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Not Far To Chinon

By Ren Withnell

We slept well last night and this morning there's something of a temptation to stay at this pleasant campsite for another night. It's cheap enough, smart, quiet, clean, has internet access and our hostess is friendly. The downside is the distinct lack of shops and as we're out of food and this is a Sunday the tiny shops in Barrou are most likely closed. Much as I like this place I don't wish to starve. No, it is truly lovely but there's nothing else here save what we've already seen. Time to move on.

The campsite is a fine little place as we've already established, but we've found a problem. Showers. Both the male and female showers have a button rather than a tap. This is common on campsites to stop buffoons leaving the water running all night. However here at "Camping Les Rioms" the shower button only runs the water for 2 seconds! 2 minutes is lovely, 1 minute acceptable, 30 seconds is annoying while trying to wash your hair but 2 seconds is utterly pointless. I suspect there's a fault in the gents...but the gf reports exactly the same in the ladies. A frustrating blight on an otherwise splendid campsite.

the toilet shower block at les rioms campsite. Angular and modern buidling
A smart toilet and shower block, the showers need tweaking though.

Feeling clean but not quite as refreshed as we'd like we decamp. This operation is getting quite smooth now but every time I think I've got everything sussed there's that extra bag, the forgotten to pack cup and the goddam torch is still inside the folded and packed tent. I haul on bungees and heave on straps until I'm convinced that it will all stay in place. As soon as I mount the bike I lose that conviction and resume my worried status and carry on.

My next concern is food. Here in France they're much more into proper Sundays with closed shops and nothing happening. Only the largest supermarkets are likely to be open and that's only until 1230. I need to get a move on and find one before we fade away through lack of nourishment, or even worse I have to spend excess money on a restaurant meal. Luckily not long into our ride we spot a "Super-U" that's open so we pull in. Dinner is served in the format of "triangle sandwiches" and a can of something for tea later on. This is life on the road, on the cheap, we sure know how to live.

The roads are quiet. Blissfully quiet. Regrettably dull and quiet. Damn those Alpine roads to hell. Curse those snow-capped mountains. If it wasn't for those crystal clear rivers, those ice blue lakes, those towering rock faces, those sinuous winding roads and the sheer beauty of the Alps I could have enjoyed it here today. The sun is shining, the temperature is rising, the countryside is green and the bike is behaving, there is nothing wrong with here, but it's not the Alps.

a french church with pointed spire and steep slate roof
Just a random church in a random village. I don't know where we are, but these are the things you see.

I'm riding aimlessly. Sort of North but I'm in no rush today and time is on our side now. There's another issue the gf and I discuss at another stop in another random village, what we've done wrong. There's no blame, no guilt being metered out just a discussion. We both agree we flew through the best bit...the a hurry to escape the rain. I also must accept my perpetual "keep on moving" attitude doesn't help. We should have spent more time in Millau too, but again we were starting to grow gills and webbed feet in the deluge. Our mistakes are both self inflicted and a result of the allegedly unusual weather this year. Oh well, maybe we'll know better next time.

the gf stood over a tiny french car
The gf is 5 foot tall and tiny. There's a lot of these dinky slow little cars in France.

Richelieu makes me think of the Three Musketeers and grand châteaus . Rather than dazing around endless fields and boring straight roads I head there. This must be the place, there's tourist information signs at the roadside declaring, as far as I can tell, some connection to history and the church. This presumably is referring to the infamous evil Cardinal Richelieu. I expect historic buildings, men in capes sword fighting, beautiful maidens in big dresses and heavy busted women serving me drinks in wattle and daub ale houses. I find yet another sleepy, tired and lifeless small town. I must learn to manage my expectations.

Richelieu street, tree lined, sunny, empty and perhaps a little bland
Richelieu, no Musketeers, no busty maidens, no Cardinal and no swordfighting. Bit dull really.

