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Steep mountiain sides of Glencoe in winter

Winter is coming, apparently. Do we wrap up warm and head out or stay home safe from the cold and Covid? Only time will tell.

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Why Not Scooters? After a passing comment from Ian Ren tries to become a better person. He fails of course, but the advantages of the step through motorcycle are quite persuasive.
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LED Headlamp Bulb - Law Change WOOHOO! LED bulbs for non LED motorcycles is now acceptable. But please, for goodness sake don't be a biker blinding buffoon if you make the change.
A Great Asset Owning a motorcycle is a positive experience for Ian Douglas.
Preload Is Not Firmness Spring Rate? Preload? Firmer or softer suspension? What that adjuster does isn't what Ren used to think it did.
Are We Safe? Ian Douglas shares his thoughts and jarring experiences of riding on the UK's poorly funded road network.
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Why Not Scooters? Bob said :-
I owned a Honda SCV100 Lead and it was brilliant.
Great fun and so easy to ride.
It wasn't perfect for me ergonomically though, at 6'2" with a 34" inseam on tight corners it was necessary to stick my knee out so that I could turn the handlebars!
I've often thought of getting another scooter, but it wouldn't do anything that a KLX250 could do better.
05/05/2021 22:05:05 UTC
Why Not Scooters? Bogger said :-
Yup scooters are absolutely crap. They are far inferior to proper bikes in every single way. If you ride a scooter you are definitely 'batting for the other side'.

They are slow, useless and no fun what so ever.

But, they aren't are they. They are brilliant. Every time I ride one I smirk to myself, because, I've 'got it'. No not got possession of a scooter (I have by the way). But got the concept of the whole thing. I love my bikes but I love my scooters just as much.

Most of my mates own scooters and bikes and all are as enthusiastic as me, about both.

If you think they're crap? you've not ridden one.

In fact I'm going to buy another one. A mighty 125 no less and I'll be riding around with a big smug grin on me face.
And I don't care how much wind blows up me chuff.

05/05/2021 19:51:40 UTC
Why Not Scooters? Bigngreen said :-
"Real men have something between their legs"

"Scooters, motorcycles for real men who like to feel the wind in their vagina".

Let the slagging commence.
05/05/2021 18:30:55 UTC
A Long Long Ride Jim said :-
At present just running in to get to the 600 mile service by Monday, Ren. After that we’re off on a practice jaunt the following weekend to the West Coast - Applecross, Ullapool, Lochinver etc - basically the left half of the NC500. Not sure about a time of year for the Picos Rod - we ride in the Scottish winter though so anything above 5 degrees is acceptably warm. And TI is always content to lie in until the temperature improves.
05/05/2021 16:17:07 UTC
A Long Long Ride ROD said :-
The closest I have been to the Picos was the road from Burgos to Santander, and although I was very close I did not have time to visit.
What time of year are you planning to go? The temperature can drop quite low overnight and early mornings in Autumn, its not like the Mediterranean areas of Spain.
04/05/2021 19:38:07 UTC
A Long Long Ride Ren - The Ed¹ said :-
Aaaah the Picos, well worth the journey. I'd like to be going back soon but alas and alack... Yeah I think ground clearance shouldn't be an issue unless your rock crawling and log hopping. Have you and the TI been for a long ride on the Tigger yet? Be interested to hear how both you and her feel after a few good hours.
04/05/2021 18:52:44 UTC
A Long Long Ride Jim said :-
Serious touring is very much the idea, Rod. Should be OK for ground clearance I hope, I’m not intending to try any knee down stuff. Like everyone I suspect I’ve been watching all kinds of videos of grand tours on YouTube during lockdown, the Picos are currently top of an ever changing list.
03/05/2021 21:40:14 UTC
Review of the Honda NTV 600 Revere - By Ren Withnell Wojtek said :-
I didn't mean to beautify my Honda NTV, but to make it as practical as possible for my needs. I did all these modifications to make a motorcycle that would be comfortable for me to ride and service, but I left all the other things that I did not mind, but which are solid (like Honda) and do their job: blinkers, clocks, mirrors .
After cutting all the plastic body on the back, I have something to tie my luggage, but left all the plastic fender (black) with space for the battery and mounting electronic components. I made a solid aluminum base for the 55l Kappa trunk and the cover under the engine to protect the sensitive water pump - once on my Shadow I almost broke the water pipe when I hit a stump hidden in the grass at a forest campsite.
Hope my NTV is really well secured now.
And as a bonus - I even like it, but I think I'm lonely in it, so I guess the motorcycle thief won't be interested in her.
03/05/2021 20:44:46 UTC
Review of the Honda NTV 600 Revere - By Ren Withnell Wojtek said :-
Searching for the parts from different models you are never sure, if they fits to your bike, but I have some tips: searching for the cylinder cover I've checked, if the valve cover seals from both models have the same Honda's original part number - if yes: BINGO - the covers should fits to my engine!
Internet is the great tool, if you know what you are looking for.
Regards, W.
03/05/2021 20:12:35 UTC
Review of the Honda NTV 600 Revere - By Ren Withnell Wojtek said :-
About footrest brackets from an Honda Deauville: as you can see from the picture - I only took what I wanted - the rest was too big and too heavy. Only the mounting of the silencer required some modification and aluminum welding - silencer from Honda Deauville is longer than in H-D Electra Glide !
03/05/2021 20:04:08 UTC
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Latest Chit-Chat

