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Camping In Cambridge

By Ren Withnell

The forecast is grim. France is gripped in a relentless rain cycle and Germany's rivers are filled to the brim. Yet on this clear dry morning it all seems so very remote, so very far away. How can it be raining in France which is maybe 500 or a 1000 miles south when here it's a little overcast but light and warm? I push the bike into the back street and load up, filled with both excitement and fear.

Fear. Fear of the business I'll lose while I'm away. Fear of failure. Fear I'll hate it all and want to cry and never leave my home town again. Fear I'll fall out with the gf. Fear I'll break down far from home, far from the familiar, far from shops I can trust and words I can understand. Fear I'll crash and it'll all be my fault. Fear I'll break some unknown law in an unfamiliar country and end up in irons in a dungeon. I can hear my friends mocking me if they knew how scared I was. I'm only going to Europe not Somalia. Europe is a collection of modern countries with cultures and laws similar to ours, we in the UK are a part of Europe. Logic dictates I have nothing to fear, well no more than a UK trip, but I can't help it.

Fear. I envy those who just jump into adventure with a devil-may-care attitude. Those who just bungee a tent and a change of underpants onto a bike and set off to just see what happens. Those people who see problems as a challenge not a reason to hate the world and wish I was rich enough to buy my way out of trouble. I try to convince myself they're probably just as scared as I am but they hide it to protect their ego. I'm not really convincing myself. I lock the house up, afraid I've forgotten to turn off the cooker even though I've turned off the gas at the mains, the water at the mains and unplugged everything except the fridge. Have I got everything? I've checked the list twice but then did I get everything on the list in the first place?

The bike feels good even with the load, What's that noise? Is the crank starting to rattle? Are the big ends on the way out? Is there a loose tappit? No it's fine. It is. It really is. I've changed the oil, checked the levels but what if I read the levels wrong? Did I tighten the sump nut enough? Maybe I've overtightened it? Oh for goodness sake Ren get a grip! I calm myself by thanking the world that this old, rattly, dirty Fazer FZS 600 has a trade in value of less than £700, so if it does blow up, fail or die then I'll just leave it in Europe, cut my losses and catch a train home.

Yamaha FZS 600 Fazer seen from above
£700 trade in, maybe £1000 private sale. Would it be worth spending a fortune to bring it home?

Yeah, that's a better train of thought as I ride down the motorway. I console myself further with tales of how adventurers manage to apply ingenuity, cunning and determination to see them through. I know I am an ingenious artful bodger, if anyone can fashion a new chain out of bits of string and wire then I can. It won't last long but it'll get me to a shop and that's what matters. Today I'm going to be a wild and free biker, nothing but the open road and my guile to take on the world. You can lie to yourself.

I pull off the motorway and at the end of the slip road a dejected looking biker stands beside an old but good condition Exup 1000. I pull over. He was tootling down the motorway with a riding buddy when the motor went bang. Later he admits he was doing a great deal of "tootles" per hour when the motor gave up. It sounds like a dropped valve or something else very serious. He was on the way to the Isle of Man TT races. I suspect that's the end of his much anticipated holiday before it's even started. I feel sorry for him but there's nothing I can do and he does have recovery. I wish him well and leave him there, looking quite sorrowful. I start to worry all over again.

The gf is ready and the saddle bags are loaded. They're still a lot heavier than I'd like but what can we do? She's all excited. She doesn't fear breakdowns or the foreign authorities, she wouldn't understand my fears and I don't really understand hers. She's more concerned about the kids. The 16 year old will become 17 while we're away. She's also got some important college tests coming. The gf feels a great deal of guilt over missing her birthday and not being there to offer support and encouragement through the tests. I'm not bothered about birthdays and never gave two hoots about education results. We're all the same in being so unique.

front view of the fazer with the full load showing the side bags
It has been suggested we really need a car...

With instructions to "get along" and "water the plants" the gf says her goodbyes. She's confused, racked with both guilt and excitement. With a wobble we set off and soon we're doing the work of travel, travelling. The M6 is not an interesting place for me, having been along it's length all to often. All it means is a saddle sore bottom, stiff legs and motoway services for costly fuel. The A14 is is little more interesting if for no other reason than it means we're not too far from where I plan to stop, Cambridge.

Cities in the UK are fairly homogeneous, they're pretty much the same. Posh estates, poor estates, shopping complexes and McDonalds all look pretty much alike. So to find myself in Cambridge surrounded by cycles, cyclists, broad open greens and interesting old and new architecture is quite refreshing. We do find rather ordinary estates and fast food shops as we ride around looking for a campsite then we see young gentlemen playing cricket while families sit on picnic blankets. Bicycles are loosely chained to plentiful posts outside houses and every generation pedals by peacefully. Chinese students talk on mobiles and old people talk to each other outside their houses. It feels cosmopolitan and comfortable.

No sign of a campsite though. I dig out my phone and use my map app to find a site across town. This part of town is much more ordinary and the campsite is closed. The next one on the map is way out of town so we head up there. Behind a closed pub, the Traveller's Rest ironically, is the campsite. It's smart and trim but there appears to be no-one on site. We call 2 phone numbers displayed on a small sign and get no reply then as we're about to leave the gf's phone rings. As I answer a face appears, smiling and apologetic from behind the reception.

The site appears to be run by a young family who live in a static behind the reception. There's not much here but what is here is in good order. Open flat grass to camp on, a small but warm toilet/shower portacabin and that's about it really. It's all we need and as it's getting late we're not too bothered about evening entertainment. The gf had made butties before our departure and we finish them off with a cup of tea made on my stove. We learn that there really is nothing nearby as we walk down a track through fields of growing cereals.

the tent and bike at the campsite in cambridge, the travellers rest
Ready for the night on our first night in Cambridge. Dry, lets hope it stays that way!

It must be bedtime, it's getting dark.

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Ray F Walton said :-
Brilliant, simply Brilliant Keep it coming I'm hooked!
01/01/2000 00:00:00 UTC
carrie said :-
I am still learning a lot about you!! Keep up the good work - really good.
01/01/2000 00:00:00 UTC

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