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Bike Gear Reviews

A collection of reviews about bike gear, from jackets and pants to polishes and pads...

Kawasaki Z300 MRA Double Bubble Screen Review Looking for a little stylish protection Keith has fitted MRA's "Double Bubble" screen. Has it done what he wants it to do?
Givi Handguards (HP1121) Review Pocketpete is doing battle with handguards in the interest of preparing for winter. He's struggling with the instructions and bar end weights before he can try them.
Route One Olivia Ladies Kevlar Jeans Review Sharon gets herself all comfortable on two wheels with a pair of motorcycling jeans. Are the Route One's any good for her though?
Quechua Clic Hiking Lamp Review Pocketpete purchased an illuminating toy to play with on his camping trip. Has he seen the light?
Stop & Go Pocket Tyre Plugger Review(ish) Latchy gives is a quick overview of the Stop N Go punture repair solution. He likes it, a lot.
ROK Straps Review Latchy is very experienced with the traditional bungee cords with hooks. What will he make of these new-fangled "ROK Straps" his mate has suggested? Secure success or wobbly washout?
Review Of Oxford T70 Aqua Roll Bag Latchy purchased a massive bag for his trip to Spain this year. Can he get everything in the Oxford, will it stay dry and is it any good?
Quick Reveiw Richa Typhoon One Piece Waterproof Suit Latchy reviews his one piece waterproof oversuit. We prefer to think of it as an adult romper suit. It's fiddly to get on but does it actually keep you dry?
Michelin Road Pilot 4 Review Pete tells the tale of his puncture and the farce that followed. However with new rubber on his wheels was it worth the effort?
Alpinestars Web Gore-Tex Boots Review Latchy got a great deal on these boots a few years back now. After many miles does he think they were worth getting?
Daytona Lady Star GTX Boot Versus Daytona Lady Pilot GTX Boots & Initial Review Of Pilots Sharon compares Daytona's Lady Star boots with her new Lady Pilot boots. Is she going to love the new Daytonas as much as she loves the old ones? At these prices we can only hope so.
Daytona Lady Star GTX Boots. Long Term Review Sharon reviews the much loved Daytona boots. Can they really be as good as everyone says they are? Are they really the saviour of female motorcyclists?
High Viz Vest Review - Initial Look Sharon reviews high end Hi-Viz specifically for Ladies what motorcycle. Can you be feminine, visible and practical too?
Kriega US20 Drypack - Fitting To A Kawasaki Z250SL Sharon describes fitting the Kreiga Drypacks to the awkward and fiddly back end of her Kwakker 250. There's tweezers involved so brace yourselves
Kawasaki Z250SL Evotech Radiator Guard Details Sharon guides us through the reasons for choosing the Evotech rad guard and just how simple it was to fit.
StormProtector Motorcycle Shelter Review Sharon shares her thoughts about the Stormprotector Motorcycle Shelter. Is her 125 living in a den of warmth and comfort or a dam cold hellhole?
Daytona Boot Cleaning Kit Review Pocketpete explains that owning a high end expensive pair of boots requires a high end expensive care package too. Or does it? Only time will tell.
Keeping Warm And Dry Pocketpete brings us the ULTIMATE guide to staying warm and dry on two wheels no matter what the weather has to throw at you.
Muc-Off Premium Anti Fog Treatment Review Pocketpete gives a very brief but perfectly formed review regarding Muc-Off's Anti Fog visor spray. Can Pete finally see where he's going this winter?
XCP Professional Chain Lube Review Ren's review on XCP Professional's chain lube. Is it for the weekend warrior or can mechanical assassins use it too?
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Reader's Comments

Phil said :-
What about doing a review on cheap gear from Aldis and Lidi....instead of all that over priced stuff...
Ren - The Ed said :-
It's a fair point Phil!

I myself have Aldi's "Crane" gloves, 2 pairs, have owned an Crane jacket and I have 2 pairs of Crane boots, but they're in reserve for when the ones I have wear out.

I shall review some of the gear soon.
Peet said :-
There always seems to be too much luggage, it seems these guys got a solution for the problem.
www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Nm0TZXDQMM ...
Ren - The Ed said :-
Hi Peet. Yip, you can colour me impressed! That would not be legal here in the UK. Firstly and frustratingly for myself the motorcycle MUST be over 125cc. Grrrr! There are other rules on size and weight too which any can read in the link.

I have very very seriously considered a trailer. I have even considered fitting a big-bore kit to the 125 to make it over 125cc and therefore making it legal. Trouble it that would confuse the insurance companies too.

I do rather like the attachment system. The idea of fitting a strong metal plate alongside the rear wheel spindle is very sensible and simple to make and fit. It's something I could knock up myself too, though mine would be rather more Heath Robinson than slick professional.
www.gov.uk/towing-with-motorcycle ...
Steven Brown said :-
Hi Phil
Aldi or lidl gear is fine if you are on a budget
I have used aldi base layers with success but whilst they are better than a cotton tee shirt the more expensive merino wool base layers are more breathable and worth the extra if funds allow
21/09/2016 05:47:43 UTC

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