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Henrik said :-
Driving in small groups on 3-4, for safety reasons,it was considered good style to show up with mousse, otherwise a group could spend most the day waiting for someone changing tubes, I didn't whant to be the azzhole to keep the others waiting, and I hate to wait myself :-) I did learn that mousse even though extremely expensive and hard to work with, is a pleasure, works well, and will give the unspoiled mountain-trip you came for

28/07/2018 07:01:58 UTC
Henrik said :-
But right now its about the little Inazuma, slone, on very very remote location in Norway, and being absolutely independant of road-help as far as punctures goes at least. Little by little I will consider what else to be "prepared" for, perhaps simple fixes on chain, small reserve of engine-oil, and tools to fix small electric problems, always carry gaffa-tape, strips, etc,..

Driving alone, on a normal touring bikes, leaves some extra space for spares and tools
28/07/2018 07:20:50 UTC
Ren - The Ed said :-
The debate of tubes versus tubeless, puncture repairs and all that could run and run forever. I still come back to my original point - WHY oh WHY do we even NEED puncture repair options? Surely (don't call me Shirley) there must be a better way.
28/07/2018 08:46:45 UTC
Bill said :-
It may be sooner than you think
29/07/2018 10:09:33 UTC
Ren - The Ed said :-
I hope so Bill. It's a bit like nuclear fusion though, it's always "not long now" rather than "it's here". I feel as though the tech is good enough to actually start releasing airless tyres but the companies with the clout to do this are reluctant. No-one wants to be the first one only to catch all the flak that is inevitable when they are ironing out all the wrinkles.

In this day of litigation and lawyers imagine if say Bridgestone release an airless tyre for cars or motorcycles. Within a year they'll be facing lawsuits from around the world because ANY accident that may possibly tenuously involve a skid or a grip issue will immediately be turned against them. Hell I'd be scared to release a new improved pencil in case someone stabs themselves in the leg with it. Somehow it would be my fault.
30/07/2018 07:16:21 UTC
Ren - The Ed said :-
Website this morning erroring out. Argh!!! Logs into my admin panel and there's an issue, I suspect a server is down. 25 minutes listening to hold music before I get through to a lovely lady. Just...JUST as she answers the phone the server comes up and the problem is fixed.

Problem fixed - good. Explaining to a confused support tech - slightly embarrassing. Oh well, every system has the odd hiccup.
01/08/2018 08:21:59 UTC
Ren - The Ed said :-
It seems Sharon is responsible for getting more women to ride motorcycles. It's HER fault...

twitter.com/miakat666/status/1023533239040921600 ...
02/08/2018 08:10:07 UTC
Ross said :-
Some regular 'inmates' may remember the talk of Enfield diesel motorbikes awhile back. At the VMCC West Kent Run on Sunday I cam across the one pictured below...which I think may well be the same one I posted a picture of before...now sporting an appropriate sign on the back!

Also from Sunday, there's a pic' of my little Inazuma with motorcycling 'royalty'(?) and my personal favourite bike at the show, what appears to be a Norton 'Featherbed' frame with a Benelli Sei engine (don't know if it was the 750 or 900, unfortunately the owner wasn't around to ask!)

06/08/2018 14:18:33 UTC
Ross said :-
Oops, can't seem to post multiple pic's in the same message...

Enfield Diesel
06/08/2018 14:20:19 UTC
Ross said :-
Last one mentioned...

06/08/2018 14:20:57 UTC
Rod said :-
Great pics Ross. It looks like you had good weather for the run. I really like the Norton with the benelli engine.
06/08/2018 16:29:41 UTC
Ren - The Ed said :-
That Inazuma is waaaaaaay too clean. In fact they're all waaaay too clean. Remember folks motorcycles are for riding not for looking at.

I have not seen any DIY hand guards either. Man I'm so far ahead of the trend I'm behind.

Looks like a smashing day Ross. I was at the Llangollen Bike Fest this weekend. There'll be a report on that coming soon.

BAT sign and Ren's bike Llangollen Bike Fest
06/08/2018 21:54:13 UTC
Borsuk said :-
Passed my Mod one yesterday and have my Mod 2 on Friday so here’s hoping. Been out on the 125 a lot this leave but I still have the occasional days where my hand foot coordination goes to pot. I have been doing a few of the jobs on my list in the good weather, finally added extra LED rear and brake lights to my top box and LED spotlights to the front so I can actually see things in front of me at night. Spent 3 hours trying to get the bike to start after adding lights and replacing side stand kill switch. Finally checked the operation of the kill switch against the old one and discovered it operated the opposite way round. Old one was open circuit with side stand down and new one was open circuit with side stand up. Might cut up the new one and use the parts in the old one.
07/08/2018 09:23:57 UTC
Ren - The Ed said :-
Whoop whoop! Well done Borsuk.

As for the electrical stuff. Yip, there's no set rules as to how each part should work. Maddening ain't it. Same with a clutch lever switch - some normally open some normally closed. I found that out to my cost.
07/08/2018 13:23:23 UTC
Ross said :-
Well done, Borsuk, I'll keep my fingers crossed for you for Friday! :)
07/08/2018 15:08:48 UTC
Ross said :-
"Ren - The Ed said :-
That Inazuma is waaaaaaay too clean. In fact they're all waaaay too clean. Remember folks motorcycles are for riding not for looking at."

The Inazuma isn't as clean as it looks in the pic', it's covered in dead flies on the front and rather dusty...the weather is refusing to rain in Kent at the moment so there's not the chance to get it dirty enough to meet BAT standards!

"I have not seen any DIY hand guards either. Man I'm so far ahead of the trend I'm behind."

I'll let you suggest homemade hand guards to 'Captain America'!

07/08/2018 15:13:19 UTC
Ren - The Ed said :-
Oh that pleases me so much - "Dirty enough to meet BAT standards". I feel like I am setting the bar by which all others must be measured. The BAT standard dirtiness scale. 1 being fresh out the showroom clean through to 10 being essentially a pile of dirt with a motorcycle underneath. Sharon will be thrilled to know she's part of the team that created the industry standard for measuring how dirty a motorcycle is.

08/08/2018 21:03:52 UTC
Borsuk said :-
Do I have your permission now to to go into bike shops and act like a kid in a sweet shop Ren. Stand there outside with my nose pressed up against the window and covering the glass with drool as my gaze switches frantically from model to model.
12/08/2018 09:40:40 UTC
Ian Soady said :-
I used to do that when I was 12 years old.

Not sure I've matured much although don't get as excited by shiny things in shop windows........
13/08/2018 09:11:53 UTC
Ren - The Ed said :-
No Borsuk! You must now wait patiently like a real growed up adult. You must consider your options taking into account all possible factors. You must ponder the fiscal implications. You must spend endless hours pouring over reviews and forums to learn all you can about any potential purchase.

Of course what you should really do is spend the next 15 years purchasing cheap used motorcycles to help you learn what you like and dislike about various engine configurations and seating positions and styles and how each marque makes their machines. Only then can you start to form an informed opinion.

Or you can do what most people do and look around a shop and loudly announce "OOOOOHH! I want THAT one!" Be sure the salesperson hears this, that way they know they won't need to put together a good deal because they know you really like the bike.

Awwww, sod it. You've got a couple of quid saved up. Go out and buy a Kawasaki H2R.
13/08/2018 11:35:49 UTC

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