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The Wettest Bridge In The World

By Ren Withnell

It got blooming chilly again last night. After yesterday's glorious weather, fabulous roads and pleasant company this morning is coming as something of an anticlimax. John, the BMW guy and Bridget his partner, confirm they were cold last night too. Tiny sleeping bags may save a lot of weight and space but they don't keep you warm enough. Heavy grey skies don't look promising as I wake the gf. She's been cold too and she's disappointed that it may be too cold for canoeing down the canyon. Her airbed has gone down again. I'll give it a proper dose of looking at later.

yamaha fzs 600 at the cote sud campsite in millau, before the rain
So far...it's just grey...

By the time we're dressed, washed, fed and watered their are a few drops of rain in the air. I talk to the Dutch receptionist, who speaks fluent Dutch, French, English and German. She advises the "vetter" will be "vet". She is incredibly helpful and happy, giving me suggestions as to where the visitor centre for the bridge is and how to get there. I try to make notes on soggy paper to little effect. She waves me off with a joyful smile as the rain gets heavier. By the time we're on the bike it's looking really grim.

John and Bridget are off somewhere up a canyon, we're going to try and find the visitor centre for the bridge and if we've got time, at least explore the possibility of doing some canoeing. We leave and cover only half a mile before the heavens open full tilt and we have to stop to apply waterproofs over our waterproof gear. Doubling up is the only answer in this kind of rain. 

In keeping with tradition I get lost and soon I find myself climbing a steep road with no bridge or visitor centre in sight. Mind you it's raining so hard I'd not be surprised if we've passed the biggest bridge in the world without seeing it. After maybe 5 or 10 miles I know I must be properly lost. I spot a lonesome bus shelter and pull in to consult my phone maps without getting the phone waterlogged. I'm completely on the wrong road heading in the wrong direction. In fact we're on the road we came in on yesterday but it looks like a different planet in this deluge. We wait a short time in the hope the rain will abate, but it does not so with great trepidation we venture out into the watery world. It's raining so hard I fear a jetski may be more appropriate.

I find the right road and find the turning to some sort of visitor centre. The leaflets back at the campsite were a little confusing as there are 2, I could not work out why but we are at a car park that's a fair walk from some kind of centre. Through a tunnel we can see the bridge and centre, there's parking closer by so I decide to get back on the bike and get a little closer. Big mistake. Back roads and and narrow lanes take us only back to the main road. More lanes become dirt track then lead us through a farm, and right back to the car park. All I have achieved is getting us even colder, soggier and now we're covered in mud too. 

the millau viaduct seen in the misty distance and a rain soaked scene everywhere
The visitor centre is still a walk away, and the Viaduct looks small in the watery distance.

The bridge is definitely big. Today however it is not impressive. It's grey and wet and soggy and dull. The people here are grey and wet and soggy and dull too. The odd mac shrouded body drips by, looking down through fear of drowning if they look up. No matter how hard I try I can't imagine sunshine.

We're cold and soaked. Frustrated we make the long trek to the visitor centre and inside the entrance we drip puddles onto a smart wooden floor whilst a man on reception gives us both a very dirty look. I ignore him, I'm far more concerned that the gf's OK. I now I'm not exactly happy but I'll survive, I worry that she's reaching the breaking point of her tolerance for such misery. I need not worry, she's proved herself over the wet start to our trip and she's much like me, muddling through.

This isn't the bridge centre, this is the centre that promotes Averyron, the area we are in now. As we drip around videos on a loop make the whole area look full of history, magic, castles, beauty and knights on horseback. There's no mention of rain at all, in fact there's nothing but sunshine and smiles. A few displays promote the knife industry that this area is...apparently...known for as well as the Knights Templar. The gf's taken with it all, she now wants to go to all the places shown. I remind her that it's all marketing nonsense and anyhow, we don't have time. Luckily.

The rain-soaked toilets are across the waterlogged car park. Inside I make use of the stand up "Turc" or squat toilets, easy for a bloke. I hear something funny though. 2 girls, about 18 I reckon, open a door and say in English "F####ng hole!" each time. I laugh then point them in English to the disabled toilet at the end, I'd noticed that was a real toilet. They say nothing to me directly but squeal with delight when they find it. What is it with the French and their desire for human suffering whilst relieving oneself. I make sure to mention this to the gf when she heads off.

The bridge centre is on the opposite side of the valley. I try to burn the maps and route into my mind's eye so I won't need to get the phone or map out in the rain. I find a road that leads us down into the valley and the town, through housing estates, tight junctions and the edge of town. I also find the road to the bridge centre and apart from one dead end and a very steep climb I get there without much ado. Well done me. This time we park right under the bridge and finally start to get a real idea of this massive construction.

