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Winter is coming. If winter isn't coming it's because it's already here. Subject to Covid, petrol supplies, food shortages and the horrors of "The Festive Season" - it's time to permanently affix the waterproofs, thermals and big jumpers. I'm going in, wish me luck!

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Farewell to England Tour 2021 - Day 14 After an epic 2 weeks of touring southern England Rev! Mick is making his way home.
Underwhelmed In The Sperrins It's time to explore some hills, maybe mountains in Northern Ireland. Thing is Ren's not sure they're up to the task in hand.
Farewell to England Tour 2021 - Day 13 In typical chilled out fashion Rev. Mick! is making his way slowly towards the ferry. There's still plenty of time to explore ever more back roads and to dine well. It's a hard life.
West Of The Causeway Exploring the coast west of Giant's Causeway turns out to be more interesting than Ren expected. It's all a question of attitude apparently.
Of Mist And Magic With little sleep and the prospect of a ferry Sharon is doing her best to keep calm and concentrate. It's a bit of a mixed kinda day for the motorcycling hobbit.
Farewell to England Tour 2021 - Day 12 Heading homewards Rev. Mick! takes us to a special place in his motorcycling career - "The Road" - after encountering a town filled with drunkards and streets laced with MAMILs. Nothing seems mundane in Mick's world.
A Ferry, Some Mist And Strangers It's time to cross the vast ocean betwixt Scotland and Northern Ireland. What will the Irish weather hold in store and there's some strangers to be met.
Farewell to England Tour 2021 - Day 10 (And 11) It looks as though Armageddon is on Rev. Mick!'s horizon and yet another fine day is to be found on the UK's roads. When you're touring Innova style there's nothing can stop you.
Alas Woe Is Me With a spring in his step and a grin on his face Bogger sets forth for a weekend of fun and frolics with friends. It's just a blummin' good job his friends are incredibly useful and well stocked.
Of Work And Holiday Fears In between working far too hard and the fear of middle aged spread Sharon manages to squeeze into her bike gear and change into holiday mode. It's time to try and forget work and enjoy the ride.
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Repair And Restoration Upt'North ¹ said :-
Au Contraire mon ami.
Looks a peach and must be a good money spinning project.
But yes it will be smelly, but in a good way.

07/12/2021 11:12:26 UTC
Repair And Restoration Ren - The Ed¹ said :-
The TDR (and TDM) were early forerunners of the whole adventure bike concept - not fully offroad crossers but with some off road potential. As such I like the lightweight road/offroad style of the TDR. It's just that goddam blasted ridiculous noisy smelly horrible nasty evil gas-guzzling ring-a-dinging hit-n-miss awful 2 stroke engine. I'm guessing you know it's the same motor as the RD LC's?

Now if you want a real project that bee-coloured 2 stroke monstrosity could be made absolutely fabulous with the delicate installation of a... hmmm... let me see... Mid 90's CB500 Twin engine. Similar period but far more reliable, economical and it makes a noise that normal human beings can enjoy.
07/12/2021 10:34:35 UTC
Repair And Restoration Ian Soady¹ said :-
Could be a very nice project. It'll keep you busy for a week or three. I like the trailer with the side footboards - when I used one for my trials Bullet I was always scared of the whole lot capsizing on me.
07/12/2021 10:23:18 UTC
Repair And Restoration Glyn said :-
Project number three has just arrived. I can hear the groan from Upt and the loud sigh from the Ed. I admit they will not find this one very cool. The requirement is mainly cosmetic as it runs and rides as it should but is suffering from a lot of surface rust. Shed find and acquired for £1k
Posted Image
07/12/2021 06:28:23 UTC
Review of the Honda CLR 125 City Fly - By Ren Withnell Ren - The Ed¹ said :-
It's a good long while since I owned my CLR125 City Fly Gianmarco so I'm afraid I can't recall the suggested gear changes on the speedo. I recall enough though to realise these were likely to be MAXIMUM speed for each gear as opposed to a suggest speed at which to change. As Upt' said too, you may have different gearing on the chain.

That is a delightful image of your CLR and a harbour, excellent.
06/12/2021 16:23:54 UTC
Review of the Honda CLR 125 City Fly - By Ren Withnell Upt'North ¹ said :-
Gianmarco, after 22 years it's already been a keeper.
I have run old Honda's before and trying to keep one original will become very expensive/difficult.
My only thought on the tacho/speedo markings is are you running standard sprockets front and rear or have they been changed over the years for a different ratio.
Where are you from friend.
06/12/2021 09:53:39 UTC
Review of the Honda CLR 125 City Fly - By Ren Withnell Gianmarco said :-
Hi, my dad gave me a new CLR back in 1999 when I was 16yo. She is still with me, after 49.000kms without major issues. Now it’s a safe queen, and I ended buying another one to use as a beater. The CLR is slow, but fuel consumptions are non existent and it is very reliable, she requires just oil change every 2.000kms. It’s easy to work on, but Honda runned out of spares some years ago, so it’s hard to keep it original.
I learned to drive on mine, and she is a keeper for me, but the gearbox misses a 6th gear and the output had to be 15hp, not 11.
Just a question: on tacho there is a “suggestion”for gears/speed, written in red, but with original transmission there is no way that works. Any idea about it?
Posted Image
06/12/2021 00:37:45 UTC
Farewell to England Tour 2021 - Day 14 Ian Soady¹ said :-
Yes, always enjoy your stories. Not sure about the daring rock climbing however!
05/12/2021 12:15:02 UTC
Farewell to England Tour 2021 - Day 14 Rev. Mick! said :-
Thanks Guys. I was worried it might all have been a bit like showing someone your holiday photos, not as much fun for them.
Have returned from a bikes (well scooters) and climbing trip in Spain. Which was also a hoot. Might just do a quicker more concise one for that.
Now waiting for spring to head off again. Hoping to visit my good buddies near Stornoway in The Outer Hebrides, so from Barra up. Also eldest is now moved to Galashiels so a loop to the Borders. A 3 day canoe descent of the Tweed? It's all to be done. So bring on the sun.
05/12/2021 10:05:23 UTC
Farewell to England Tour 2021 - Day 14 Ren - The Ed¹ said :-
Mention away Crofty. The Reverend Mick has a concise yet complete way of writing, getting many details across in few words. I tend to ramble on in my own musings.
05/12/2021 00:19:21 UTC
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Latest Chit-Chat

