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Sharon reaching into her jacket

Sharon might be packing a pistol to shoot Ren with...

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A Big Walk Motorcycle adventures don't *always* involve a motorcycle. This time the Chunkies are taking a walk through The Yorkshire Dales.
Inconvenience Is Better Than Disaster What should be a simple leisurely ride to The Yorkshire Dales is confused by unavoidable events. Don't worry though, Ren is going to have a good night's sleep. Maybe.
Mucking Around In Muker With the improving weather Sharon and Ren join the Chunkies for a weekend under canvas in North Yorkshire.
Motorcycling Get Rich Quick Schemes Ren has a couple of hair-brained ideas to get rich quick while riding his bike. Maybe not all is as good as it seems though.
Confidence - Is It Determined By The Size Of Your Bike? Even a ninja hobbit with the skills of a sensei master cannot reach the floor on a tall motorcycle. Sharon cuts through the nonsense.
Kawasaki Z250SL Battery Access It is with great fear and trepidation that Ren bravely starts to take Sharon's bike apart. Will they find the battery and will Sharon have to murder Ren.
Kawasaki Z300 MRA Double Bubble Screen Review Looking for a little stylish protection Keith has fitted MRA's "Double Bubble" screen. Has it done what he wants it to do?
Rush Hour Traffic It's all change on the commuting front for Ren. He's struggling with the new situation but don't worry he'll get there. Perhaps.
Why Do You Ride? Sharon demands that you tell here why you ride your motorcycle! It's been a hard few months, help her out will you.
GDPR And Help! In the interest of not wanting to understand the law Ren has just removed the "Subscribe" option. He's a lazy git. In fact he's so lazy he wants your help with ideas for the website!

Latest Posts

A Big Walk the `Organiser` said :-
`loosely` organised the weekend !!! s`cuse me, it took me all of ten minutes to write and proof the spelling on the chunky tread page lol..As for a mainly `Flat` walk. I forgot to mention that it has a chance of some hills. Can`t remember saying that it would be a `short` walk, but it looks short and flat when your viewing the route on a map, sat at home. Think Ill organise an nice short walk around and up Snowdon next time. You coming ? lol...... :-)
26/04/2018 14:05:35 UTC
CBF 125 Injector Explained Ren - The Ed said :-
Air Idle Control Valve??

Before you look at that do ensure the tappets are set correctly. Normally this affects cold running but it's best to ensure everything else is right. Once you've checked the valve do a compression test too - both cold and warm. If the valves are good and the compression is good then go back to electrics and fuel.
26/04/2018 07:40:16 UTC
Are You A Terrified Learner Rider? I Was Ren - The Ed said :-
Good luck GJ - chill it takes as long as it takes that's all.
26/04/2018 07:37:24 UTC
CBF 125 Injector Explained Curtis Shields said :-
I have replaced the fuel pump, injector, spark plug. battery seems strong. I also changed fuel line. The bike won't stay running. It just dies randomly. Seems worse when warm. It has a hard time maintaining a consistent rpm.
26/04/2018 05:22:24 UTC
Are You A Terrified Learner Rider? I Was GJ said :-
Finally getting back around to my lessons on the big bike next week.

On road ride to get used the larger motorcycle next week.
Then preparation at the weekend for Mod 1 and take it from there.
I can do the all the slow control elements of Mod 1 without fuss.

The issue I was having last year was not carrying enough speed through the speed trap.
In both the swerve and controlled braking.

Although I reckon I could probably do it on my own 125 without issue.

It's probably a case of trusting the motorcycle and trusting my ability to control it.

25/04/2018 21:29:25 UTC
Kawasaki Z 250 SL Review Ren - The Ed said :-
You mean to say you're not a dedicated hardcore all year round and million miles rider Martin?! I'm shocked. Meh, just ride when it suits, I don't think it's a competition. Or....is it...?

If you're worried about the battery I'd suggest one of them there optimate charger thingies. Orrrrr...I have a solar powered trickle charger. It's not powerful enough to charge a flat battery but it keeps a charged battery topped up.

I'm afraid the forecast is wet although not too cold. Whereabout are you from Martin?
25/04/2018 11:48:14 UTC
Confidence - Is It Determined By The Size Of Your Bike? Ren - The Ed said :-
Seems like you're doing just fine to me Bryan. I too have the CB500X and I'm 5'8" and I've had a few wobbles. I've dropped my 125 several times. So you've dropped it once - find me someone who hasn't.

It's not uncommon for riders to WANT a bigger bike but I struggle to imagine you'll ever NEED anything more powerful than the 500. I'm loving my 500, I hope you like yours.
25/04/2018 07:45:57 UTC
Confidence - Is It Determined By The Size Of Your Bike? Bryan said :-
As a 5'2" male, I've had to deal with this sort of problem my whole life; everything is too tall for me and motorcycles are no exception.

After lowering my Honda CB500X, I can get the balls of my feet down on both sides, or flat foot one side on flat ground. But I wound up dropping it once last summer due to inexperience with soft shoulders, and I'm sure glad the bike isn't any heavier.

