A motorcycle parked in front of a tent on a pleasant green campsite
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Henrik said :-
Moose, deer, reindeer, wild pigs, wolffs, Bears are all in norway, and in the area I have been, if I meet bear I must try to convince it that we are friends :-) In Norway you wil see loose cows and sheeps also on the road out in the mountains, so a lot to watch out for. On this trip I saw 4 mooses untill know, no danger, but many people die each year in SE and N, hitting a moose by car/mc, in DK we have no mooses, and no bears, but a few wolffs making a big debate in the media. The gas-station in the pic I found in the wildernes after crossing into north sweden today, looks like out of work for 20 years, but worked :-) hitting home by sweden, from Mo I Rana I took road E12 + E45 as there is heavy construcktion work going on at E6 all through Norway,..
11/06/2018 19:44:13 UTC
Henrik said :-

11/06/2018 19:45:29 UTC
Snod said :-
Lovely stuff Henrik, how's the weather? It looks a bit wet but is it still cold?
11/06/2018 20:51:51 UTC
Henrik said :-
Snod: at Lofoten around 8 deg day and 4 deg night, in the mountain-passes down to Zero, unfortunately rain all sunday, so no foto-session on lofoten, had to keep my equipment dry and sealed, and retuen empty handed, all monday rain also, right now in mid-sweden, dry, route E45 to save time, return to DK soonest possible and change MC to car, only to return back to Norway with my wife, life is good :-)

12/06/2018 07:18:08 UTC
Henrik said :-
Ren: yes mc now is wild camping all, smell like an old moose now :-) car trip will be mixed
12/06/2018 07:20:56 UTC
Ren - The Ed said :-
"... smell like an old moose now ..." HAHA!! Yes of course there's no showers in the wild. I reckon a dip in the sea might be a little too much.

When do you get back home to collect the car and the wife?
12/06/2018 10:59:03 UTC
Henrik said :-
At Ytterhogdal now, will be home midday tomorrow, rigging the car, next day we go, I am a chicken when it comes to cold water, so no lakes or seas :-) did 500 miles yestourday, record distance so far

12/06/2018 11:53:26 UTC
Ren - The Ed said :-
500 miles! ooooof my ass aches just thinking about it.
12/06/2018 13:13:27 UTC
Henrik said :-
500 miles the day after as well, my ass is still there,...

Here is a clip from around Tärnaby, E12, North Sweden

www.youtube.com/watch?v=mQMvPU-iO10 ...
13/06/2018 19:39:47 UTC
Ren - The Ed said :-
Have you collected the good lady now Henrik?

The video is just making me want to go off and ride to Norway now.
16/06/2018 19:05:17 UTC
Henrik said :-
Yep, at Strömstad now, camp "Lagunen", for two days, we are trekking, and kayaking, and just relax, perfect weather, I made pan-cakes in our little kitchen today, the micro-camper concept works well, guess its something we will refine and develope. Got a tipi-tent for the longer stops, we sit there right now drinkink redwine and enjoy the sound of some rain on the tent-roof, just a small rain-system. Tomorrow we cross the norwegian border and go for Rjukan and mount Gausta as first stop

16/06/2018 20:41:20 UTC
Henrik said :-

16/06/2018 20:43:40 UTC
Henrik said :-
People on the camp comes to us and gratulate that DK did just win, guess its someting to do with football, but I am not sure :-)

16/06/2018 20:53:43 UTC
Henrik said :-
Look forward to read about Spain later, hope all well !!!!
16/06/2018 20:58:45 UTC
Ren - The Ed said :-
I admire your microcamper. It tempts me to purchase a larger car and create my own. I'd be tempted to fit a towbar and take the 125s on a trailer.

I am working hard writing the Spain story. We're back to work and back to reality and seeing you enjoy your holidays is making us both quite envious.
17/06/2018 08:57:51 UTC
Borsuk said :-
My bike came with a gear indicator but it went funny after the first week so I got used to not having it. Was repaired at the first full service and works fine now, useful to have but I’m used to not having it so it isn’t a major necessity to me. A bit like the gear change indicators on cars, if I’m at 6000 revs in 3rd it’s because I want to be so stop flashing at me. A button that puts you straight to neutral would be worth the money, that little green light can be hard to see at times when the strange yellow ball is in the sky.
On another note, anyone fancy a ride out on Sunday, my last weekend before going back to work. I’m in the Huddersfield area but not adverse to travelling a bit to meet up. Still on my provisional so no motorways. Just means I need to get up earlier to get where I am going.
Should have my bike back in full working order on Saturday as well as it getting is annual clean.
17/06/2018 22:08:21 UTC
Ren - The Ed said :-
I'll check with Sharon to see what she's up to Borsuk...but I think that might be a good idea. Hollingworth Lake is close to you and I?
18/06/2018 06:54:05 UTC
Borsuk said :-
Good job I am booked for the annual clean on Saturday then or she might attack me for maltreating my bike. ;-)

About 20 miles away according to Google.

I’m game, distance no object. Last leave I rode to Deeside for training, had 3 hours training then had to ride back to Huddersfield. My left hand was aching but rest of me was fine.
18/06/2018 19:46:34 UTC
Borsuk said :-
Just got an email from my insurance company that my bike insurance has had my coverage extended free to allow me to commute to work for one day during National ride your bike to work week.
Do you think I should inform them I work in Brasil and it will take more than a day for my 125 to get there from Huddersfield?

19/06/2018 11:29:24 UTC
Ren - The Ed said :-
COR! They're so generous ain't they. I reckon you'll be fine, you'll get to Brasil in one day. There is in fact a Brazil Street in Manchester, I've just checked.
19/06/2018 13:03:42 UTC

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