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Street Triple RX Salvage (Cat C)

Stephen Latchford has been at it again. This time he's purchased a crash damaged Street Triple RX and put it back on the road. Here in 5 parts is the tale he has to tell

A Triumph Street Triple RX with severe damage to the rear end
Can he fix it? Hopefully...

Buying The Bent Bike Stephen receives his broken and bent Striple RX and starts the process of fixing that which can be fixed and replacing the rest. It's not all plain sailing.
Sorting The Rear End Stephen does battle with the rear end of the Street Triple RX. There's drills, there's new and used parts and there's a steep learning curve about how it all fits together
Panels And Paint Stephen's attention has now turned to sorting out the pretty bits. The mudgaurd needs a repair and paint, the Daytona rear panels are the wrong colour and no-one stocks the right colour!
Bent Wheel And Discs Stephen is absolutely mortified to find out the front wheel and left hand disc are bent due to the accident. This could get expensive, REAL expensive. Luckily Stephen found expert help.
The Finishing Touches Stephen's on the home stretch now with the Street Triple RX salvage operation. There's some images of the completed bike looking pristine and perfect.

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