Go To Chit-Chat Bill said :-
I have the same hip issue in both and now struggle with mainly the knees apart position of riding a bike and getting on and off. My crf230 trailbike is very narrow and you spend a lot of time stood up and I have perfected the stand on the left footrest drop the clutch and vault on.I have a cbf250 which is light and slim but I can still have pain, so no long journeys but for days when it's bad I have a scooter, it's Yamaha BWS 125 which also ideal for nipping in and around town where even with its low power easily beats cars at the traffic light grand prix starts, it will cruise at 55mph and can even do some mild trails. I live in a rural area on the edge of the Cotswolds and on many of the minor roads the scooter can be more fun than the bike, with its low weight and Hedinau dual purpose tyres it handles the potholed mud strewn roads really well despite its 12 inch wheels.My bikes are just toys with no need to commute. I have also owned a SH300 which has large motorcycle wheels and a surprising turn of speed from its 300 motor. Scooters come in many types these day small wheel, large wheels 50cc to 800cc and different styles just as bikes do. It's horses for courses and mainly personal taste or health or circumstances but don't dismiss scooters out of hand, give one a try.
Posted Image
05/05/2021 16:27:24 UTC
Ren - The Ed¹ said :-
Why a scoot? I refer you to my latest post.
05/05/2021 13:31:29 UTC
Upt'North ¹ said :-
I rarely disappoint.
Wonder what alternator he's got on that........I can't say it.
05/05/2021 12:54:20 UTC
Ian Soady¹ said :-
My main reason for thinking about the Burgman / Majesty etc is the fact that my right hip is getting increasingly painful - will probably need a replacement in the next couple of years - and I thought the scoot type of machine would be a bit easier to get on / off. They are all remarkably hideous though and also the very superficial look I've had seems to suggest they're pretty heavy.

