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It's summertime now and the rain has gotten warmer. Where are you planning to explore then huh?

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Long Term Honda CBF 125 Review Upt'North said :-
Yes you're right but also wrong. How does that always happen.
Dealers are not all bad and prices going into the W word are usually keen and they will haggle, the big benefits of a warranty albeit usually only 3 to 6 months can help you with a little peace of mind.
It doesn't hurt to look around your local dealers, if the stock is dirty, rusty and the staff a PITA or useless then try the next. Looking on Autotrader, MCN bikes for sale will show where your local dealers are. Worst ways to spend a day. Maybe.
15/9/2019 9:59:56 AM UTC
Long Term Honda CBF 125 Review Faz said :-
Cheers Jim, ya will keep looking. My main purpose is for a bit of leisurely ride, the odd commute to work as well as possibly doing a bit of delivery (nothing too strenuous, a few nights a week), will keep my eyes peeled and update
15/9/2019 9:15:33 AM UTC
Long Term Honda CBF 125 Review Jim said :-
Hi Faz - I bought a 2014 CBF125 a year ago for a practice machine after struggling through the CBT. Ran it through the winter before going through the DAS in spring. My exhaust was certainly as rusty as that one, but it did clean up nicely with a lot of elbow grease, Jenolite and some Simoniz high temperature paint. The shocks are pretty bad though. Mileage is almost irrelevant to the rust if it's been kept outside - try to find one that's been garaged, although as has already been said, these poor things often have a hard life. Number of owners isn't a huge factor either, as a lot of these bikes are bought with the idea of getting an 'A' licence and then upgrading. Having said all of that, the CBF125 will hold its value better than most 125s - I put 4000 miles on mine over last winter and got back exactly what I paid for it.

Good luck with the search.


15/9/2019 7:30:36 AM UTC
Long Term Honda CBF 125 Review Faz said :-
Thanks Chris and North you are legends. I know cbfs rust, looking at the rust did make my heart sink a bit. I thought mileage under 2000? The guy seemed genuine and said near enough throughout that the 1st owner left it a fair while before it was sold. I've seen 2011 cbfs advertised with 14k + on the clock with a few owners that looked proper loved. Ya sure a few spots of rust here and there. So..... the search continues! I know it's all relative and loads of factors. What would you say was a realistic year/mileage/owners for around a £1k for cbf/cbr bikes? Don't mind a few scratches, nit expecting pristine condition but one in fairly decent nick. Don't really wanna go to the stealership of I can help it. Cheers
14/9/2019 11:55:47 PM UTC
Fruitless Overtaking Upt'North said :-
You've summed it up nicely; of course you should have your wits about you.
But not only when overtaking, from the moment you pull your helmet on to the moment you take it back off, full attention to the task at hand at all times.
But overtaking is not dangerous unless you overtake in a dangerous manner and that's a different kettle of trout.
14/9/2019 11:16:48 PM UTC
Long Term Honda CBF 125 Review Upt'North said :-
It is clear it has been unloved, probably ridden in winter and then parked up with gay abandon.
He will not be able to clean it up before sale, I'm not saying the corrosion is terminal but it will never look new and shiny.
Your choice, but it is an unloved bike.
14/9/2019 11:09:30 PM UTC
Fruitless Overtaking David said :-
Other motorcyclists overtaking!! Both from behind and in front. To me this is a real danger. Sadly two bikers were killed near me when they hit each other overtaking (I think lorries) on a bend (A5 in opposite directions). Also vans and taxis making Uturns out of the blue when there is a que that is unusual for that particular road. I guess a lot depends on whether you have your wits about you at that particular time and stopping before you get weary and make bad decisions....
14/9/2019 10:39:59 PM UTC
Long Term Honda CBF 125 Review Chris said :-
Do these bikes normally fare badly rust wise? For the mileage, I'm surprised at the corrosion on some bits. I would expect a little better for a Honda - perhaps just infrequently cleaned.

Exhausts are pretty easily cleaned up and re-painted if the pitting is not too excessive. My opinion is that I think that you be able to find something better. Obviously this will be dependant on how far you are willing to travel. I'd probably be checking the likes of the YBR125 too just to widen the chances of finding the best bike.
14/9/2019 10:22:56 PM UTC
Long Term Honda CBF 125 Review Faz said :-
The other back fork
Posted Image
14/9/2019 8:02:23 PM UTC
Long Term Honda CBF 125 Review Faz said :-
Posted Image
14/9/2019 7:25:59 PM UTC
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Latest Chit-Chat

Go To Chit-Chat Borsuk said :-
Hi Ross.

My area was had a little bit of rain but, nothing excessive.
Technically my area is classified as being nearly desert.

14/9/2019 8:17:34 PM UTC
Upt'North said :-
Hope you enjoy it folks.
14/9/2019 1:43:50 PM UTC
Ross said :-
Hey, Borsuk, did your part of Spain miss the floods that some have recently had? Hope you're safe and dry!
14/9/2019 12:00:29 PM UTC
Ren - The Ed¹ said :-
My view this morning Borsuk. Upt' will be pleased to hear we're in Charleville-Mézières.
Posted Image
14/9/2019 7:30:32 AM UTC
Borsuk said :-
Photo didn't load first time.
La Rabita, Costa del Sol
Posted Image
12/9/2019 4:56:40 PM UTC
Borsuk said :-
Went for a run down to the coast on Tuesday. Brilliant day if a bit windy. Wife and friends brought the picnic and seating.
12/9/2019 4:53:37 PM UTC
Upt'North said :-
Two things...............
Ed, glad you agree about the more sensible French speed limits.
And, I've just noticed the Er'Indoors seems to holding that post in a way that says, you're not getting me back on that bike you ******.
12/9/2019 1:02:00 PM UTC
Upt'North said :-
Ed, you won't understand this comment, so one for Sharon.
Don't bikes look clean on piccies, that BeaST has just done about 3000 miles I would have thought and it still looks clean....ish. I think we were coming back from Como to Amsterdam.
Perhaps all of life looks better in digital images than reality.
Although probably not me or MadBatts air filter.

12/9/2019 9:18:02 AM UTC
Upt'North said :-
I can't remember a lot about Belgium, your piccie is certainly more interesting than any I've got.
I think it's somewhere we've just passed through, mainly anyway. Although I do remember having one of the best and most expensive meals anywhere ever, somewhere in Eastern Belgium near to the German Border. Thanks for showing us we must return. Like the memorial.
I will try to post a picture of what I mean, my memory is a bit like the view, flat and uninspired, until now.
Posted Image
12/9/2019 9:04:07 AM UTC
Sharon said :-
Well yesterday was mainly motorways to a travelodge in Gravesend which put us a nice 45 mile distance from the Channel Tunnel. First time for me (Sharon) riding my own bike onto the Eurotunnel. Well it battered down with rain so was really slippery getting onto train but all good. Then off we rode in France and Belgium. The boarder bridge between Mouchin and La Glanerie has a memorable to the liberation of the town on September 2nd 1944 by the American division known as Hell on Wheels. There is a statue of a motorcyclist from the division in the town.
Then down some gravel tracks, urghh, found us back into France and a quirky but pleasant campsite. The helpful owner even put us on a pitch with hardstanding for the bikes. 240 miles yesterday and a bimbling 130 miles today. Mixture of motorways and single tracks and A roads. Totally confused as to speed limits but good day today. ??
Posted Image
9/9/2019 9:13:34 PM UTC

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