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Ian Soady said :-
Not this old triangle I take it......

11/01/2021 11:56:29 UTC
Snod said :-
It's not the old triangle though is it, that's for when you have carburettors and points/CDI ignition. No, nowadays you have error codes and a book to try and figure out what's up.

The update is, I put the now-fully-charged battery back on and it started like nothing was ever wrong. It's charging at 14.5v at idle so the flattish battery shouldn't have been a factor since it was running off the alternator at time of failure, and had been okay for the previous 10 miles or whatever it was. So I don't even know if I have an intermittent fault or it just fancied not running any more that day! I've turned the bars, tugged at the wiring from the ignition switch, no signs of anything untoward. Bloody thing!
11/01/2021 12:28:19 UTC
Ren - The Ed¹ said :-
The 'owd folk singers with the finger in the ear! Fabulous, rather enjoyed that Ian. I'm partial to a bit of folk after listening to Steeleye Span in my Dad's car when I wur a lad.

Aaaah bugger Snod. Here are a few ideas. A bit of poop in the fuel passing through? I'm deadly serious here - a random Neutrino deciding to actually interact with the computer? It has been demonstrated this can and does cause *some* computer crashes. If, and I mean IF it were some random hiccup the fact it didn't easily restart suggests the battery is on it's way out. Experience tells me modern machines DO NOT like batteries that are not 100%. I'm thinking random hiccup stops bike but low battery prevents instant restart.

Otherwise you're into a whole world of pain waiting for the problem to re-arise often enough to make diagnosis possible. Intermittent faults suck.
11/01/2021 12:43:50 UTC
Snod said :-
The battery was at least half-flat because I've barely used the bike over the past two months, but it did start from cold after churning over a couple of times a bit slower than normal. After stopping to pick up some bargainous computer parts from a gumtree seller it restarted fine, as you would expect from a "warm" battery. And then on the way home it packed in while idling at some traffic lights. The battery had enough in it for several good tries at restarting, I probably tried it about 8 times, but wasn't fully charged at that point.

I do wonder if the ECU settings somehow became slightly corrupted, and taking the battery off has reset it to standard settings. Only further testing will provide an answer. Gulp!
11/01/2021 01:04:03 UTC
nab301 said :-
Not 250sl specific but after charging the battery I'd check what the cranking voltage is, it may be very low, even if the engine appears to be turning over ok and as for the 14.5v @ Idle , I did have a bike once that dropped voltage when the revs increased... Other than that if the battery is more than 3 yrs old I'd be inclined to replace it if funds allow.
12/01/2021 07:56:58 UTC
nab301 said :-
Not 250sl specific but after charging the battery I'd check what the cranking voltage is, it may be very low, even if the engine appears to be turning over ok and as for the 14.5v @ Idle , I did have a bike once that dropped voltage when the revs increased... Other than that if the battery is more than 3 yrs old I'd be inclined to replace it if funds allow.
12/01/2021 07:56:59 UTC
Snod said :-
Cheers nab but the battery is fine, only a year old after I replaced it after the bike wouldn't start after work. I later found it wasn't being charged because a set of coils had burnt out on the stator, it was a similar thing where the voltage went down the more it was revved. The charging is fine now, it was the first thing I checked (easy enough with the Koso dash!).
12/01/2021 08:24:08 UTC
Pedro said :-
I had a similar problem with one of my bikes a few years ago, it would start ok and would run fine for several miles, then it would misfire and eventually cut out. Turned out to be a faulty plug cap, breaking down when it was hot. Could be worth a try, not expensive.
13/01/2021 02:05:20 UTC
Ian Soady said :-
Yes, come to think of it I had very similar problems with a Honda 400 four I had a little while ago. It ran fine but would cut out when coming to a stop then wouldn't restart. I had dismissed plugs / caps as I thought as a 4 cylinder it would still run on 3 but of course the plugs are wired in pairs so if one cap goes down the other won't fire. As you say, one plug cap was showing infinite resistance when hot.

Those of us with single cylinder machines don't suffer this of course.....
13/01/2021 04:06:33 UTC
ROD said :-
Are we sending a message to bike manufacturers?
Do we now want basic low cost motorcycles?
Lexmoto outsold Honda in December!
13/01/2021 06:37:24 UTC
nab301 said :-
Quote "Those of us with single cylinder machines don't suffer this of course....."
Unless it's a twin spark F650 where the "main" plug cap has gone open circuit and it's still running a little erratically on the secondary plug....
13/01/2021 07:02:55 UTC
Ren - The Ed¹ said :-
ROD - did they? Of course I'm a Honda fan but it is always good to see new(ish) marques making an impact and challenging the established marques. I suspect it's a combination of good pricing, Covid public transport restrictions and in spite of my love of Honda, Lexmoto's part prices and availability is, frankly, astounding. Stator coils for an EFI Assault? £22.46. Hell you couldn't get a Honda gasket for that much.
14/01/2021 12:57:17 UTC
Upt'North said :-
Ed, I could sell you a non existent part for that much too.
Did you just shoot ya'self in the foot?
14/01/2021 05:25:27 UTC
Ren - The Ed¹ said :-
Upt' - smart ass. Yes yes yes it's out of stock presently. Pfffft. OK how about a crank for £39.99, they've got 2 of those in at the time of writing...

