank everyone who helped me build it enough. Without their help my shed and I would have blown away to Scotland with the gusts on Saturday. friends and family all worked so hard and did an amazing job. I love my new bike palace soooo much. I just hope poor Ren stops bleeding eventually. The shed managed to get Ren's bike in easy as well as my own two. ????
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14/8/2019 10:36:37 PM UTC
Henrik said :-
Upt'North ,... yeah,... Enfant Terrible !!!

Sharon: What a nice little house ,... sure you will spend a lot of time there

This is where I work with the MC in Copenhagen, we share this 6 people, all bikes in next room
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15/8/2019 12:08:43 AM UTC
Upt'North said :-
I've erected one of them sheds, they're not easy. It's amazing how many pieces they come in.
I'm intrigued how you stop the damp from the roof in winter. I had to line the roof with marine ply on the inside to stop having a shower when you walked in.

15/8/2019 9:06:01 AM UTC
Henrik said :-
So the bikes will be weet all winter also is what you say ?

(unless this is improved)

Anyway air-circulation or de-humidiation will do good
15/8/2019 11:10:26 AM UTC
Ren - The Ed¹ said :-
Maybe I'm on another planet of something? All I ever hear about these metal sheds is the terrible condensation. I've had a metal shed now for over 18 years. Yes, in the deepest darkest coldest dampest season (all year round in the UK) the roof is wet to the touch, and yet I've never struggled with the bikes being any wetter than they would be in a concrete garage for example. Of course ideally they'd be inside a centrally heated climate controlled room but I'm too tight to put the heating on for myself let alone the bikes.

At 18 years old my shed is in good order. Could you say that about a wooden shed?
15/8/2019 11:20:55 AM UTC
Borsuk said :-
I did think about a metal shed but decided it would be too noisy when windy and raining and cold in winter so I went for wood. 10 year guarantee so if I do some maintenance every couple of years it should outlast me.
Big enough for storage shelves, a workbench and a couple of bikes, at least once the wife`s junk is moved out. Nice height for short arses but talls need to duck a bit at the low end. Kitted it out with power and lighting so I have a place to hide in.
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15/8/2019 2:05:04 PM UTC
Borsuk said :-

Posted Image
15/8/2019 3:20:10 PM UTC
Henrik said :-
My wooden house is from 1890 ,... Core being intact ,... Guess there was not even metal-sheeds back then, so hard to compare ;-)
15/8/2019 7:07:57 PM UTC
Henrik said :-
Nice build Borsuk !
15/8/2019 7:09:48 PM UTC
Borsuk said :-
Ta Henrik.

The floor as standard is supposed to be able to support a couple of tonnes, and I had extra bearers fitted so 1/2 tonne of motorbikes shouldn`t be a problem.

The fence panel to the right has been converted into a gate and a motorbike driveway made so there is direct access to the road. As you can see hereish. https://bikesandtravels.com/biker.aspx?ride=7241

15/8/2019 11:00:24 PM UTC
Upt'North said :-
Ed, I don't know if it had anything to do with my own experience but mine was erected at about 1000 ft up on the edge of the Staffordshire Moorlands. We had a lot of weather. It wasn't unusual to have colder, snowier, fogger, you get it, conditions for days and weeks at a time. Most winter's we would have lying snow for long periods. I put extra vents in to mine, I think it was a Yardmaster around 12 x 8 ish I would think.
Nothing could stop the condensation that literally ran off the roof, so that's why I ended up lining just the ceiling. I first tried polystyrene tiles but they all fell on me noggin. It wasn't a good look.
I was very impressed with the quality of the steel shed, after around ten years it still looked good.
Like the Borsuk erection too, I feel quite left out as I haven't got a shed now.
Should I start thinking about my own erection?
16/8/2019 10:12:03 AM UTC
Borsuk said :-

Why is there never brain floss handy when you need it.
16/8/2019 3:07:45 PM UTC
Ren - The Ed¹ said :-
Sorry Borsuk, but we are not responsible for what goes on in your brain. It is a perfectly reasonable thing to talk about is the erection of a shed in one's own back yard. I can't imagine why you'd need brain floss. Upt', tell me would you be coming into the erected shed via the front door or back door?

PS. It's been a little quiet blog-wise here simply because not a lot is happening in the bike world for me. I'm riding and I'm tinkering but I've nothing new or interesting to report. Any suggestions anyone? And no, I'm not purchasing an old CZ or Jawa just to make life interesting.
16/8/2019 3:13:44 PM UTC
said :-
The sleep is best when its free ;-)
Posted Image
18/8/2019 1:39:30 PM UTC
Upt'North said :-
Is that out intrepid Henrik on tour.
I've come up in Mosquito lumps just looking at the picture.
Enjoy your free sleep amigo.
18/8/2019 5:18:41 PM UTC
Ren - The Ed said :-
I guess you'll be pooping in the woods Henrik? Upt', I can see you wild camping on a remote Grampian mountain with just a bivvy bag and a bottle of water. You'd be soooo happy covered in midge bites, hungry and cold.
19/8/2019 8:51:34 AM UTC
Upt'North said :-
Whatever you're seeing Ed in your tea and digestive induced haze is not me in a bivouac in any midge filled Scottish Glen. Although pooping in the woods maybe.
Now that image will haunt you, sleep well.
19/8/2019 9:08:34 AM UTC
Henrik said :-
Ren, be happy, soon you will be off again, in a year or so,... making pancakes now, on a civilised camp, Vaxholm, north f stockholm,...
Posted Image
19/8/2019 9:36:26 AM UTC
Henrik said :-

Posted Image
19/8/2019 9:37:59 AM UTC
Ren - The Ed said :-
We're off to Germany in the next few weeks Henrik :) Only dipping into the Mid West and only a short break but at least we'll be out and about.

We manage to get out most weekends. This weekend 150 miles around Derbyshire and Cheshire.
Posted Image
19/8/2019 10:29:10 AM UTC

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