We wander aimlessly for a while longer. The weather is a tad windy but otherwise it's dry and warm so it's not a bad day to be lost. I kind of know I'm heading North as the sun is sort of behind us but otherwise I'm just riding. Inside I'm not sure quite how I feel. On the one hand I feel like I'm wasting time just wandering. I always feel as though I should be doing "something" and I manage to feel guilty if I'm not doing "something" or going "somewhere". Correspondingly it feels relaxing, stress free and liberating to know there's no rush. I don't need to be anywhere any time soon.

Chinon's tourist signs promise much but after the disappointment of Richelieu I'm not going to build my hopes up. As we approach the town we catch glimpses of a grand castle on the hilltop and a mid sized town in pleasant surroundings. Admittedly the campsite we find is near a municipal sports complex and is functional rather than pretty. After last night's camping this seems a let down but this being a Sunday the tourist town should at least be open. We pitch up and head out in search of entertainment. We've not travelled far at all and it's only mid afternoon, typically it's been a rush to find food after pitching, this time we've got plenty of time. Although our campsite is barely luxurious and the buildings next to the entrance are at best bland, as soon as we start to walk into town things improve.

th gf putting her hair up and wearing a skirt in chinon france
The gf takes advantage of the sun by pretending to be a woman! 

We walk by a grassy park area with families and an ice cream bar, the big river is crossed by a pleasing bridge and the town centre is just right. It has a cosmopolitan feel, a mix of old and new, historical without being archaic, not too big and not too small. Using a leaflet supplied by the campsite we take in what must be the sights of Chinon. Old churches, timber framed buildings with a story, names of people I might know if I were French and narrow streets mixed with wide boulevards.

chinon castle covers the entire hill top and massively dominates the town
Pleasant parks and the vast castle of Chinon overlooking and overpowering the town.

It takes a great deal of energy and time to walk up to the large castle on the hill top that dominates the town. It is vast, covering the entire hill top. Finding the entrance is hard, realising there's a large fee to enter is therefore disappointing. We're still on a budget and while we could possibly afford the entrance fee we both agree it perhaps is not that important. What is important is that although my feet ache it is dry. Dry. It still feels almost alien to be dry. The sun is out in patches between light clouds. It is comfortably warm although definitely not holiday hot, a firm breeze sees to that.

a broad town square filled with tables, chairs and canopies in chinon
Chinon Town Square. It looks hot but a firm breeze keeps ua a little too cool.

We walk back down the hill through grassy and gravelly mounds and narrow streets. The broad river swells and gnarls through the valley with the occasional house boat tugging hard on it's moorings. In the centre of the bridge is an island. On the island we find allotments of a most curious style, what little is grown is haphazard and mixed, the rest is scruffy nature mixed with dilapidated sheds and alarming scarecrow-esque creations. Some of the characters are cute, others downright odd or even rude. Under the shade of the trees this place feels a little creepy, spooky. My curiosity is enjoying this but when we finally depart back onto the bridge I feel more relaxed.

scruffy allotments and strange scarecrows
Surreal, unkempt and thoroughly strange...

I appear to have pitched our tent on an ants nest. They little critters are everywhere, especially my sugar jar. They're a bit creepy but to be honest I'm not too bothered by them. The gf is a little creeped out too but we agree it's not severe enough to move the tent. I make a brew while shaking off and chasing the little blighters away. As we're settling in to sleep a caravan couple start to shout and argue in a drunken stupor. What is remarkable is that they sound exactly like Geordies! The lilt, the phrasing, the intonations of their accent make me think they're from a rough estate on Tyneside. But when I can make out the odd word they're definitely speaking French. I wonder where they're from.

They shut up and drift off. In my head I calculate that we've got plenty of time, perhaps too much time, to get back to Calais and the return Chunnel crossing. I can relax. Or can I? The bike could still give up. One of us could fall ill. We might get all our gear nicked. I do worry. Then I worry that perhaps travelling is not really for me. I sure miss the security and safety of home. Then I think of work. I think of my ramshackle house. I think of gas bills and council tax. I want to travel forever. Then I think of friends and my lad. I don't want to travel. Then I think of all we've seen and all that is out there to see. Of the people I've yet to meet and those I've met. I want to keep on going.

It's not an easy choice.

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