A motorcycle parked in front of a tent on a pleasant green campsite
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We Need Your HELP!

Bikes And Travels is run by Ren and Sharon. Between us we're doing our best to produce interesting and informative blog posts, reviews and travel stories, but there's so much more out there!

We'd love you to tell us your stuff. Have you got a short or long tale about a trip you took? Have you got a useful and constructive review about something bike related? Is there a favourite campsite or biker friendly hotel that we should know about? What are your views about the new bike tests or road surfaces?

"Oh I can't write..." Yes, yes you can. We can help edit, spell check, sort out the grammar or untangle your words. You don't need to write like Shakespeare you just need to share your knowledge and be informative. We are not after masterpieces or countless pages, we are after information that is useful to the motorcyclist or just bloody entertaining!

That said, please bear in mind that we retain editorial control and it's up to us what makes it into the site. We want the site to be a positive experience, not a dig at whoever you've got a beef with.

If you just want to talk or already have a great contribution then you can contact us at -

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