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Reader's Comments

Peter Hawker said :-
Dear Ren,
I'm the chap with the Honda Innova, a new, nervous scooter rider. Has there been any advice in your column about mending a puncture in tyres with tubes? I'm also a cyclist and well used to mending cycle punctures, but the tyres on the Innova, altho' small by motorbike standards are large compared to a cycle. I've bought a set of motorcycle tyre levers - very 'eavy! and I've found that my cycle pump, with patience, can inflate sufficiently to get me to a garage.
I have insurance, which purports to cover such an eventuality, but i'd rather be independant if poss,
Your advice would be appreciated.
regareds, Peter.

Ren - The Ed said :-
Hi Peter. The Innova page still goes well.

Regarding puntures, there's no quick fix like a push bike. One option is to get some kind of anti-puncture goo put into your tyres, but be sure it's recommended for tubed tyres too.

Other than that, like all other motorcyclists, it's either the AA (RAC, Green Flag etc etc) or a lift home off ya mate.

Cheers, Ren.
mick groocock said :-
Dear Peter Hawker, I have had 4 rear punctures on my innova and it has taken me less than 30 minutes to repair the puncture the way you would with a cycle.I have 3 mettle tyre levers,a small cycle pump and a motorcycle puncture repair kit.I usually remove the back wheel,after the 2nd time it gets easier,and remove the tube the same way as a cycle.Maybe I should do a youtube vid on it, Mick.

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