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Travel Stories

Here are a collection of trips.

Annie's 90th Ride Out Just because you're getting on a bit doesn't mean you can't enjoy a little gentle motorcycle adventure. It's time to celebrate Annie's 90th birthday.
Scooter Cannonball 2012 Would you choose to ride across America? On a scooter? Is there such a thing as a Scooter Cannonball? It is a strange world that we live in.
Spanish Butt Stephen takes on 2 Iron Butt rides in 2 days. France and Spain treat him to a variety of weather while Sat Nav spits its dummy out.
South Wales 2017 Will South Wales bring as much beauty and pleasure as North Wales has often done for Sharon and Ren? It's time for them to find out.
Carry On Camping - Motorbike Style PocketePete is off camping for the first time in aeons. Has he got the kit, will he survive and will there be enough to eat?
Friends And Family 2017 It's time for the dynamic muppets to head down south in search of free accommodation, free food and perhaps even a look around.
North Coast 500 2017 Sharon and Ren join a group of like minded riders to ride the North Coast 500, aka Route 500. What will the northernmost parts of Scotland offer the dynamic duo et al?
Chunking Campastrophy 2017 Chunky Tread offers a great excuse on a great weekend to explore The Dales and check out a new tent.
Soggy Sunday In Settle Both Sharon and Ren have a peculiarly wonderful day out doing battle with the weather and meeting delightful readers.
Cornwall In Winter 2017 Follow our foolish editor as he takes a short break to Cornwall to answer some important questions. Perhaps it would have been easier to just call some people who live there?
Chunky Tread Hard Nuts Xmas Do It was the Chunky Tread Hard Nuts Winter Bash this weekend. Motorcycles, merriment, laughter and music. Very bad music.
North Wales Green Lane Expedition Bob takes us along with him on a ride through the Welsh mountains. There's mud, there's rocks and there's beauty too.
A Field North Of Scunthorpe 2016 Sharon and Ren go camping in a random field north of Sunny Scunny. But why?
Hawes And Bob's Memorial There's time for great roads, fun, laughter and laddish behaviour this weekend. Sharon and Ren also share a moment to remember the tragedy of a life lost.
Pocket Pete's Mystery Tour Ren and Sharon finally get to meet Pocket Pete and Paula, his wife. Ren relishes the refreshing experience of not having to lead and of being "lost".
The Netherlands 2016 Sharon and Ren take two 125cc motorcycles around the flatlands of The Netherlands. So what is "Holland" really like?
Ledbury Easter 2016 Ren and Sharon head to Ledbury for the Easter weekend.
Ullapool ABR Rally 2015 Ren and his friend Mark W head off to attend the Adventure Bike Rider Forum's Ullapool rally. Any fool can ride to Ullapool, it takes a special kind of fool to do it on a 125 though
Southern Ireland 2015 Title page for Ren's trip around the southern parts of the Republic of Ireland.
Watford 2015 - Meeting Monk Title page of Ren's trip to visit BAT reader Monk in Watford. 200 miles, rain and sunshine, and a most enlightening experience.
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Reader's Comments

Russ said :-

Just thought this may be of interest! I have recently returned from a 680 mile 3 day tour of Western Scotland on Honda Cub 90's with a freind of mine. Great fun, a little cold in November but to be expected, and it added to the challenge. Good quality B&B's in Scotland and nice and cheap at £20-£25 per night.


Peet said :-
Hi Ren

Here is a link to another nice adventure from South Africa all the way to China. First the video and then their blog. Enjoy!!!



A real treat!!!

Kind regards

My 2011 Honda Flush WH 125-6 somewhere between Hanover and Phillipstown, Northern Cape South Africa.
Ren - The Ed said :-
Thanks Peet. Great. I'm going to be reading rather than working all day now. Thanks...pffft :)

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