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Home Repair And RestorationCB500X Major Service

The Other Service Items

By Ren Withnell

These are the fiddly little jobs on a major service that most people forget. It's all about the oil, filter and tappets, surely? Yes - and no. Bearing in mind quite a few owners are not mechanically minded there are quite a few other things that should at least be checked if not adjusted or replaced. Here's those fiddly jobs I did to ensure the service was done completely.

Fuel Line Inspection.
When checking the tappets I take a few moments to ensure the high pressure pipe from the petrol tank to the injectors is in good order. I am looking for cracks on both the pipe and the connectors. It's also worth checking the plastic manifold to the injectors is in good order as well.

The fuel pipe and the distributor to the injectors under the tank

Throttle Operation.
The throttle cables have to be removed from the throttle bodies when the tappets are checked. Upon replacing them it is but a moment's work to ensure the freeplay is correct - for my liking, I like a lot of freeplay at the throttle. The cables are still in excellent order, they look almost new.

The throttle cables at the throttle body are neat and clean and in good order

Crankcase Breather. 
Bit confusing this - the manual lists it as the crankcase breather but then points the reader to the small clear plastic tube under the airbox. The idea is that any oil or moisture in the airbox falls into this clear tube. When it is inspected it ought to be obvious that there's something in there. If there is then release the bung and let it out. There is nothing at all in my tube.

A small clear plastic tube on top of the starter motor that catches oil or condensation from the air box

Engine Idle Speed.
I'm not sure if you're even supposed to adjust these on a computer controlled electronic fuel injection system - there's an air idle control valve to do this surely? I'll have a look at Pocketpete's Haynes manual and see what that says. However I'm quite happy with the tickover at 1,200 rpm according to the LCD rev counter so I ain't touching it. Simples.

Radiator Coolant.
According to the manual this is only changed every 3 years so I'm good for now. I've checked the level in the awkward tank and all seems to be as it should be. I also made sure the coolant was topped right up at the radiator cap - which is hidden behind the right hand fairing.

The cap is off the radiator showing the blue radiator fluid in the hole

Cooling System Inspection.
Yip - it's got one. It's not leaking. The hoses are still squidgy and rubbery. There's coolant in there. I don't know what else to check.

Secondary Air Supply System.
When checking the tappets the PAIR valve which sit in the blasted plastic tray needs to be removed. At this point it gets inspected in as much as I can see the hoses, the valve, the wiring and the connections. Nothing damaged nothing cracked and they were all replaced just as they'd come off. 

A small plastic piece of equipment between many other items under the tank

Brake Fluid.
Yip, there's plenty in the master cylinders. This is only replaced after two years so I'm good for a little while.

Drive Chain Slider.
I've never had one of these wear out on me but the service requires that it's checked. With the footrest hanger and the chain guard removed it is easy to check. Yep, it's got one. Yep, it's secure. Yep, it's not worn through, in fact it looks barely worn. Now is a good time to clean all the chain lube away. Messy.

the oily and dirty chain slider next to the front sprocket

Brake Pads Wear.
Yip, they're good for now. I need to keep an eye on the front.

Brakelight Switch.
Yep, they both work.

Headlamp Aim.
I had to adjust this quite a bit when I first got the bike, on dip beam I was illuminating the sky not the road. As I ride home one evening I make a note of the beam level. Yeah, it's good, not too high.

Clutch System.
I adjusted the cable when I refitted it after doing the tappets. Bit of freeplay at the lever and job's a good 'un.

Side Stand.
Yeah, it's got one. It's not bent or wobbly and the spring is still springing. If I put it down it turns the motor off so the switch is good too.

The rear linkage gets a good clean and there's no play or leaks at either end. I may be tempted to strip and re-grease the rear linkage soon but it's fine at present. My DIY hugger is working wonders.

Nuts Bolts Fasteners.
There's nothing loose I can see when I clean the bike. Yes - this one has been cleaned occasionally! 

The wheels are checked while cleaning too. The front tyre has a slow puncture so I monitor the pressure, the rear is fine. Both tyres have been replaced and the tread is still within limits.

Steering Head Bearings.
Moving the bars from side to side on the main stand reveals no notches which is a relief. There's no play at the forks either.

So that's that. That's everything as listed in the manual done. Service completed. Woohoo!

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