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France Day 11 - Grim

By Sharon Parker

The temperature drops rather dramatically during the night. My airbed goes flat again so this does not help and with practically no insulation from the ground it is a very chilly night indeed.

I suspect that the morning will not be what I hoped for and sure enough on emerging from the tent with stiff hips my fears are confirmed. No glorious sun to greet my eyes this morning, just bleak grey skies, heavy with pregnant rain clouds and a chill wind to add to the scene of displeasure.

Not long after waking the rain starts and although I am truly grateful for the wonderful weather of yesterday I am rather annoyed that today's offering has ruined my plans. No chance of lazing for a while by the pool and I suspect any river activities will be called off. This is confirmed when I walk by the river to see all the canoes firmly stacked up on shore with no signs of any attendants hoping for business. But chin up girl Millau is still a stunningly beautiful place even in the rain.

The bf has a chat to the friendly multi-lingual camp receptionist and comes away furnished with instructions on how to get to the Millau Viaduct Visitor Centre. So with this option seeming the best plan for a wet day we climb into our bike gear. I have bought several new base layers for this trip from various brands and today is the turn of my Helly Hansens. Now if you know anything about brand names you will know these are bloody expensive. I of course did not buy them at retail price but picked then up cheap off Ebay. However due to the expensive price of such items I was expecting good things from such an costly pair of base leggings. As I pull them on they catch ever so slightly on the Velcro of my jacket which lies next to me. This ridiculously over priced piece of shite disintegrates on contact with the Velcro and now sports a nice hole. Now ok, lets be fair to the poor HH maybe the manufacturers never had bikers in mind when they designed such fragile pieces of crap. Their market is in all honesty probably the beautiful sports people you see occasionally. You know the ones I mean, the ones who manage to jog gracefully by looking all serene and perfect. Not unkempt and red faced and sweating. But regardless off the fact that HH is not tough enough or mean enough to do battle with a piece of velcro, of all the leggings I purchased the HH are the thinnest and my least favourite anyhow. The hole is just confirmation that they really are just a fashion statement for some and not in the least bit practical or long lasting or tough piece of base clothing. So in my humble holey opinion Helly Hansen is not a brand that a camping biker might want to add to his list of essentials.

As we get on the bike in search of the Visitor Centre the rain gets increasingly heavier. A grey mist descends and I can not even see any scenery beyond the boarder of the roads. The rain becomes torrential and the temperature drops even further. With this amount of visibility we get lost and eventually end up at a building that we think is our chosen destination only to discover that we are at the Aveyron Region Visitor Centre instead. As we stand there some what bemused a large puddle forms around our feet from our dripping wet clothing. Much to the all too obvious disgust of the gentleman receptionist. Feeling as welcome as a shark in a swimming pool I decide to ignore his stares and have a look around anyway seeing I am here and proceed to do just that, leaving a trail of water wherever I choose to roam. There is not much to see and it is all rather boring with a few displays of goods made in the area and videos showing sunny places to visit in Aveyron. Hmmm, well it is warm and dry in here so I fake interest for a while longer before bracing myself for the onslaught of the rain once again.

After a small detour we find ourselves on the right road to the Viaduct Centre. The road winds its way down the valley and we pass under the bridge. It is awesome seeing the bridge so close and you really can appreciate the sheer size and scale of this project. The rain eases off a little as we climb off the bike again and go into the correct Centre this time. The Centre shows detailed photos, scale models and  other various information about the bridge. There's also the costs involved and the names of all those involved in the architecture and construction. There is not much else to the Centre but then as it is just a place dedicated to the Viaduct so what else could there be?

Once back at the campsite the bf takes my airbed to the pool to try to find the hole in the hope of being able to patch it up. While he does this I try to get rid of the rather large rain puddle that has appeared on top of our tent. I pull the guide ropes this way and that in the hope of getting the tension just right to stop the pooling. But despite my best efforts the dip on the roof is determined to stay there and the bf comes back to report no success with the airbed either.

We climb in the tent and warm ourselves by eating some delicious French soup. The ducks come to beg for some tit-bits but they are having no luck with us. We are enjoying our food way too much to share.

2 ducks, a male and female on the grass at millau
Weather for ducks but no luck on the food side of things.

We decide to take advantage of an unexpected break in the rain to go for another stroll through the town. The rain does not stay away for long and as it returns we head back to the tent. At the campsite we watch the weather in the TV room and it shows nothing but doom and gloom. I am sorry I even see it. I think it would have been better to live in false hope than know it is a fact that it is not getting any drier for some time yet. We are still happy and upbeat but from the look of the weather map we are going to to be tested and everything we posses is going to be tested too by this trial by deluge.

While the bf goes to chat to our BMW neighbours who have also returned from a soggy day out, I pick up my phone to check for messages. They is indeed a message so I set about trying to retrieve it. This not being my phone but the bf's and me having a very ancient phone and not used to this modern technology it proves quite a challenge.

During the night I attempt to talk to the bf about something that troubled me that day. Being a woman I like to discuss a problem. Maybe even going over it several times until I can finally get to grips with it and try to make sense of how the problem came about so I can understand it. Understand it enough so I can maybe prevent it happening again or if not prevent it at least see it coming and not to get side swiped by it. But the need for understanding is often not on a man's radar. Men are generally interested in a solution to a problem. Not a discussion about how the problem came about in the first place. If they see the problem as now fixed they certainly do not want to go back over old ground and talk about it all again. It is clear by the bf.s expression and tone of voice that he is on the defensive and thinks I am just trying to bring up trouble. I struggle to understand why he can not grasp my need to talk about this but I also know from experience and countless books I have read that it is vital to remember some important facts. These being...Your partner is unlikely to think like you, nor are they likely to react to a situation the same way as you would. So it is no good hoping that they can completely understand you or where you are coming from. Sometimes it is even like talking a foreign language to one another. They will not instantly understand you. All you can hope for is that they care enough to at least try and understand a little of your language and take the time to translate it to their own. If you are both willing to try and learn a little of each others language then it will make a huge difference to how successful your relationship may be.

I climb into bed still rather unsettled. The day has been wet and the night is extremely cold. I try to control my chattering mind and remind myself not to let my mind be my master but I the master of it. Please be quiet mind, it is time to sleep, shush I said, damn you. But my mind is ready for a fight. Pffhhtt!!

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