Go To Chit-Chat Upt'North ¹ said :-
You are quite right Rod. 6 penneth is definitely not 6p. But indeed 6 old pennies.
Although I think I would prefer being too young to know.
I was out with my older brother, yes I know.....older than me....., he went to the bar and came back exclaiming that the crisps were 15 shillings a bag. I laughed so hard I nearly wet myself. But then again it's only about 50 years since we swapped over.

07/12/2021 00:03:32 UTC
ROD¹ said :-
Just being pedantic, but surely six penneth of chips is 6d not 6p.

These youngsters...
06/12/2021 21:19:37 UTC
Upt'North ¹ said :-
I was wishing last week that I had a blummin big chimney, the 100 hours electricity outage was a hoot.
Apparently I'll be compensated sometime this millennium, if I don't die first of course.
Isn't sterilisation of your small change in public an offence. If not it should be.
Don't sell ya'self short Ed, I'm sure you're a style icon to some.
Now, how many bricks and blocks do I need to build a chimney and can I lick the cement to test the mix........
06/12/2021 18:47:40 UTC
Ren - The Ed¹ said :-
If you choose to dip your finger into leaking fluids and then taste them, that sir is your own choice. However as a responsible member of the public I would advise other readers against such actions. Usually the colour and a quick sniff will suffice. Oh lordy, Ima gunna geet my ass sued because someone took my advice and sniffed petrol and now they're addicted.

If your chimney is still large enough to send persons of a lesser age up inside them and burning dirty fuel sufficient to require cleaning, then you are now classified as an environmental catastrophe. One would hope your fuel was clean and entirely zero-carbon-sourced. Theoretically if you're growing your own trees to burn them then this would be net zero but you'll still upset a few hippies. But think of all that heat that's simply going up and out that big chimney! This being said, it does a grand job preventing damp due to airflow and I'm sure the injection damp proof chemicals will harm something. You can't win you know.

Six penneth of chips? If you can find somewhere that sells chips for 6p, and the spuds are hand reared, free range, pesticide free, the chippy and farm staff are paid a living wage with sufficient breaks and holidays, the chip fat is vegan, pesticide free and cooked in a solar powered safety approved fryer, you're wearing your mask AND you've sterilised your small change, then that's OK.

Style blind? What is this "style" you speak of?
06/12/2021 18:20:10 UTC
Upt'North ¹ said :-
So when did it come in that you couldn't dip ya finger into leaking fluids and taste em? How else are you supposed to know what they are.
Is that something else I'll have to stop doing, along with sending kids up chimneys and ordering six penneth of chips?
Look the same!?! Are you style blind........stupid question.
06/12/2021 17:56:07 UTC
Ren - The Ed¹ said :-
Oh you two! "Oooh I think the radiator is ugly and the bike is too fussy" Pffffft! Ask the important questions. How much will it cost, how reliable will it be, will I be able to get spares, is it a lovely thing to ride and which will go rusty first? To my eye they both look roughly the same.

Safety Warning - don't lick your motorcycle, especially after a ride as this may cause burning injuries and road dirt/petrol/oil can be bad for your health.

Back in the 50's owner's manuals contained guides on how to check the tappets. Today they have advisories warning owners not to drink the battery acid or brake fluid.
06/12/2021 16:30:56 UTC
Upt'North ¹ said :-
Agreed Ian, I thought it looked a little awkward, a bit like a RE 500 for instance. And the radiator is gopping.
The 650 Interceptor in comparison is lickable. If I owned one it would resemble a slugs trail. On that disgusting but accurate thought, I will return to a mug of French Roast.
Ta Ian.
04/12/2021 13:30:18 UTC
Ian Soady¹ said :-
Yes, there was an item on Midlands Today the other day about it (see what you miss in the frozen North?). There was a BSAOC luminary on the spot and he said he liked it very much (actually said he wanted to lick it but I (think) I took his point).

It looks a bit fussy to my eyes and the radiator spoils the looks rather. Of the recent crop I think the Enfield Interceptor is the best looking.
Posted Image
04/12/2021 11:07:45 UTC
Upt'North ¹ said :-
Ian Soady1 I'd really like your opinion on this, it's apparently a 650 Goldstar arriving soon.
It really is a retro heaven in motorcycle world just at the moment. Or is it?

Posted Image
03/12/2021 20:52:30 UTC
Ren - The Ed¹ said :-
Ian - I figure the LESS data I have the less chance I have of losing it.

Jim - glad to hear you've survived. I'd call Friday night's weather "sub-optimal for motorcycling". I was in a scout hut in Farnworth all weekend, we lost the power there too. Being prepared though we had torches and phones with lights on.
03/12/2021 19:52:17 UTC
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