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Ren's dirty and well used CB500X covered in camping kit

Autumn is upon us as the nights draw in and the weather changes. Is it time to put the bikes to bed for the winter? No of course not! It's not like Ren's bike could get any dirtier could it.

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Llangollen Andy starts his trip to Scotland... by going to Wales! It is a long way from London Village to The Highlands though, give the man a break.
Calmly Into Cochem After the previous day's temper tantrum and failure it would be fair to say this day is a better day.
Andy's Scottish Expedition Ren prepares us for a handful of posts from a friend travelling through Scotland.
Kicking The Saddlebags Ren is having one of THOSE days. He's a very naughty boy and he needs to take a chill pill. It's them bloody foreigners fault.
The Trouble With France Is It's Chunnel Time and Sharon's made a new friend. Finally in France Ren is finding the going frustratingly slow.
Prologue And Excuses It's the whys and the wherefores and the excuses for making this trip. You don't need a reason to travel, but it makes it easier to justify the expense and effort.
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Accidents Happen Part 3 Pocketpete is heading in the right direction after his motorcycle crash, but it is still far from plain sailing.
Envy Screen Extender Sharon's wind issues are improving with the aid of the new screen. Thing is she's suffering from turbulence instead. Can Cap'n Bodgit n Scarper help?
Z250SL Tank Rubber Issue Sharon has a wobbly tank. It's an easy fix but the reason behind the problem is a curious mystery.
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Long Term Honda CBF 125 Review Upt'North said :-
Faz, if it's been dry a spray and polish with Mr Sheen is probably all it'll need but if there's salt and grit on there car wash liquid and warm water may be required but keep it away from switches and electrics.
More important is the pre ride, check lights, tyres and pressures, security of the ancillaries etc, check oil and brake fluid. Might sound onerous but will take seconds in reality.
14/10/2019 3:27:04 PM UTC
Long Term Honda CBF 125 Review Faz said :-
Thanks all, late reply on the account that this weather has been absolutely pony! Mileage is 2000, I'm from the same school as you Ed! Would love a link to that guide, what's a Sharon by the way?! I jest I jest! Bike needs to be mechanically OK, and just generally clean. Have neither the time or the patience sadly to keep it shining but wanna look after the baby! Thanks for the replies all, much love. PS is there an idiots guide as to what to do after every bike ride? Is it just a 5 minute wipe down with a dry cloth. Will get used every few days weather pending
14/10/2019 3:04:13 PM UTC
Long Term CBF 250 Review Ian Lupson said :-
Hi Ren.
I did spot your point about the valve seating, and have squirrelled the advice away in case my own bike develops the same issue !
If it does it'll be a trip to the local bike shop for me tho, as I'm no whizz with a spanner....
Thanks again for the Review.
14/10/2019 1:35:43 PM UTC
Long Term CBF 250 Review Ren - The Ed¹ said :-
Cheers Ian. I'm glad you're enjoying the 250 and that it's running well. If you take the time to search this site using the dropdown menu you will eventually find I eventually sorted the tickover issue - it was the valve seat being buggered due to overtight tappets. I don't know what your mechanical skill level is but either check them yourself or get a trusted spanner monkey to do them.

Got me thinking now... hmmm... if only I had space for another.
13/10/2019 8:40:39 PM UTC
Long Term CBF 250 Review Ian Lupson said :-
Having just taken my full licence, on Direct Access, I opted for one of these little Hondas as a first bike. Being " of a certain age " I was not restricted to A2, but nevertheless was happy to start off with a modestly powered machine - and I must say I'm very happy with it.
I'm 6' + tall, but still find the bike comfortable and it has sufficient "go" for me, holding 60 mph + on the motorway quite happily ( despite my being no lightweight ! )
Most of all ( and without wishing to tempt fate ...) it's a confidence inspiring little bike, which is fun to be out on.
Whilst such views are obviously personal I agree with you that the CBF250 is a good looking little bike, and I'm also attracted to the simplicity of an air cooled single.
I found your review very helpful - not least in looking out for the tickover issue.
My machine ( an '08 model which only had 9k on her when I got her, and came with a full service history ) doesn't suffer - thankfully - starting first push of the button and coming fully off choke after a couple of miles or so.
Once again, thanks for a very helpful - and very readable - review.

13/10/2019 10:00:33 AM UTC
KLX 250 The Little Bike That Could Bob said :-
It's 280mm wide at the widest part. It's 40mm thick. The problem you'll have is that the Sargent saddle uses a different moulded seat base, which is wider to accommodate the wider foam.
Seatconcepts do a kit which has new foam that fits onto the standard base, but it's not as wide as the Sargent.
Posted Image
11/10/2019 8:22:18 PM UTC
KLX 250 The Little Bike That Could Narong said :-
Hi Bob, could you give me the Sargent Seat measurements/specs?
Thai Seat Magician is gonna make me one for a few bucks...
10/10/2019 3:33:11 PM UTC
Andy's Scottish Expedition CrazyFrog said :-
Yep, Scotland does it for me too, though Ireland comes a close second. I've travelled pretty extensively in Europe and these are my two favourite places so far.
8/10/2019 12:16:25 PM UTC
Andy's Scottish Expedition Ren - The Ed¹ said :-
It certainly is a place that I've fallen in love with Marv. Not having seen very much of the world I can't comment on it's beauty in comparison to other places though. My friend is back home now but you'll have to wait and see as I publish the posts.
8/10/2019 9:34:26 AM UTC
Andy's Scottish Expedition Marv said :-
Anytime I'm abroad and people I meet express interest in visiting the UK, I suggest they make sure they visit Scotland... I've done a bit of travelling and Scotland isn't just the most beautiful place in the UK, it's one of the most beautiful places in the world IMO!

