The outside of a motorbike engine seen up close near the exhaust
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Home Repair And RestorationCB500X Major Service

What Parts Do I Need

By Ren Withnell

Let me see, what parts do I need for this service?

Fuel Line Inspection, when tank removed for tappets
Fuel Level Inspection, think I can manage to check the fuel level
Throttle Operation Inspection, when rebuilding after checking tappets
Air Cleaner Replace at 16k, easy it's in front of the battery
Crankcase Breather Clean, this is what I'd normally call the airbox drain
Spark Plugs Replace at 16k, do this at the same time as the tappets
Valve Clearance Inspection (reshim if required) at 16k, oh heck deep into the engine
Engine Oil Replace
Engine Oil Filter Replace at 16k
Engine Idle Speed Inspection, is this even adjustable on this fuel injection model?
Radiator Coolant Inspection (Replace every 3 years), so not due yet
Cooling System Inspection
Secondary Air Supply System Inspection at 16k, I believe this is the environmental stuff
Drive Chain Inspection every 600 miles, I usually do this daily
Drive Chain Slider Inspection, never checked one but there's a guide in the owner's manual
Brake Fluid Inspection (Replace every 2 years), check the levels, doesn't need changing yet
Brake Pads Wear Inspection
Brakelight Switch Inspection
Headlamp Aim Inspection
Clutch System Inspection
Side Stand Inspection
Suspension Inspection
Nuts Bolts Fasteners Inspection
Wheels/Tyres Inspection
Steering Head Bearings Inspection

So - as most things seem to be an inspection the only parts I need to purchase it seems are...

  • Air Cleaner or Air Filter to normal folks
  • Spark Plugs
  • I may need some shims but I will not know which shims until I'm inside the engine and check
  • Engine Oil
  • Engine Oil Filter

A small black box with Honda logos on it, within is the genuine Honda oil filter
It's the real deal, it says "GENUINE PARTS" on the box.

I could simply order these things online and save myself some money. But. But as I wish to do my best to keep my warranty I have decided to purchase all the parts from my genuine Honda dealer and get genuine Honda parts.

Oil Filter
£10.49 plus VAT makes £12.59. I could get a HIFLO filter off Ebay for £5.50 but it's not genuine Honda is it. 

Air Filter
£29.39 plus VAT makes £36.27. M&P list one on ebay that *looks* the same for £19 but it's not genuine Honda is it.

Spark Plugs
£12.24 plus VAT makes £14.69. These are standard NGK CPR8EA-9 plugs in little red Honda boxes rather than the usual NGK ones. Hmmmm. Standard price on Ebay is around £7 so this item seems to be typically priced.

Engine Oil
Here we go again. Within my owner's manual it clearly states the oil should be - ahem
SAE 10W-30
SG or higher

I deliberately ask for "some oil as well" rather than asking for 10W-30 specifically, I'm curious to see what they recommend. I am directed to Motul's 10W-40. I point out that the manual asks for 10W-30, they do have this I can see it on the shelf. Without recalling the whole conversation basically I'm told "10W-40 is what we use and recommend, you can use 10W-30 if you like but..." This is another shining example of Honda dealers NOT following Honda's own specifications. 

A close up of the 10W-30 and specifications of the motul oil container
10W-30 mate, not 10W-40. I wonder if it'll make any difference at all.

I get the 10W-30 for £35.99. Ouch! But the price is comparable to online prices so I guess that's how much proper motorcycle oil costs.

So now I have the parts. I guess I should make a start huh.

Have you got a servicing story to share? We'd lile to publish here at Bikes And Travels.

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Reader's Comments

Borsuk said :-
10W-40 just means it can handle a higher ambient temp at startup. So you would be ok for Spain in summer.
Just like 5W-30 means lower temperature for winter starting. As long as the range set in the manual is covered by the range of the oil then you are good to

On Ebay, from Westway Lubricants. 5L for 18.99 inc postage.

5L Semi Synthetic 10W/40 Motorcycle Oil 4 Stroke JASO MA2, API:SJ

Bought a load of oil for my cars and bikes from them recently as the cost in Spain is more than you paid for yours.
06/09/2017 14:19:47 UTC
CrazyFrog said :-
You missed the tea bags from your parts list Ren. This could be a catastrophic oversight...
07/09/2017 12:52:00 UTC
Ren - The Ed said :-
TEA BAGS!!! Dammit CrazyFrog yes of course. Thanks, I shall be sure to include these.


At startup 10W-40 and 10W-30 are the same thickness (roughly speaking). They both start at "10W". When the oil warms up to running temp (roughly speaking) the "-30" will be thinner than the "-40".

My manual does not specify a range, it only specifies 10W-30. I do actually understand that the 10W-40 will be likely be fine, buuuuuuuut, if the Honda manual said I should fill my engine with sand from Southport beach despite my reservations that is what I'd expect a Honda dealer to do, and not use sand from Blackpool either! I had the same problem with the coolant, I'll add the link. ...
07/09/2017 14:34:12 UTC
said :-

25/09/2017 09:06:05 UTC
Pocketpete said :-
Gosh week you paid a lot for that oil. My castrol top of the range stuff was only £ 33.59 at halfords for 4 litres.

26/09/2017 08:41:00 UTC
Ren - The Ed said :-
I paid the little extra for the privilege of having a Honda receipt from my Honda dealers with genuine Honda parts. I'll have a look for that Castrol next time I'm in Halfords.
26/09/2017 09:34:09 UTC

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