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Back Into The Flatlands

By Ren Withnell

My goodness gracious me. It's not rained in the night, it's not raining now and I reckon we've both slept like 2 logs under a sheet. In fact I'm up quite early so I leave the gf in her pit and go to do some chores. In this 5 star campsite there doesn't appear to be any sinks for washing clothes, maybe we're all expected to have our own washing machines in our luxurious caravans? No matter, I wash some pants in the sink with hand soap and walk back to the tent with them dripping. I wander around the site until I get bored and have to wake the gf.

We breakfast on more chocolate granola, bread and tea. The gf calculates these "healthy" breakfasts probably give us 1,000 calories each! According to the packet there are ten 40 gram servings, we're finding just under half a packet each is about right. Last year while travelling alone I'd lost weight so this year I've deliberately bulked up a little before we set off. I reckon this year with the gf looking after me and choosing the food I'll gain a fair few pounds. Going to need a bigger bike for my fat ass.

the gf over the tiny stove inside the green small tent
It's not 5 star inside the tent, but this has been home for 2 weeks now.

We take the morning slowly, probably a bit too slowly for me and it's 1045 before we're loaded up and ready for the road. We wave goodbye to the brew-bringing caravanners and continue homeward bound, North.

After the splendid roads around Millau and of course the magnificent Alps we are both finding the flat, dull and endless farmland we're travelling through somewhat boring. I get lost in Bellac. We stop and eat some supermarket butties in Le Dorat. We pass through Montmorillion then into Le Blanc. There is a campsite here but it's not enticing to us and after being spoilt last night and still fresh we decide to carry on a little more.

a dull industrial building and gravelly weedy empty area in france
It's not all tree lined roads or quaint villages as the brochures might suggest...

I spot another sleepy tabac in another sleepy village and I pull in. Using my best French and applying an accent straight from "'Allo 'Allo" I enquire with about "Le Camping?" It works a treat. In fact it works so well the attractive lady behind the counter and the motherly woman who is shopping both come back to me with a stream of unintelligible babble. My French must so good now they've assumed I'm a native. Again sounding like an extra from "'Allo 'Allo" I explain I'm English and they need to speak a little slower.

I've mentioned before the French have never been impolite to me but often are cold or short in their replies. These 2 French ladies could not be more helpful, friendly, warm and patient with me. With smiles, expressive gestures and slow French I learn there is a campsite a mere few miles away in the next town then down a side road. With my faith in the kindness of humanity restored I thank them too much and set off in search of this elusive place to rest.

trees and crisp french style houses around a garden village green in france
The villages are pretty, but they're all looking the same now.

In fact their instructions are spot on. Down a single track country lane we find "Camping Les Rioms". 2 Stars. Oh dear, after last night's luxuries is this going to be a let down? A smart modern barrier blocks the entrance to a gravel track beyond which we can see trimmed grass pitches, a clean crisp static caravan converted to a reception, an inviting pool and a trendy modern toilet block. It doesn't have "facilities" like a shop or restaurant but it looks as inviting as cake. We hover for a minute trying to work out what we are to do.

smart gravel drive wish bushes and veranda all looking pristine
2 Star? Well its hardly a scruffy mess is it. Camping Les Rioms looks fine to us.

Inside the reception a lady welcomes us warmly, and speaks a little English. The campsite is in fact quite small, I get the feeling this is a one woman business at present but she's certainly made some investments. There's maybe 15 pitches, each with almost bowling green standard manicured grass and separated by well established hedgerows. We're invited to choose which one we desire and receive a brief explanation of the tiny toilet block. We set up camp relishing in the delight of a pleasant site and the sun...yes the SUN shining on our back.

The sun doesn't last, but it was nice while it did.

Behind the reception there's a large canopy covering a smart decked area next to the pool. I enquire about internet and with admittedly a little difficulty I manage to get online. I sit on the deck chairs under the canopy and spend a while checking the weather, checking emails, checking my website and catching up a little on facebook. It's a strange thing being on facebook, everyone's life is just carrying on like nothing's changed at all. I'm sat here in a strange place feeling happy to be travelling and yet missing some home comforts and friends. They're all moaning about work or getting excited about a night out. I don't feel like I'll ever be that kind normal again. Maybe I will, and that's the tragedy

a large white canopy, deck chairs and tables, decking all at les rioms
2 Stars? Not with smart decking like this and the gf checking her emails it's not.

We have to walk a fair way back into the tiny hamlet of Barrou to find a shop. There's only a tiny little food shop and within there's only a tin of cassoulet or a pack of hot dog sausages that we can cook on the stove. We get the sausages. There's also a boulangerie where we get a baguette for the sausages. After hot dogs on baguette for tea we decide to take a walk.

As we set off it starts to rain. It looks heavy much like our hearts feel under the black clouds, we can't stand any more. We trudge back to the site as we get soaked. By the time we get back it's stopped and the sun pops out for a brief moment. We sit around. We set off again and 5 minutes later it pours again. We beat another hasty retreat back to the shelter of the canopy. It stops. We set off. It starts. We retreat. This time we stay put under the canopy.

Of course Murphy's law ensures it remains dry for the rest of the evening. We just sit and talk under the canopy. There's signs the campsite may have plans for expansion into the field behind our tent and another across the road. We talk of our trip. We still agree big mileages and rushing everywhere is not for us, we much prefer to potter along gently. We agree the whole "star" rating for campsites is misleading. There should be stars for services and facilities then other stars for quality and cleanliness. There's scant services here but the quality is excellent. By the time we've put the world to rights the sun is setting and it's bedtime.

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Reader's Comments

Sandy S said :-
Les Rioms is a fab little site. I don't know what you mean about the area being flat and dull, we find it delightful and peaceful. A real get-away.
01/01/2000 00:00:00 UTC
Ren - The Ed said :-
Hi Sandy. The problem I had with the area was we'd been spoiled with The Alps! The area is peaceful and pretty, rural and very laid back. As a motorcyclist the roads are a little, well, ordinary.
01/01/2000 00:00:00 UTC

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