I seriously doubt I'll ever want a taller or even more powerful bike.
24/04/2018 19:26:39 UTC
Inconvenience Is Better Than Disaster Ren - The Ed said :-
I should have just stuck with gambling...
24/04/2018 12:13:18 UTC
Inconvenience Is Better Than Disaster Ian Soady said :-
Apologies, it's a Yank cartoon so spelt incorrectly.......

Your dictionary is quite right it should be gambolling.
24/04/2018 09:05:57 UTC
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Latest Chit-Chat

Go To Chit-Chat Snod said :-
I supported it with a trolley jack under the motor and a block of wood under the rear brake pedal, that was enough to stop it tipping over backwards. Of course there was also a block of wood under the side stand. It wasn't too bad but by gum do I wish it had a centre stand, it should be a legal requirement for every non-competition bike to have one.

It seems the old Ninja 250 is very similar, with bushes instead of needle bearings, so check this link out for a bit more information if you need it. Those sleeves look MUCH healthier than mine though!
faq.ninja250.org/wiki/Uni_Trak_Shock_Linkage_Lubrication ...
26/04/2018 09:45:43 UTC
Ren - The Ed said :-
I had a copy of "Zen And The Art..." on CD - talking book. I'd read the book when I was about 28 or 29 then listened to it about 5 years later. Personally not being much of a reader I thought it was an excellent way of absorbing a book. I could be tidying the house (very rare I know) or tinkering with the bike or just chilling with the book being read aloud to me. It was like being a kid again.
26/04/2018 07:48:25 UTC
Ren - The Ed said :-
Snod - yeah erm thanks for that! You've just made my stomach turn. I remember the horrors of the bearings on the SLR650 collapsing. The only way to get them out was to remove the swingarm and attack with the grinder as the bolts had rusted in place. I believe Bob had the same issues with his.

When we get back from Spain I shall be "doing" the linkage on the 500 - hopefully it's just maintenance not rebuild. Then I'll have a gander at Sharon's 250.

Tell me - without a centre stand how did you support the bike when the linkage was off?
26/04/2018 07:43:34 UTC
Ross said :-
Ian Soady said :-
I am a great fan of the book but struggle a little to see how it could be translated for radio. I'll have to give it a try although suspect it'll be disappointing.

My thoughts too, but I'll give it a go...it might even prompt me to reread the book, haven't read it for some years!
25/04/2018 16:53:02 UTC
Ian Soady said :-
I am a great fan of the book but struggle a little to see how it could be translated for radio. I'll have to give it a try although suspect it'll be disappointing.

It's unlike Ibsen's Peer Gynt which had seemingly impossible staging requirements. Rita's response: "do it on the radio"......
www.youtube.com/watch?v=zJNA0heZki8 ...
25/04/2018 08:59:35 UTC
Ross said :-
I seem to remember 'Zen and the Art of Motorcycle maintenance' being mentioned on here a few times...if anyone is interested there's a radio version due to be broadcast on BBC Radio 4 Extra on Saturday 28 April, 16:00, and presumably afterwards on BBC iplayer! :)
24/04/2018 19:44:02 UTC
Snod said :-
Hi Ren/Sharon,

I'd just like to point out that I had to strip and grease the rear suspension linkages on my 250SL as it was all seized completely solid, so if you're finding the suspension seems a bit hard it might be worth a look! Also surely worth performing as preventative maintenance before the sleeves are impossible to get out..
justbikethings.blogspot.co.uk/2018/04/z250sl-monoshock-linkage-de-seize.html ...
24/04/2018 16:58:17 UTC
Ren - The Ed said :-
Initially I thought that ALL LED lights were blinding. As time has progressed it seems while they are rather piercing if the original design is correct and the vehicle has not been messed with then LED headlamps are OK. However I think *either* the original design is wrong or the lights are incorrectly adjusted and many of the LEDs are phenomenally blinding.

I'm all for the new LED lights one bicycles because they are incredibly effective - I dare say some are brighter than many car lights. While the law forbids cycle lights from being set such as to dazzle other road users this is seldom the case.
09/04/2018 09:34:21 UTC
Borsuk said :-
Why would a GETS driver need to indicate Ren. The road is his private preserve, us untouchables should be grateful he allows us to use it never mind expect him to signal his intentions. After all he is kind enough to let us know he is there by shining 10 mega watts of lights 6 feet off our arses and into out mirrors so we get blinded when we check them, as well as drowning or own pitiful headlights out with his and rendering the road in front of us a black hole made from our own shadow.
06/04/2018 16:11:25 UTC
Ren - The Ed said :-
I will on occasion use hand signals to reinforce my intentions. Perhaps if I've turned left then I'm turning left again, rather than allowing anyone to think I've not cancelled my indicators I'll stick my left hand out.

Of course riding Japanese motorcycles my indicators typically do work.

I often wonder if the Germanic Executive Transportation Systems (GETS) are as equally reliable. They often seem to be dysfunctional. Perhaps it's me not seeing them?
05/04/2018 18:13:30 UTC

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