If the weather has been kind, your friend must be having a great time :o)
7/10/2019 8:52:46 PM UTC
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Latest Chit-Chat

Go To Chit-Chat Upt'North said :-
Near to Incheril looking West over Loch Maree towards Poolewe on the A832, Wester Ross. Its probably about 10 miles of Loch in sight. Whilst I was taking the piccie the stags could be heard calling all around with it being the start of the rut. Weather was truly sh..e though for a whole week.
14/10/2019 3:20:23 PM UTC
Ren - The Ed¹ said :-
I really must learn to keep my cakehole shut. Now you all know how much I like Scotland you 'orrible lot keep on putting up pictures of just how beautiful it is. Gits. Where was that image taken Upt'?
14/10/2019 2:59:36 PM UTC
Upt'North said :-
Firstly Ed, sorry, just been on a road trip, IN A CAR.......
I know the shame of it.
Thought a piccie would be good though, Scotland rarely disappoints that way. This is Wester Ross and incidentally is part of the NC500 route. Bikes were a rarity with only one group of 5 Germans spotted in a week. We intend to return on the bike when conditions are kinder. So probably some time within the next decade when I'm still young enough to ride hopefully.
Wester Ross is truly spectacular and wildlife truly, well, spectacular.
Funny story...... Set the Sat Nav to tavel 57 miles one day, the Sat Nav said 2 hours and 56 minutes. Pfft I said, I was right it only took 2 hours and 42 minutes!
Just looked at that picture and I find it impossible to look at without imagining riding it. Strange things us motorcyclists.
Posted Image
14/10/2019 9:40:58 AM UTC
Ren - The Ed¹ said :-
I received an email of Paul Bailey. He purchased a BAT sticker from me some time ago and I never really thought much more of it. Then I received this email...

Hi Ren, after many months I've finally got round to sending you a photo of your sticker on my bike. It was taken on the Tail of the Dragon road at Deals Gap, North Carolina. A few of us shipped our bikes into NY, then rode across America to LA. 4 weeks and 6000+ miles, a fantastic trip. Hope you like the pic.

Wow! First off I am suitably envious. Secondly like no way! A BAT sticker has been all around America. Many thanks to Paul for making my day and allowing me to use this image.
Posted Image
11/10/2019 12:54:52 PM UTC
Ian Soady said :-
Not everybody..... Some of us refuse to give our data away to sharks like facebook (or even google).

My mobile phone is just that apart from its various other uses such as satnav, mp3 player etc! I use Giffgaff normally on PAYG which probably costs me about a fiver a year. But when travelling I buy a one-off "goodybag" for around £8 which gives me 2GB for a month - mostly used to make the phone into a wifi hotspot - plus free phone calls should I wish to make them. So to use google maps would cost me knocking on £100 a year. I have better uses for that (for example eating decent food occasionally949095).

As it happens, I'm currently in Crete (sans motorcycle) and am finding that copilot is much better than google maps (which I have tried as I have a current goodybag), apart from a propensity to direct me up goat tracks.

9/10/2019 10:48:36 AM UTC
Borsuk said :-
If they do go back to silly prices get a cheap PAYG French or Spanish sim. My Spanish provider does a non contract sim for 10 euros a month with 2 GB of data which would probably do most peoples data requirements for a couple of weeks in the EU. There are enough places these day`s that give free wifi around and who actually makes phone calls these days, every one uses whatsApp or similar first before they resort to an actual phone call.
8/10/2019 1:15:00 PM UTC
Ren - The Ed¹ said :-
I know it's expensive to "roam" in some countries. I'm with PlusNet and their roaming covers most of Europe it seems, for now. I just hope if/when Brexit does brek it... ahem.
8/10/2019 9:37:59 AM UTC
Borsuk said :-
If I use my Spanish phone in Brasil it is 6 Euro`s a Mb. I was working ashore here for a year, I think it cost me 19 pounds to buy the South America maps on Co-pilot, I also have several middle east and far east countries on my account as well. Once bought the updates are free for life.
Now I can roam for free in Brasil on a 3 payg card but that wasn`t possible 3 years ago.
7/10/2019 11:23:27 PM UTC
Ren - The Ed¹ said :-
Google maps has an offline option. You can download quite large areas into your device but it does take up some space. With data prices dropping and roaming (at present in the EU) being charged at the same price as home for most tariffs the online running costs aren't bad now.
7/10/2019 3:13:34 PM UTC
Borsuk said :-
That was the main reason I first used it, I was travelling a lot and roaming charges were extortionate at the time.
6/10/2019 2:21:36 PM UTC

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