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Ren's Biking Blog

Hi, I'm Ren, the ed.  Here's a collection of brief biking blogs as time goes by...

Motorcycling Get Rich Quick Schemes Ren has a couple of hair-brained ideas to get rich quick while riding his bike. Maybe not all is as good as it seems though.
Rush Hour Traffic It's all change on the commuting front for Ren. He's struggling with the new situation but don't worry he'll get there. Perhaps.
GDPR And Help! In the interest of not wanting to understand the law Ren has just removed the "Subscribe" option. He's a lazy git. In fact he's so lazy he wants your help with ideas for the website!
Riding A Motorcycle For A Living What's it like riding a motorcycle for a living? Ren tried it. It's not exactly what he'd hoped for.
Manchester Bike Show 2018 The BAT team have been trying to promote themselves at this year's Manchester Bike Show. Ren's quest for fame seems to be getting out of control though.
Why Can't I Do Long Distance? Why can't Ren ride endless miles all day long? Here he's making excuses for being a lazy git.
Crit Air Certificates France Just yet another thing to concern yourself over if you're heading into France. Hopefully it's not too complicated though.
Stop N Go Tyre Plugger Versus A Muppet Video evidence that proves Ren is the master at working things out. Simple things. Really simple things.
Shark Skwal Visor Broken - Dammit! Shark's Skwal visor has let Ren down. So what is to be done and is he alone with the problem?
Bad Driving - Don't Take It Personally Just because you're paranoid does not mean they are not out to get you. Or are they?
Roadworks - It's That Time Of Year While the weather outside is bitingly cold there's no denying the days are drawing out and spring must surely be around the corner. Which brings the joy of roadworks. But why?
CB500X Miles Per Gallon Ren is proving himself to be the ultimate miser once again. This seems to please him greatly. Does he squeak when he walks? You betcha.
Too Many Signs Or Not Enough Are there already too many signs on our roads that just confuse motorists? Or do we need more so there's a chance the message gets through?
DVLA Change Of Keeper Now Online Did you know you can change the registered keeper of a vehicle via the DVLA's website? It's all very easy - but is there a security risk?
The Complexities Of Motoring Just take a moment to think how incredibly complex all the various rules and regulations are for motorists both at home and abroad.
Mathematics To Slow You Down Science, physics, mathematics. No matter how you feel about these topics they still apply to your ability to stop. You might be surprised what the numbers say too.
Another Sign Of Aging The ageing Honda CBF125 is showing another symptom of being a very worn out motorcycle. Or...perhaps Ren is an idiot.
Sympathy For The Devil Is there any money to be made is selling motorcycles for a living? Ren has a brief look at the maths and maybe it doesn't all add up.
Stripping The Free Engine The King of unskilled motorcycle mechanics has been stripping and rebuilding a 125 engine. What could POSSIBLY go wrong?
Pulling Halfway Out It's not exactly good practice but is this thing about pulling out halfway across a busy main road bad driving or a necessary evil? As usual Ren is sitting on the fence.
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Reader's Comments

Chris Raper said :-
Drop in on your site occasionally and I really enjoy reading your opinions, reviews etc - you are the Samuel Pepys of the biking world!
Phil said :-
Hi Ren, is there any chance you could add dates to your posts? I've just stumbled across this blog after searching for Yamaha Fazers as I own one as well as a Monster and a frugal little Honda Innova, but I can't figure out what is and isn't up-to-date. Have you still got your Fazer and do you still add to this site or have you moved on? I've really enjoyed reading your posts on here, still a lot more for me to look at too!
Ren - The Ed said :-
Hi Phil

I do add dates to the blog now but I didn't used to. I couldn't add them retrospectively because I have no chance of remembering when I wrote them!

The site is still active, it gets more added to it every week and I wish to grow it much further. I'm always looking for contributions from other writers because they offer alternative perspectives, ideas, reviews and information.

Glad you're enjoying the website.

Cheers, Ren.
putz said :-
great site,i have a nc700s and just read the review
Henrik said :-
Part's and usefull eksplosion diagrams for the RKS:

In case someone's interested

Ren - The Ed said :-
Good call Henrik! How on earth did you find them?
Henrik said :-
I found it by using WAYYYY to much time on google :-)

Same way as I found your site here, thanks for all the good info !!!

Considering a Keeway as we got a very intusiastic new dealer here in DK

It looks like he even want a complete spareparts program, I wrote a while
back on your Facebook department, scroll down on "posts to page", link here:

RKS is very good covered already, and I got the explosion drawings, and info
on valve-clearance, BUT unfortunately it's the TX 125 I'm most interested in,
and I still think I miss a lot of info on that one

Just ordered Haynes book on 125 ccm Chinese cycles, maybe some info in that
Ren - The Ed said :-
Cheers Henrik. I've tried to "Google Translate" the page but Google doesn't do so well on technical terms it seems. Thanks for the info though, it's useful to know. Just wish someone on the UK could supply the same details too.
Henrik said :-
Even though in Spanish, more goodie's here, in pdf, and for the TX as well ;-)

The site is a little on and off ,.. but eventually give it a try

Feeding a translator with Spanish would likely be easyer than with Danish


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