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Lake Bala North Wales bathed in warm sun

Oh summer where for art thou? Ren is missing the warmth of summer but when it returns he'll be complaining about the amount of traffic on the roads.

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Coming Home How did Ren never realise what a great road the A5 is? Anyway, he'd best get home.
The Ikea Effect, Breathlessly. Ren is getting Zen as well as realising he's not the man he still thinks he used to be. Is appreciation relative to effort?
Wiring Loom Mysteries It's a bird's nest of tangled wires for Pete. They're only extra lights but it looks far more complicated than it should.
Getting To Gwern Ren is hoping this trip goes better than the last one. Sharon has been replaced by aliens. Just another ordinary weekend then.
Capel Curig Camping The convenience of Wales and the company of friends brings Sharon and Ren back once more.
Fog Light Attachment CB500X A cheap foglight mount for the CB500X? Pocketpete is playing with wires, nuts and bolts. Farkling.
80k Service CBF125 As Ren's 125 gets older it seems the servicing gets easier. It's the value of experience on what is otherwise a practically valueless motorcycle.
CB500X Fender Extender Pocketpete motorcycle blinging carries on. This time a simple and practical piece of plastic might help keep the bike clean.
Speed Limiters Or How To Lose Friends Times they are a-changing and the people won't like it. Speeding could one day become a thing of the past.
Options Plug CB500X - Does It Work? Pocketpete's getting all electrical today. Can he bodge on an option plug and can he work out the mysteries of LED lights?
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Kawasaki Z250SL Battery Access Ben said :-
Hi how do you get the push pins back in please as I need to access my battery too? Thanks
21/4/2019 10:51:26 PM UTC
Coming Home Ren - The Ed said :-
There is a certain "feeling" I have for Wales, a good feeling. For me it stems from a lifetime of memories starting as a child holidaying in Criccieth then as a teen-ager venturing into the wild unknown on a Honda H100. Through young man trips to rallies and weekends away with friends and girlfriends.

What surprises me is just how little I still know of this familiar place and how much I still enjoy discovering it. It's a lovely treat to have such an area within reach.
21/4/2019 6:23:04 AM UTC
Coming Home Bob said :-
I discovered the secret to riding in Wales years ago - take the longest route you can possibly justify between where you are and where you want to be.
I have a regular spot in Penmachno, I can get there in just over 3 hours, but I prefer to get there in 6 hours!
There is something magical about the land of Wales, I don't get that feeling anywhere else.

20/4/2019 6:52:08 AM UTC
Journey Into The Unknown JohnS said :-
Just reading through old posts and it is impressive how much your riding has come along Sharon. Keep it up and well done.
17/4/2019 8:39:04 AM UTC
O'Neal Pro II Knee Guards Review Ren - The Ed said :-
In the interest of double standards...

After this post I went on to use a set of Fox Titan Sport pads. These were fine and they lasted me for about 3 or 4 years (about 60k at a guess). As with the way of these things the elastic on the straps got a bit stretchy. Since then I've had a pair of - ahem... O'Neal Pro II.

BUT WAIT! While the model name is the same I can only guess they've realised the problem and improved the materials. The plastic is still plastic but it feels a tiny bit more flexible, more malleable. There's also extra fluting around the point where it broke previously. So far...these have been fine.

16/4/2019 2:18:15 PM UTC
O'Neal Pro II Knee Guards Review pocketpete said :-
I purchased a set of knee and elbow Kevlar reinforced pads from Hein Gericke who I think may have gone bust. They we £ 49.99 if I remember correctly and were inserts into existing padded clothing. My drystar jacket and frank thomas trousers had suitable slots to fit them. They certainly work for me my arms and elbows were intact after my bump. I would say spend as much as possible on your gear and get the best you can. they certainly saved me from much more serious injury.
15/4/2019 8:19:42 PM UTC
O'Neal Pro II Knee Guards Review JWT said :-
What are you using now, what do you recommend?
15/4/2019 7:42:29 AM UTC
KLX 250 The Little Bike That Could Henrik said :-
300 miles is OK ,.... just about OK

Guess its the around the same with DL250 and its 18L tank

Right I go 500+ miles some days on the Zuma ,.. with only 13L ,.. and the need NOT to miss a gasstation in remote locations, (just to be safe), I find my self refuelling 5-6 times each day ,... sometimes planning my route due to the need to fuel frequently ,.. not OK

And then comes new plans to go at even more far out in the wilderness

Sometimes you comes to gasstation and its closed or out of function, there must be a margin for that also

