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Going West

By Ren Withnell

So we are not going to head up through the other countries. It looks like we're to stay in France unless we get time and the weather to maybe dip into Spain. We'll see. But we are definitely heading west. It is a shame to not fulfill our plans but we're still out and about, travelling, learning and we're both fit and well. Actually that last bit is a lie, the gf is groggy this morning. She says she feels a little like she did when she had a sinus infection. She's not seriously ill but even with a little sun in the sky she's not quite her usual self.

The gf mentions the possibility of stopping here another day. Maybe she is really ill. No, no she's not right but she's up and about. I think she really likes it here and the weather is not looking too bad today. It is a possibility. Maybe I could find some bar or tabac where the Monaco Grand Prix is being shown? Maybe they'll even show it on the TV here at the campsite? I can't decide. I would like to give us time to get to Spain and we'll lose another day here. But then again what's the rush? As I'm being indecisive I'm packing, it's almost a habit now. It looks like we're going I guess, I can't sit still.

yamaha fzs 600 in the sunshine next to a tent at a campsite on the french riviera
It's a nice place to stay but I'm starting to pack out of habit rather than necessity.

I'm going to try and avoid the motorway and run across country. The map makes it look easy, a turn here and a junction there, but experience tells me it will be a lot more complicated than that. It is a nuisance this constantly getting lost and when I'm tired, grumpy and saddle sore I'd kill for a sat-nav. Otherwise it's the getting lost that has lead us on this trip and many others to some of the most interesting places we've been to. It does help that we've still got almost 2 weeks to cover the ground we covered in 5 days. We've got time to get lost.

We depart the steep campsite into a dry and sunny day with high and light cloud cover and a firm wind. Country roads and small conurbations come and go until we pass through Grasse which is a fair sized town then into the countryside. It has definitely been drier here than the north, the grass is mostly light brown rather than lush green and the soil is powdery. This makes me think "lowlands". There are hills and valleys but they're smaller, softer and more gentle than the Alps. The roads roll and curve graciously through farmland and dry woods. We rise and fall through fields then villages. It's pleasant and easy but perhaps a little unimpressive. Damn those Alps, they were so good they've ruined the rest of this trip.

th gf stands behind a loaded and dirty bike, so loaded we can barely see her.
Stopping for supplies I realise the gf is smaller than the load on the bike.

Places like Draguignan and Salernes pass by and the distance markers fall time and again to the next place over the next couple of hours. The gf wants to stop at one of these quirky patches of dirt at the roadside where the omnipresent campervans park. The moment she mentions this none can be found. It takes a while before I spot a broad dry patch of gravel and pull in. The gf doesn't like it, it's too windy here as there's few trees and broad open fields. Tough. I can't spend the rest of the day looking for the perfect place to stop can I. Unimpressed she wanders off to find a secluded bush for relief while I try to make my first roadside brew.

Making a brew should be easy, I've done it loads of times in the tent. Out here with what feels like a force 9 gale sweeping across the open fields and whipping the dry gravel dust into my eyes it's a pain in the ass. First off lighting the stove is impossible, but I manage. Then the wind blows half of the flame out. Then the wind blows the rest of the flame away from the pan so it won't heat up. I build a defence with the helmets and saddle bags and this allows the water to boil. The sugar blows off the spoon. Maybe the gf was right, maybe I could have found a better place. I'm not going to give her the satisfaction of admitting that though. 

trees and dry farmland and a dusty area where we make our tea
It's a fair old place to stop and try and make a brew.

Of course I get lost. I'd tell you where I am but I can't. All I can do is follow signs to Aix-En-Provence as that's the only place I recognise on my map. The phone's on charge under the seat so the map app is no use. Aix leads us back onto a main road but not a motorway so that's OK and soon we're heading west and into Salon-De-Provence. I hear an odd sound and for a brief moment I panic, it sounds like I'm dragging a bag down the road. I'm not, we're passed overhead by 7 jets in tight formation and making smoke trails, a display team.

a circle or loop of smoke trail headed of by barely visible jets on display
Very impressive and all that but it ruins the traffic on the ground.

While the gf tries her best to capture this on her camera I have to focus on ever-thickening traffic. As we approach the town more and more cars are parked by the road and watchers gaze upwards. I pull off to allow the gf and I to gaze with them for a moment and promptly get stuck in a pack of cars and viewers. Of course at this point the jets vanish so we try to carry on. Try, and try. I squeeze past a car, dodge pedestrians, avoid unsupervised children and animals. We're lost in a town that's filled with stationary people. To add to the misery some roads are closed for traffic control, others are closed because of road works. It takes us almost half an hour to reach the deserted town centre.

