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France Day 13 - Quietude For A While

By Sharon Parker

The deluge continued unabated all through the night. Me and the bf played some games. With limited storage space on the bike and little room in the tent I will let you work out what they were.

My airbed went down several times during the night which was not much fun and while flat it got me way too close to the freezing cold wet floor.

In the morning it is still raining so we decide we will just have to sit it out and stay another day here. On the upside the camp site owner deducts 2 euros off the the bill for another night because of the lack of sun.

The friendly English chap gives us details of some places to visit including a Bastille situated close by at the top of the hill. To our surprise the rain actually stops so we decide to make the best of it quick smart and get ready for a walk up to the Bastille.

I do not trust this little break in the weather so I set out wearing my biker jacket and waterproof jacket over the top.

We cross the bridge and saunter past some old looking houses residing in narrow streets. More modern houses are on the outskirts including some for sale. A bungalow catches my eye and the bf and I talk for a while about dreams and make up plans about what we could do with a house like that. I wish our plans could be more than dreams.

After the bungalows the going starts to become rather steep.  

a typical french street in penne d'agenais with houses and trees
Onward and upwards

The English chap told us there are two ways up to the Bastille. We could follow a road which wis longer but less steep or choose the short cut which is far steeper. Feeling like a challenge and thinking we are quite fit we choose the short cut. The short cut itself used to be a road but it is no longer in use with both ends cordoned off. As we climb I am not in the least bit surprised that it no longer serves as a road for vehicles. The gradient is very extreme. I am sure cars had real trouble trying to brake down this route or even getting up it in the first place. I am not doing so great myself. Clearly I am not as fit as I believed I was. I puff and blow so much the bf takes pity on me and offers to carry my jacket. Even with the extra load he pulls ahead of me and I have to play catch up. Harrumph I remember a time when I was super fit, now let me think that was err ... only 12 years ago that I used to run 10 k races. Ha I am getting old and my body, if not my mind knows it. I struggle on and eventually reach the top and the waiting puffed out bf.

the bf as he catches his breath sat on a barrier at the top of the steep road
The bf won but he can not talk for a while.

The pretty route continues at a much more gentle incline now and the views from up here are stunning. The winding road leads to a most charming and pretty hilltop village. The narrow twisty lanes and the old houses, some still intact with ancient thick circled glass windows are a delight to me.

The hillside and vast countryside expanse seen from the bastille on the hill
What a view
narrow and ancient streets around the bastille
Higgly piggly old village houses make a perfect place to explore

I spy a little wrought iron gate partially hidden by ivy and creepers, with a woodland beyond. I excitedly tell the bf I have found a secret garden but he informs me that if I found it it is not a very secret is it? Pah Mr Grump.

the iron gate filled with leaves and vines
My secret Garden .... Sush don't tell anyone
the bf pulling faces and being grumpy
Mr Grump - Not impressed with either my secret garden or being covered in sticky leaves

The impressive sight of the Bastille Notre Dame de Peyragude finally comes into view. The wide wooden doors are open and we enter inside, just as the heavens open and rain falls. I am not particularly religious, as in I do not follow one particular religion. But I do believe in something greater than ourselves. So religious places such as this are always a pleasure to me. The Bastille is beautiful. Once inside the stillness and quiet surrounds me. A feeling of peace and reverence descends upon me as I gaze in awe upon a most impressive bronze cross suspended beneath the decorative doomed ceiling. Soft light filters through the surrounding finely crafted stained glass windows and reflect off the cross. I try to let my footfalls fall as softly as possible as I explore this sanctuary so as to disturb the peace as little as possible.

The Bastille Notre Dame de Peyragude, an impressive church
Bastille Notre Dame de Peyragude
large wooden doors in the bright stone bastille, open for everyone
It is good to feel welcome here with an open door
large gold coloured cross hanging from fine wires in the bastille, beautifully lit
The magnificent bronze cross
3 tall arched stained glass windows with the light shining through
Stunning stained glass
stained glass window showing christ after the cross
Thought provoking scenes

To the left is a large shrine where for a donation you can purchase a candle to light for a lost loved one. I want to light one for my wonderful mum but realise I have brought no money with me. I am bitterly disappointed but send her a little love you from me instead. I feel so peaceful here that I could remain for some time, but the restless bf has sat quiet for too long and as the rain has eased off it is time to move on. I imagine if I lived close by this beautiful Bastille it would be a place I would visit frequently. With one last lingering look I leave this place of quietude. The Bastille is en route to the Road to Santiago and I imagine it has provided a welcome rest point and place for reflection for generations of pilgrims.

In the surrounding gardens we discover a small grotto, within which are placed candles and photographs of lost loved ones. A statue of the virgin Mary guards the entrance. I find it sad to reflect that such a place would not be possible where I live. The cave would be littered with broken beer bottles and cherished mementos would not be left to rest in peace. It is even rare to find a church with a open door back at home due to fear of theft and vandalism.

A friendly French couple stop to chat and with the usual hand gestures and the bf's grasp of the French language and their limited English we manage to make ourselves understood.

The rain holds off just long enough for us to get back inside the tent. We hope it is another short shower. It is 12:30pm so we decide to have an afternoon nap nap while the shower hopefully passes by. I awake around 3pm to the sound of thudding rain on the tent. Damn it is no shower this time then. The bf is no where to be seen and I have no idea where he may be. I need to go to the toilet but it is raining so hard I decide to hold on to see if it eases off. By 4pm the need to wee is getting urgent but the rain has not stopped and the bf has not returned. Well needs must so I pull on my muddy boots and prepare to squelch my way out of the tent. The bf suddenly reappears, he has been sitting in the covered area of the reception and reading old copies of top gear. Not quite the afternoon either of us had in mind earlier.

We decide to go to the supermarket in desperation to find something to do. I had hoped it would offer a dry and warm place. It is dry but it is sadly lacking in any warmth what so ever. While browsing around we chance upon some cheap beach lilos. I am sick of waking up now on the floor with a deflated air bed so at just €5 I grab one. We also get a reed mat in the hope it may cover the worse of the mud.

Once back inside the tent we dine of some delicious soup that manages to warm me up a little. The lilo is also a great success, once inflated I see the sides are raised so it gives a cot effect keeping you snug in the centre and preventing you from rolling off it. It also comes with its own attached pillow and it far more comfy than my supposed real camping airbed.

It is still raining hard at 6pm and the conditions are now getting rather miserable. It is cold and damp and the mud is now getting over everything, it really is rather unpleasant. I snuggle back inside my sleeping bag in an attempt to keep warm. We are both bored and I try to relieve that by playing stupid games, such as name a girls name beginning with A etc, in a vain attempt to pass the time. When the bf's eyes glaze over and he looks ready to drown himself in the mud in the porch I decide it may be best to stop and see if sleep will give us both some blessed relief from this sodden world. It is raining so hard and the ground so lacking in drainage I really do fear we shall come upon some sort of disaster during the night. So despite my new lilo being super comfy I have a fitful nights sleep.

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