11/4/2019 9:56:23 AM UTC
KLX 250 The Little Bike That Could Upt'North said :-
Ed, whether or not yours is big enough is really not for you to decide.
Anyway, can't stop, I've got potatoes to plant........and a Pan in the garage that requires a bit of graft. Still waiting for a new bottom hose from Silvers.
350 miles......pfffft.
11/4/2019 9:14:11 AM UTC
KLX 250 The Little Bike That Could Ren - The Ed said :-
Ya'll need a CBF125. It holds around 13 litres which is good for a 125. It also returns good economy hence it has a 300 mile tank range - easily. I have managed 350 miles before I too was "sweating".
10/4/2019 8:33:23 PM UTC
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Latest Chit-Chat

Go To Chit-Chat Jim said :-
I too have been out and about this weekend. Two minutes from my door at CBF125 pace. A beautiful day, saw a few cars but nothing to spoil the run.

22/4/2019 8:11:46 AM UTC
Henrik said :-
I also love the peacefull and traffic free roads here in the forest just outside my door, some smaller ofroad-tracks also obviously, its been a good day,... :-)

21/4/2019 10:01:48 PM UTC
Ren - The Ed said :-
Fear and therefore perceived cowardice is a very personal thing. I don't like spiders, wasps and creepy crawlies but I can hold my nerve to deal with them calmly. I've seen the toughest of men become jibbering arm flailing buffoons when a mosquito comes close. However slimy slug type things on the underside of the tent, they'll have me squealing like a 2 year old. I'm sure there's traffic situations that'll bother me that wouldn't fluster another rider.

Upt'North. Don't keep on telling everyone how peaceful and traffic free it is round your end. You'll get thousands of bikers looking for these wonderful roads which will then defeat the object. So, erm, where are these traffic free tarmac covered ribbons of bliss again?
21/4/2019 6:36:15 AM UTC
Upt'North said :-
Kenny.......sorry, Ian. FWIW I don't think you're a coward at all matey, just seems like common sense to me, and I should know because I'm really common. I'm fairly fortunate up here with regards traffic unless I venture towards the coast, where with it being Easter, warm and the inherent need to feast on fish, chips and ice cream it will be busy by NE standards.
Got to drive to North Staffordshire tomorrow so I might get my fix for traffic on the M6. I can hardly wait.
If Pocket Pete is tuning in I hope that leg doesn't stop you eating Easter eggs.
19/4/2019 1:23:30 PM UTC
Ian Soady said :-
Re my previous comments: having just changed the coolant in my car I took it out for a short test drive. In the space of 4 miles I was:

1) bullied into the side of the road by a truck loaded with pallets;
2) followed about a foot off my back bumper by a yoof in a noisy hatchback who seemed to be on his phone. He nearly had a Discovery shaped dent in his front end when I slowed to turn right.

So quite pleased not to be on the bike. Call me a coward if you like....
19/4/2019 11:58:50 AM UTC
Ren - The Ed said :-
In the interest of being completely obtuse. This warm and dry bank holiday weekend Sharon and I will mostly be visiting family... in the car. It is far far far too nice for that motorcycling nonsense!!

If you find yourself thinking "He's not right in the head, that boy" well you'd be right.

Have a smashing break one and all.
18/4/2019 4:42:46 PM UTC
Ian Soady said :-
I must say that since retiring I've found it much better to ride the bike on weekdays rather than weekends (and even worse bank holidays). The sheer volume of traffic, cars driven by people who normally never venture further than the corner shop, kids chucking stuff out of the windows, queues to get a cup of coffee...

I had a very pleasant run out on the Norton yesterday (a variant on my South of Brum route). It's pulling like a train and I'm quite surprised by how effective the rear plunger suspension is. Colder than it looked though.....

18/4/2019 10:05:47 AM UTC
Upt'North said :-
Well Easter is upon us, Maundy Thursday signals the start of the Easter weekend and I'm sure many of us will try to ride in the good weather that is foreguessed. I've got the plastics to put back on the Pan this morning after an expansion hose replacement turned into a bottom hose, coolant change, radiator cleaning epic. I think I'll go back to air cooled.
Everybody riding, remember to check your bikes over and most important watch those car drivers.
Go safe and enjoy your Easter.
18/4/2019 9:07:10 AM UTC
Ren - The Ed said :-
Now now gentlemen we'll not have any fighting regarding who comes up with the most nonsense. Remember - I write most of the nonsense on here.
16/4/2019 5:27:06 PM UTC
Upt'North said :-
Rod, stop talking nonsense on here, THAT'S MY JOB!
16/4/2019 3:48:38 PM UTC
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