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Lake Bala North Wales bathed in warm sun

Oh summer where for art thou? Ren is missing the warmth of summer but when it returns he'll be complaining about the amount of traffic on the roads.

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Bute And Kintyre - But Why? Ren is trying to justify why he's not taking Sharon abroad to exotic places. He blames Brexit but we all know the real reason is because he's mean and miserly.
Bute And Kintyre 2019 It's travel time at last! The dynamic muppets are heading north into the west of Jockland once more.
Power Bank Charging Quandary How (not) to charge a power bank while touring on a motorcycle. This is a prime example of what is called a "first world problem".
Why So Complicated? What happened to the good old days when oil was oily and coolant was watery? Ren is pondering science or rip-off?
Northern Ireland Thumper Club Rally CrazyFrog is going overseas. How's that work out for him and what kind of tourer is a Jawa anyhow? Nowt so queer as folk.
Adventure Overland Show April 2019 In the interest of shameless self promotion Ren has been back to Stratford On Avon.
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What An Easter Weekend It's been a peculiar Easter this time for Ren. Definitely not the usual script.
Coming Home How did Ren never realise what a great road the A5 is? Anyway, he'd best get home.
The Ikea Effect, Breathlessly. Ren is getting Zen as well as realising he's not the man he still thinks he used to be. Is appreciation relative to effort?
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Bute And Kintyre - But Why? Borsuk said :-
Contrary to popular opinion we do actually speak English.

Except when drunk or trying to confuse a southerner. I do not speak for Aberdonians.
22/5/2019 8:22:55 AM UTC
Power Bank Charging Quandary Borsuk said :-
I don't normally carry a tablet with me on the bike but I do have an Iphone and so I always carry a battery pack ( the battery life was never great when new and now is laughable). I have a dedicated battery pack in the UK and Spain for the bikes as well as my daily use one so I have 2 available at all times when on the motorbikes. I can switch between using and charging with no worries about flat phone and or battery pack . Both the 125 and the Himalayan are wired for charging and the interceptor currently has only a hard wired Sat Nav point. The Himalayan has a handlebar mounted switched weather proof charge point with integral volt meter so can monitor my bike battery charging status as well, 1x 12v car charge socket, 1 x 2.1 amp and 1 x 1 amp USB sockets. This is enough to keep the Phone and the battery on constant charge in the tank during dry weather and the phone can be topped up in the tank bag when hissing down. The Sat Nav on the Himalayan is a Garmin Montana from my hill walking days so it has an onboard battery with about 12 hours life and I have an extra battery or 2 for it, It can also take AA batteries as a second back up so I have no real worries about it when out and about. The 125 has as below in the top box direct wired to the battery . Each socket is switched so these are always off when the bike is parked for the night. She has a kick start as well which has been proven to work when the battery is in pancake mode so no starting worries if they are left on during breaks when out and about. The two top box reflectors are also wired in so I have high level LED tail and brake lights.
I have not done any overnight camping trips but have done around 400 km in a trip several times ( around 12 hours total time) and find what I have is sufficient to keep my phone alive at all times even with the bluetooth on all the time to talk to the intercom unit. The main problem is my intercom battery only lasts about 6 hours so when I stop for a break that tends to get plugged in to extend the life a bit.

22/5/2019 7:02:32 AM UTC
Power Bank Charging Quandary Ren - The Ed said :-
Aaah of course, I've not explained the why of the power bank. Good point Ian.

As you may have noticed I'm usually on a motorcycle. I have in the past charged my mobile phone while on the road. However if I need my mobile, say for navigational or communication purposes, it is a fair task to remove the luggage from the rear seat to gain access to the phone under the seat.

Why under the seat? This is in my experience the driest place on the vehicle where a power point and phone may safely survive the inclement weather that occasionally finds me on my travels.

Also the space under the seat is insufficient for the tablet.

Well then, I hear you cry, set up a charging point in the top box for example. It is hopefully dry and offers at least a basic level of security. I have considered this and it is a fair option. This almost came to fruition before I notioned upon using a power bank. This could be charged under the seat then used at night to recharge the various electricals.

But as stated above this too is proving to be not without its issues.

My options are various and this is very much a classic first world problem. I am indeed fortunate to be in the position where such frivolities are my concerns.

Bill - I'll have a look at the ravpower site. Good call sir.
21/5/2019 7:50:23 PM UTC
Schuberth C3 Pro Helmet - The Saga Continues John said :-
New c3 worn dozen times been treating it like is made of glasses air vent closer gone very poor reduced in price 450 pounds in Js shop now I now why
21/5/2019 5:52:00 PM UTC
Power Bank Charging Quandary Ian Soady said :-
I can't quite work out why you need the power bank anyway - why not charge the devices direct? My motorola tablet charges fully in about 3 hours; less for my mobile phone. If you rig up a set of USB charging points like what I've described somewhere here before that means that you can have everything charging at once. With the power bank you then have to charge the devices once you stop. My way they're ready to roll. I do have one of those power bank things lying around but have never actually found a use for it......