I will admit at this moment in time there's a lot out of stock. I wonder if this Covid situation (poopuation) is having an effect because CMPO(Chinese Motorcycle Parts Online) typically seem to have most of everything.
15/01/2021 09:41:18 UTC
Upt'North said :-
Put in smilin face emoji ere.......
Ed, me o'd mucka, why are the parts so cheap?
Or are they?
Have we just got used to buying Honyakasuzbeemati prices and take it as the norm? I'm guessing, but I bet a genuine Honda Air filter for mine would cost more than that crank? WT*.
I recently picked up (by constantly checking deals) 4 brake discs for my Beemer for £80.00 ish. BMW would and have previously charged me £400.00. And its a fact (?) BMW don't make brake discs although they do look lovely in the BMW box and they gave me a free mug.......
So are they cheap or are we stupid?
I personally welcome (politics and human rights violations ignored) the competition from the "cheaper" brands, not only in bikes but cages too. Look at Dacia, some nice new products coming along at way below the price of comparable vehicles, RE, Benelli too.
But I could sell you a crank for less, it's on back order. I know, I know.

15/01/2021 10:00:11 UTC
Ian Soady said :-
I think we have got used to daft prices. Recently I've bought a Royal Enfield primary chain tensioner blade direct from India for £3.99 and an ignition switch direct from China for £3.59. Both prices include being posted to my door and I must assume that they're making a profit on them.

Yes I know that the employees in both places will be exploited but the fact is that if I buy the bits from a bike shop in this country they are highly likely to be the same parts in a fancy pack.
15/01/2021 12:23:47 UTC
Upt'North said :-
I can't argue Ian. I wouldn't dare anyway....
The firm that knocks out crankshafts for 30.00 smackers for Hyolexbenre probably makes the same for Honda etc. My discs for the Beemer were Mintex not Joe Bloggs, but obviously they were made in some third world hellish foundry and workshop but so are Beemers no doubt. But I didn't get a free mug.
With the weight of the things, I don't think I'd be able to post them for 80 squid.
15/01/2021 06:48:13 UTC
Ian Soady said :-
What goes around comes around....

What's happening now is not too different than what happened in the 19th century when British cotton manufacturers introduced machinery that allowed them to sell the material in India for prices that made the indigenous industry disappear virtually overnight. That was replicated many times - for example Redditch, where I live, was the world centre for making needles and fish hooks. Would you believe that there are around 60 separate operations to make a needle? Of course wages in these industries were dire but still better than trudging round a muddy field in the freezing rain.

I've just found a couple of tales which may interest some:

One story goes that when the Japanese started making needles they named a suburb of Tokyo “Redditch”, just so they could legitimately print “Made in Redditch” on their needle packets.

Another story says that a USA manufacturer once sent a hypodermic needle to Redditch claiming it was smaller than any they could produce. It was sent back to the manufacturer with a Redditch needle threaded inside it!
16/01/2021 10:15:45 UTC
Upt'North said :-
It's not bike weather yet Upt'North.

Posted Image
16/01/2021 11:25:33 UTC
Ren - The Ed¹ said :-
"Hyolexbenre" - took me a while. Hyosung, Lexmoto, Benelli and Royal Enfield? As for the snow, it is but a mere sprinkling. Here in the North West it is grey, occasionally wet yet mostly tolerably mild. Entirely suitable for motorcycling, if we could go anywhere.

It seems China is already on the road to becoming wealthy enough the citizens of the country are slowly but surely demanding more wages thus putting their prices up. I believe Chinese companies are farming out their work to still cheaper places such as Vietnam and Thailand. I suspect one day these places too will demand higher wages and a better standard of living. So, to the next cheap continent, Africa, hence China's investments there.

I wonder if the circle may one day complete? "The West" as we understand it gets left behind in the wake of The Far East and Africa, only to become the place where manufacturing is carried out because we've become cheap. I know it's not that simple, there are countless other factors at play. Pestilence, war, technological innovations, environmental issues, population size, resources, materials. Heck we might even be colonising other planets one day. "The Moon - with only 1/6 of earth's gravity - making light work of heavy industry..."
16/01/2021 12:55:49 UTC

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