Massive concrete tower or pier as they are known
It's still hard to percieve the size of the "Piers" even when you look up from beneath them.

The visitor centre is disappointingly just what you'd expect. A few models, a wall full of diagrams and statistics, a tat shop and a video on a loop about how it was made and how clever the French are. British architect though, so there. I'd like to espouse about the bridge and how amazing it is but I can't. Yes it's big. Yes it must have been very hard to build. I suppose the problem is in these days and times of massive everything it all looses impact. Either that or this rain means I can't see it properly and it is putting me in a negative mood. 

a couple of spans of the millau bridge seen from the visitor centre car park
At the Visitor Centre it all seems bigger. These are small pylons, the biggies are in the valley.

After getting lost and soaked time is not really on our side. Along with the cold and rain even the gf's given up on the idea of a pleasant paddle down the gorge. Instead we make a not very exciting stop at a supermarket for supplies and head back to the tent. I'm feeling OK, I'm not depressed or angry or sad, just a little deflated much like the gf's airbed. While the gf rests and tries to warm up I take the airbed to the pool, which of course is shut. The friendly receptionist allows me to use the foot pool to try and find the leak. It takes an age to fill the foot pool, in this rain I thought it would be full already.

I find no leak. I'd hoped to find a stream of bubbles that mark the issue and simply apply the patch that comes supplied with the airbed. Nothing. All that's happening is I'm getting soaked as well as the airbed. I guess I'll have to think of something else. I join the gf for a rest in the relative dryness of the tent. We're both cold and wet but somehow, some way we're not miserable. The rain, being a tangible part of Murphy's Law, stops. It could have stopped while we were out on the bike, when we wanted to go canoeing or while I was checking the airbed but Murphy's Law doesn't work like that. We have to laugh, what else can we do?

The French sell soup in cartons, much like skimmed milk in the UK. They're lovely, strongly recommended. After an early tea of soup and bread we head into town. As we walk around and share a packet of biscuits the rain starts again. If I ever meet Murphy and his Law I'll have more than strong words with him I swear. It's quieter in town and apart from a motorcycle and scooter shop there's nothing much going on so we head back to the tent. John and Bridget are back so we have a chat with them then retire to the room again, this time it's empty.

narrow street and tall french buildings in millau
No matter how wet...I still think Millau is a lovely and pretty town.

We make notes in the dry but cold room and try to catch the weather on the TV. We do, but we wish we hadn't. I don't understand the weatherman's words but we both fully understand the big watery symbols on the map. What is going on!? This is France, this is the end of May and this is the holiday season so why are France, Germany and even Spain fully engaged in battle with floods and snow? I discuss my fears that the Pyrenees may not be an option if we are to avoid the worst of this unseasonal trial by weather.

This is proving to be the ultimate testing ground, I guess we did come here to learn. One airbed has failed. The brakes have worn out. The headlamp deflector required bodging, The sleeping bags are showing their age. The tent has puddles on the roof. The waterproof paperwork bag has leaked. My waterproofs socks have leaked. My visor insert has given up and been removed. Yet here we are. Cold and damp if not wet. A long way from home. I wouldn't go as far as to say I'm loving it, but I'm not unhappy or wishing I was back home. I feel like a survivor. Like any survivor I'd still like to be rescued by sunshine. It'll dry up sooner or later tomorrow. 

puddles on the top of the tent and the airbed drying on the bike
In a brief dry spell I note the puddle on the tent and try to dry the leaky airbed. Not going well.

How wrong can I be?

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Reader's Comments

Ian Soady said :-
Thanks for reminding us about the trip Ren. I was down that way some years ago on the mighty Tiger. See pic below with the viaduct in the distance and the link takes you to a brief account of my "bridge too far" trip. It rained (and hailed) for me as well......
Posted Image
06/10/2020 11:23:41 UTC
Upt'North said :-
So we all visit a bridge, and we all get wet.
And I've got the picture to prove it, what it doesn't show is the 50 mph winds riding over it.
Why are we drawn to a man built lump of concrete?
Strange innit?
Posted Image
06/10/2020 11:32:29 UTC
Upt'North said :-
Sorry for the lousy piccie, it's probably as much to do with the ongoing thunder storm as my bad photography.
06/10/2020 11:34:11 UTC
Ren - The Ed¹ said :-
I was mightily impressed with the bridge on the dry day when we arrived, seeing it from the distance it's a massive structure. It was hard to be impressed when the weather was bringing us down though. It's an odd thing, why do we like these things and then at the same time hanker after countryside and mountains and remote "unspoilt" places? Several million tonnes of concrete and cable are hardly natural. Go figure.

If only there was something we could do about the weather. I am of course working on this using all my genius and intellect, so don't hold your breath.
06/10/2020 16:29:33 UTC

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