Of course this may take more than Mr Honda's 10 amps so my recommendation for a relay stands.
21/5/2019 2:26:41 PM UTC
Power Bank Charging Quandary Bill said :-
Ren, I use a Ravpower RP- PB044 capacity 10050mAh/37.1Wh the input 5v/2A. It has two outputs depending on what you need one at 1A and one at 2.4A and is in a rugged casing from Amazon I think. You would need a two amp USB on the bike
Www.ravpower.com hope it's of some help
21/5/2019 2:20:16 PM UTC
Power Bank Charging Quandary Ren - The Ed said :-
The issue still remains that it takes around 8 hours to charge the power bank from mostly discharged.

I either wire (with fuses and switches and thick wire and whatnot) directly to the battery. While only a minor risk there's still a risk of flattening the battery. Or be it relayed, fused, OE or whatever I charge from something that only comes on with the ignition (and therefore the bike running and supplying charge)

I'm looking at different power banks that can be charged "faster". IE that can receive say 2 or 3 amps of charge rather than one. This may allow me to charge the power bank sufficiently quickly in the comparatively short time the engine is running.
21/5/2019 11:36:10 AM UTC
CBF 250 Tickover SOLVED! Ren - The Ed said :-
RobB - Of course the first port of call is to turn the tickover screw down?
21/5/2019 11:29:39 AM UTC
CBF 250 Tickover SOLVED! RobB said :-
My CBF problem is that the tickover is fast...tried giving it a blast with the choke open in case it had gunk after a winter layover, but still fast, checked the plug...OKish. Any ideas?
20/5/2019 8:25:43 PM UTC
Power Bank Charging Quandary Bill said :-
Having it wired directly to the battery via a correctley rated fuse mounted as close to the battery as you can, close as short wire to fuse not close as proximity, should not cause any issue. You could put a switch in circuit if you want the option to switch it off such as overnight.
Just remember it all works on smoke, if it stays in the wire everything is fine if you ever see smoke leaking out you have a problem????
20/5/2019 7:32:47 PM UTC
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Latest Chit-Chat

Go To Chit-Chat Mattmac said :-
Hi all, glad to hear CrazyFrog enjoyed the trip in our neck off the woods . Last weekend was the North West 200 just a few miles from Armoy . All prices go up, ferries etc,as well as the races you have the Antrim coast,Glens of Antrim to explore . It would have made a great run around the race course time permitting . A month later though 100,000 spectators countless bikes, trying to copy the Dunlops on the way home . I have to admit watching it on TV . I hate to bring up Brexit , but I received a green card for the innova but N Ireland is such a small place with so many border crossings . Hope Pocket Pete is getting sorted , his accident didn't seem to dampen his sense of humour anyway .
21/5/2019 9:39:10 PM UTC
Henrik said :-
Hi, the ferry from Fredrikshavn is used from the Jutland part of DK. Being located in Copehagen, like us, the choice will be between "oresundsbroen", the big bridge/tunnel thing, OR using the ferry Helsingor-Helsingborg, the last option is what we do, especially since we are located in the nothern region of Cph this makes sense to us.

We did visit the Volvo-museum in Goteborg also on this trip, nice visit, seeing old protptypes and concept-cars was very interesting, and the of course all the volvos from my childhood, and even before I was born,.. guess volvo is something bigger here in scandinavia compared to UK
21/5/2019 8:59:24 PM UTC
Ren - The Ed said :-
You do take some splendid images Henrik. Looking on Google maps did you drive their over the big bridge tunnel thing or catch a ferry from Frederikshavn?
20/5/2019 7:30:52 AM UTC
Henrik said :-
Yes, southern Sweeden, westcoast, right over Goteborg, I made a typo, the name is MARSTRAND, historic place also as,..
18/5/2019 7:57:52 PM UTC
Upt'North said :-
Thanks for posting Henrik, nice pictures. Southern Sweden?
18/5/2019 2:14:39 PM UTC
Upt'North said :-
Thanks for posting Henrik, nice pictures. Southern Sweden?
18/5/2019 2:14:28 PM UTC
Henrik said :-
Marstarnd 2019 ,.. quick-camp ,.. we return later this year with kayaks on top of the car ;-)

18/5/2019 11:48:59 AM UTC
Upt'North said :-
Do you wear a hair net so you look perfect for Sharon when you wake up Ed.
If it's Midgies........they're early, but so are our Northumberland variety this year.
18/5/2019 10:49:55 AM UTC
Ren - The Ed said :-
I'll have to watch that when I get home... I'll be flat before the end otherwise. We've had some charging "issues" on this trip which you'll be able to read about in the near future. I'm interested in his solar rig though.

Home soon as long as the wee beasties don't eat me first.

18/5/2019 7:48:09 AM UTC
Upt'North said :-
If at first you don't succeed, throw the tablet out of the window.
17/5/2019 10:51:32 PM UTC
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