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Shopping To Mamers

By Ren Withnell

Damn and goddam blast! For 1 airbed to start loosing pressure is unlucky. I can accept that sometimes there is a manufacturing fault, life is like that. But my bloody airbed is losing pressure and a bit faster than the gf's did. Probably because I weigh a lot more. So I've had a god-awful night spent mostly on the hard floor. Oh...you think grass isn't hard do you? Well try it then. Try sleeping on a deflated airbed where your hip and shoulder have no padding or protection from the cold hard "grass". I guess I'm going to have to look for my own lilo like the gf is now using. She's loving hers. Damn.

We decamp off the ants nest, flicking and flapping them as they scurry around looking for the now packed sugar. Although the sun is out and the forecast does not include rain it's still not warm. It is now June. It is now officially the holiday season. So where's the sweltering sun? Why am I putting on jumpers rather than shorts? At least it's not raining, that thought cheers me up no end. No rain. Blissssssssssss.

We head out of Chinon with no more of a plan than to head North trying to avoid the main roads. My desire today is to purchase a lilo. The gf's been very happy with her €5 purchase so I'd like to join her in her comfort. As I ride I seek out supermarkets or any other shop that might stock a lilo. Carrefour don't have any. That was a waste of time, pulling off and wandering around the shop for ages. I waste more time in a Leclerc much to my frustration. Hyper-U don't have any either. I'm getting a tad cross with myself. It must have been sheer luck that when we decided to get the gf's lilo that the small local supermarket had them in stock.

lady walking a dog in a french town in the sun
Just another French town. At least there's sun now, although it's not hot.

I'm so busy looking for a lilo I don't really notice what's around me. It's more of the same plain French countryside. Straight tree lined roads, little villages with little shops, the odd out of town supermarket, each without lilo and endless fields. Before I know it I'm following signs to Le Mans.

Le Mans. I know that name, they have a big race here every year, a 24 hour endurance race. What I did not know is that at least part of the track is on the public roads. I know this now as I'm passing marshal type people fitting distance markers and armco barriers either side of the broad road I am riding down. How cool is that! I figure the actual race can't be much more than a week or two away. A part of me would like to stop but to be honest I know it'll be crazy busy and after seeing Monaco in the build up to the Grand Prix I could not stand that again.

A triumph tr7 and dolomite rust in the sun at le mans
These are not the cars that will be racing soon. Both British cars I note, left to rust near the Mulsanne Straight.

As we're riding along I spot yet another retail park. In fact I'm getting desperate now, I can't stand the thought of sleeping on the hard ground. It has of course crossed my mind to oust the gf off her nice inflated lilo and make her sleep on the hard floor. It's tempting but I couldn't stand the guilty feelings. She wouldn't make me feel guilty, not on purpose, but I'd hear her grumbling and griping and I'd have to put her back on her lilo. There's no supermarket here but there's a Decathlon, a name I recognise from back home, they must have something, surely!

They don't have lilos. They do have inflatable mattresses but they're big and my poor bike is already buckling under the strain of the load. It takes a lot of "errrrrr"ing and "hmmmmm"ing from me before I finally part with €39 for a smart and trendy superlight self inflating mattress. I know it will not be as comfy as a proper air bed or even the gf's new lilo but it will be a darn sight better than the floor itself. It's expensive and not the solution I was looking for, but it seems it's going to be the best I can do right now.

We pass through the rest of Le Mans. Again I'd like to tell you of ancient buildings and magnificent parks. But as a traveller passing though the city we see much the same as I'd expect to see in any city. Houses, flats, apartment blocks, industrial estates, retail parks, cars, buses, trucks, traffic lights, roundabouts, junctions, McDonalds, fuel stations and tarmac. This could be Rotterdam, anywhere, Liverpool or Rome. There's a hint of Frenchness but if I'm honest in the global culture I suspect most modern cities will look the same.

Out of town I'm a little more relaxed now I have at least something to sleep upon. We've not travelled far, 80 or 90 miles perhaps, but it's taken a long time with searching for and being let down by all the shopping. We're still rolling north and I'm looking for somewhere to camp for the night. An enquiry at another small shop in my best French reveals we ought to head to "Meh-mez". A look on my map shows me nothing of "Meh-Mez" so the gf and I puzzle as to what on earth is going on.

A few miles down the road it makes much more sense, "Meh-mez" is spelt Mamers. At the edge of the town I spot a large board with some kind of local map on so I pull in to take a look. Wow! it shows me where we are and more importantly where the "Camping Municipal" is too. Perfect, I should look out for these informative signs more often. In keeping with tradition I get a little lost even though I've tried to remember the map in my head. Not to worry, the signs soon have us back on the right track.

the old town market square with a canopy in the pretty town of Mamers
Mamers looks like a nice place to stay for the evening. I wonder what the campsite is like?

