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Repair And Restoration

From the worst of the bodges to the craft of restoration...

chrome plated spanners and sockets in a plastic tool case

CBF125 Front Brake Disc Ren actually checks the thickness of his brake rotors. Well, he will when he can find his glasses and learn how to use a micrometer. Is the disc thick enough?
Gear Linkage Proper Bodge Ren has to bow down to the superior skills and knowledge of those wiser than himself. Fixing the CBF125's gear linkage requires rose joints, threaded bar and humble pie.
Pocketpete's CB500X Weekly Check List Ren's guide for Pocketpete is merely a set of weekly checks to be carried out on his CB500X. These check apply to most motorcycles but the details will need adapting for your own model.
CB500X Rear Wheel Removal Ren's suggestions on removing the rear wheel from the CB500X. It's not rocket science but there's a few handy tips.
DIY Tyre Change With the help of Ste Ren brings us his guide as to how they change their own motorcycle tyres. It's not easy but with the right tools it's do-able.
CB500X Evotech Radiator Guard Fitting / Review Ren has a fitting note for the Evotech Rad Guard as well as offering his opinion on its quality and ruggedness. Will it live up to his expectations?
CB500X OP (Power) Plugs It seems you're expected to fit aftermarket electrical items to you motorcycle these days, things like Sat-Nav, charging sockets and heated grips. Honda has made provisions but where the hell have they hidden them?
CB500X Adjusting The Tappets This is the final instalment of Ren's epic journey to the valves, tappets, followers and camshafts on the Honda CB500X. This time he finally gets to carry out the task he set out to do.
CB500X Getting To The Tappets In this guide Ren strips away al the gubbins from under the tank on the CB500X to gain access to the top of the motor. Worra Polava!
Auxiliary Tail Lights Again Ren's been re-bodging some extra lighting at the rear of the 125 to ensure he has a backup in case of failure.
CB500X Tank Removal Removing the tank of the CB500X is not a simple task. To guide you through Ren has images and hints to make life a little simpler
Honda High Pressure Fuel Connector Ren shows us how to remove and replace the high pressure fuel pipe on the tank of his Honda CB500X. It's a lot more fiddly than you may think. No it's not, Ren is a muppet.
Gear Lever Shim Bodge Under duress our artful bodger is taking up the slack in his gear shifting mechanism. Will the results be enough to satisfy both Sharon and Ian?
Scottoiler Guide Bob's gives us the basics of installing and running a Scottoiler system while singing high praises of the lubricational benefits for your long suffering chain.
DIY Fork Stanchion Half Gaiters Ren brings a great offer to the motorcycling masses. For just a small sum (£4,598) you too can relax safe in the knowledge your forks are protected.
CBF125 Fork Seal Change A simple how to for replacing the fork seals on a CBF125. You'll need to tools and some patience.
Aftermarket Alternator Stator CBF 125 Ren's taking a gamble on an aftermarket alternator stator for the CBF 125. Will it fit? Will it work? Will Ren's wiring hack set the bike on fire? Mechanical muppetry Bikes And Travels style.
Kawasaki ZZR 600 Restoration The trials a tribulations of putting a dirty old dog back on the road and back into service. It's not always easy for Stephen.
Seized Centre Stand Solution V2 Ren's original bodge to stop the centre stand from seizing up needs an update to something more substantial.
CB500X Fairing Panel Removal Ren's guide to assist you when removing the fairing panels off a CB500X. There's a video to help as well.
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Reader's Comments

Tom McQ said :-

Ren - The Ed said :-
Cheers tom
mick murphy said :-
Hi guys my honda 125 cbf is running at nearly 4000 revs in idle mode .any advie would be appreciated
Ren - The Ed said :-
Hi Mick. Check the throttle cables are adjusted, check some idiot has not tried to adjust the throttle stop, this shouldn't need to ever be touched on the CBF 125.

Otherwise you're into the injector and you'll need to know what you're up to in there.
RobE said :-
I have a tapping sound from my CBC on idle. Knocks seven or eight times then stops-does this repeatedly. Sounds a bit like a ratchet being turned slowly. Any of you guys come across this
28/05/2017 18:29:52 UTC
RobE said :-
CBF of course
28/05/2017 18:31:07 UTC
RobE said :-
CBF of course
28/05/2017 18:31:08 UTC
Ren - The Ed said :-
Hi RobE. It *could* be...possibly...perhaps...be the same problem as I had. Thing is check everything else before you start stripping the motor down.

Check out the links.

28/05/2017 19:53:24 UTC

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