I need a rest and to check my maps. We find another McDonalds for more internet and more nasty French tea. After figuring out where we are and planning to aim for Nimes I head off exactly where my maps tell me to go. Only to find the road closed by a handful of very serious looking Gendarmes leaning against the barriers. My look of disappointment is not greeted with warm gestures as to suggested alternatives, just a firm stare. One even places his hand on his gun. I turn around and get lost in an industrial estate instead.

Using the sun as a guide I find a route back onto the main road. That's what I tell myself anyhow, trying to re-bolster my ego. Deep inside I know it was primarily good luck, the sun just helped me know which direction to go once I found the main road. At last, signs for Nimes indicate we're not far away at all and my trusty phone is now back with me in the tank bag. As we approach Nimes I consult with the map app and find a campsite south of town by a few miles and so we head in that direction.

trees and grass and interesting walkways on a sunny park outside of nimes
A pleasant park in a small town on the outskirts of Nimes. 

Along another of France's tree lined roads I spot the sign and the campsite, too late as I pass by. Another U-turn, one of countless I've made this trip, sees us pulling onto the worn and tired looking car park of a weary looking campsite. It might be me that's worn and weary and I'm transposing my feelings onto this place, I can't be bothered to think any further than that. My heart sinks as the reception looks closed and a locked door confirms the worst. I look at the gf and the opening times, it ought to be open. As I'm about to dig out my phone to see what else is available a French couple point me to the bar next door. 

Inside I find a smart, airy and modern bar. It's empty apart from a couple of young patrons and I enquire with a youthful barman as to the possibility of "La camping?". He looks around then points me with a smile towards a slim healthy middle aged lady who leads me back to the reception. Places comprise of the physical place and the people within. The place is tired but the people have lifted my mood and opinion already. With a little English and a helpful manner we're booked in and given a code for the barrier. Her manner is put into question as we finalise our business, she makes a concerted effort to ignore the the beeping car by the barrier. Why?

Inside the site is, well, acceptable. A mix of ordinary toilets with no seats which is common and the tortuous "Turc" stand up toilets. Showers are basic but clean. The pitch has some grass among the weeds. Yet again we get that sense of waiting, of incompleteness. This is a massive site yet it's mostly empty. There's quite a few faux wooden chalets in circles just waiting for families with screaming kids and a large patio area behind the bar just waiting for dads to enjoy a drink while junior pesters for an ice cream. Is it the weather? Is it still not the season?

trees around a patio area and a bar in the sun, but with no people at la bastice campsite nimes
The place is almost ready, it's just lacking the people.

We pitch close to the toilets and next to 2 young French girls, probably late teens. They're as timid and quite as 2 mice and go about their business of dining with nothing more than quiet talk. They do their best to remain invisible as the gf and I pitch up and settle in. The gf's still not right. She's been getting on with it today but she's not really here with me. She assures me she's going to be fine but I reckon I'd best not ask too much from her. I hope she perks up tomorrow for her sake as well as mine. 

By the time I've made tea and had a rest it's getting on. I'm itching to do something interesting tonight but the gf's not at all up for it. I decide that I'll go to the bar for a glass of pop and to see if I can interact with the locals. The gf doesn't want to come, in fact I think tonight she'll be thankful for the solitude and peace. Travelling and camping are not good when you're not feeling good. So I wander over to the bar and inside the barman is playing pool with another young chap. I push the door but it's locked, the barman with a smile politely gestures "Ferme", closed. Damn, it's only 2130 and I'm already too late. Early night I guess.

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Monk said :-
Blimey, how did I miss this post, it's excellent Ren. If/when I get the full licence, I've promised myself that I'm taking Libe (better half) on a surprise vist to see her mum and dad in the Czech Republic. Travelling through Belgium, perhaps a bit of Holland, Germany might even tickle the southern edge of Poland and ride the mountain roads on the Polish/Czech border to her dads place then on to her mums something like 20k away, both of them live not far from the Polish border which is, obviously, in the north of the Czech Republic, we might even have a quick trip into Slovakia! I'll keep you posted.

A pic of wifes dads place... in the mountains...

01/01/2000 00:00:00 UTC

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