It's not the smartest campsite we've been to but it's small, presentable and here at the right time. It takes a moment to rouse the warden from his TV in the modern reception and soon the gate is opened to use and we're relieved of but a mere €8. As we start to pitch we notice we're being watched from a smart campervan in the next pitch and I joke to the gf about getting another brew.

green trees, hegderows and grass at the mamers campsite
The campsite is basic but fine. The sun is out but it's getting cooler already.

Before long a petite lady, blonde and once glamorous but now a little wrinkled yet still pretty, asks how we are and have we travelled far. We tell the tale of the day's ride in brief and before we know it we're invited for a brew. Sorted. We finish the tent and walk around to the smart campervan.

We're welcomed like old friends and introduced to the husband, stocky and a little rotund, his weight keeps the wrinkles out of his face. Sitting down in the van on proper seats drinking tea out of proper cups is a thoroughly welcome comfort. To then find our hosts are so lively, interesting and gracious makes this moment perfectly wonderful. We learn they're a hard working couple who work at sea. This means they work several months solid then have a couple of months off. They have rented out their house, in their "off" times they tour France in this campervan. Whilst the work at sea must be hard graft, what a lifestyle!

These moments are my favourite moments of travelling. The people. Whilst not everyone is nice I find for the most part they are interesting, if only for a while. To learn how other people live, how their lives work, what is important to them, what makes them tick. That is fascinating. When you travel it's rare that you get to know people well enough to see their downsides and dark sides. We all have them, when you're passing through you're unlikely to see them. And if you do you can move on. It can be a shame to leave those you meet and like though.

I, dare I say we, could have stayed there all night and we'd have been welcome. I'm mindful however of their privacy and my need for food. After over an hours splendid comfort we depart and prepare to walk into town. Mamers, "Meh-mez" is nothing special but ideally suited to our evening's needs. A comfortable walk through modern, ordinary housing takes us into a small town centre complete with market square and older buildings. There's a few shops but this evening it's very quiet. We could make something but...but...nothing appeals.

the gf hugs a large white flower
I do not know why the gf is hugging the flower. Do you see what I'm up against dear reader?

I spot a kebab shop, open. I'm a tad concerned about a rough belly if I eat a kebab whilst camping. The gf tells me not to be so wet or foolish. She's not normally a kebab sort of girl but this evening like me I reckon she fancies a change, something different and to not have to cook. We step inside the small shop. We're greeted by a handsome young man who reminds me of a young Dermot O'leary. I've said the French can be a little curt, professional but not engaging. This young man with his broad smile and delightful "joie de vivre" is a wonder!

His English isn't very good but it's still better than my French. Whilst cooking our chicken with a flail of arms and excitable pace around the kitchen he talks to us of our travels, our home and of England. With the now familiar sign language and "Frenglish" he seems genuinely enthused by our trip and asks where he should visit in England when he gets the chance. When our meal is cooked and we've paid I don't want to leave, I'm relishing his passion and liveliness.

Outside we find a bench on the town square and sit to eat. We talk of the young man then of our own desires to travel more. It's not warm but this evening air is still and we're comfortable enough with our light coats and our bench. The kebab is average in taste yet most welcome after 2 weeks of tinned food or the hassle of cooking with 2 pans and one burner. It's too easy to scrunch up the wrapping paper and throw it in the bin.

Back at the campsite we make use of a room that feels like an unused cafe. It's for the campers but there's only us there. We play darts with plastic bent and twisted darts. We talk and use the toilet. Outside a couple of English bikers blokes are pitching up so I go and introduce myself. They're doing much the same as us, wandering aimlessly around but as their holiday is short they'll not be getting too far south. After initially thinking the French were unfriendly today I've found them to be most welcome, these 2 English bikers make me feel like I am intruding. We're all different I guess so I leave them to it.

large plain white room with tables and chairs at mamers campsite
Quite a few French campsites have these "Communal" rooms. I think they're a great idea.

With that it's bedtime. My new mattress is never going to be as comfortable as the leaking airbed, make that TWO leaking airbeds. It doesn't look as comfy as the gf's lilo too, it almost wraps around her like a cot to keep her safe. It is definitely an improvement on the cold hard ground though. I'll sleep better, but not as well as I'd like.

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Reader's Comments

kath brooks said :-
Is Le Mans twinned with Bolton and are you using words from a Beautiful South song
01/01/2000 00:00:00 UTC
Ren - The Ed said :-
Hi Kath

According to Bolton Council's website Bolton is indeed twinned with Le Mans in France and Paderborn in Germany. You can find this at "http://www.bolton.gov.uk/website/Pages/Towntwinning.aspx".

And yes, I was quoting from The Beautiful South's song "Rotterdam". I'm glad you spotted that and my efforts were not wasted.
01/01/2000 00:00:00 UTC

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