You've all disappointed me though (with the exception of Upt' who seems to have been indulging in the Macallan) as I expected howls of outrage. Now then, what about a Vespa.....
Posted Image
05/05/2021 10:31:06 UTC
Upt'North ¹ said :-
O.K. I'll bite.
Why buy a scooter? Or why not to buy a scooter.
Firstly the name, scooter, yuk.
Only jokin, wind your little wheels in why don't ya.
I have difficulty in figuring out the usefulness of scooters in colder climes. Now your Mediterranean girls looking like a young Sophia Loren looking as cool as a Magnum in December is a different kettle of bananas.
What is the advantage of a Scooter over a bike in colder, wettier dear old Blighty. I mean what does it give you that a "proper" ride doesn't already provide. What does a Burgerman offer over a NC750X DCT. That's besides being less versatile, more expensive and a scooter, yuk, that name again. And don't forget those little wheels, I just shivered at the thought of it.
If I lived in Milromnapmadence and wanted to keep my Armani suit free of fly detritus on the short ride to the air conditioned office with my equally swish Armani briefcase under the seat, yes I get that. Ridin to the Spar in Brum on a wet June mornin to buy the Daily Star.........nah.
I think Ian's gone stir crazy during lockdown.........or maybe I have.
05/05/2021 08:57:27 UTC
ROD said :-
Ian, I dismissed scooters for years, but around 20 years ago I saw a Silverwing on a campsite in Cornwall.
The wheels had increased in size compared to the traditional scooters of the time, and on talking to the owner found that the engine capacity had also increased.
The new scooters have improved and I now consider the larger capacity models as serious mid range touring bikes.
So... Like Ren, I will not talk you out of it. If a scooter suits your needs GO FOR IT!!!!
04/05/2021 19:28:07 UTC
Ren - The Ed¹ said :-
Suzuki Bergman Ian. I can see you on one of those - easy to ride, plenty of underseat luggage space, fairing and screen, plenty of power and allegedly an all around good bike. I rather fancy Honda's X-ADV with 750cc low revving motor, good economy and auto/semi-auto gearbox.

I won't talk you out of it... do it... do it... do it...
04/05/2021 19:00:22 UTC
Ian Soady¹ said :-
Prompted by something I saw in a magazine I have a horrible temptation to go for a superscoot. Talk me out of it someone.

In better news, fired the mighty Fanny-B up and it runs very well if a bit noisy even after lining the exhaust inner with perforated metal. However, I think I need to strip the forks again (which is an awful job - at least rebuilding them is).

MZs - had a couple. Just after I bought the second one I remembered why I'd sold the first. Very well thought out but the left foot kickstart and horrible fuse arrangement were just not me. I did like the handling however.
04/05/2021 13:44:57 UTC
nab301 said :-
I shifted most of my more recent bikes mainly because of ergonomic issues , so I don't really hanker after them...
Back to the 80's , maybe a clean Supa 5 MZ 250 would be nice , although I hate drum brakes and the '93 MZ 301 currently residing in my shed while having a disc brake doesn't have the same smooth engine that the Supa 5 did.
The CB 500 I bought new in 2000 and kept for over a decade is probably my all time favourite although with advancing years the seat to peg height was just too cramped , however more recently I did promise myself a ( larger in that department) CB500x in the future.
The one other bike that stands out too is a carbed Hinckley Triumph Bonneville which I purchased secondhand and kept for less than a year , again ,sold because It would have needed mods to be all day comfortable and I prefer riding "standard" motorcycles but it had a certain character and maybe I'll revisit it one day.
03/05/2021 14:15:22 UTC
Ian Soady¹ said :-
There are a lot of bikes I've had that I enjoyed at the time and wouldn't mind having again but not enough to seek one out. My favourite would be the 850 Commando that I had for 20 years and did most of my long distance trips on. By the time I sold it I'd got it just about perfect for me but had decided to go for a combination of a modern machine for travelling and an old (some would say "classic") for shed work. The combination of the Tiger, which was a year old when I bought it, and a Velo Venom fitted that bill.

Since then I've generally had a modern and an old bike sharing garage space although a fit of lunacy saw me dispose of the Guzzi V50 last year and replace it with a Francis Barnett Cruiser which is proving an interesting rebuild. I suspect it will not linger long although the Norton ES2 will, I hope.

I find myself looking at Chinese 250s and 400s as a runaround - I tried a Mash a couple of years ago and quite liked it, and bikes of this type seem quite reasonably priced (and have often done ridiculously low mileages).
02/05/2021 11:51:52 UTC
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