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Home Travel StoriesThe Scottish Trip 2008 - By Ren Withnell

The Scottish Trip 2008 - Homeward Bound

We get up at 0730 and trough our breakfast at 0800. Joe, the landlord for want of a better word, proudly shows me his brand new Harley. By the way he’s talking about it I can tell he is immensely proud of his purchase, and quite rightly too. It’s some kind of limited edition resplendent in chrome and trimmings and features a pair of the most beautiful spoked wheels I’ve ever seen.

It’s with some regret that at 1000 we depart. I’ve left most of the gear in one of the Rivington lad’s van so the load on the way home is much lighter. There is little to report on the way home. I’m looking forward to being back home and on familiar territory, but I’m regretting we couldn’t stay longer and explore some more. Although I now know most of the major roads around the Fort William area, the little detour to Kinlochleven has demonstrated that there are many more minor roads and hidden gems to be found.

Scotland is still a fantastic place. Before I return I’m going to have to address the midge issue. Most insect repellents don’t seem to work. Some lady mentioned I need to take Vitamin B12 and Thimin, Timing, Thiamin, Thymme or something like that. I guess the only real solution is to wear insect nets and gloves, or pray for the wind. It’s that or save up and make sure we have enough for a BnB if the little devils are in a biting mood.

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The Scottish Trip 2008 - Homeward Bound
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Reader's Comments

Aran Gillespie said :-
Thiamine (a B vitamin) is the stuff. Apparently eating Marmite will do the trick as it contains it. But if you don't like Marmite......!
Ren The Editor said :-
I'm still not sure how my diet makes me less tasty to midges. Any ideas anyone?
Alan said :-
I was working in the States a couple of years back and the mossies were using me as an all you can eat buffet. I tried using the anti mossie patches which work by leaching vitamin B1 (Thiamine) into your system which you then sweat out.It worked well, got the occasional one after a couple of days, not the hordes that were there before. I switched to Vitamin B1 tablets out of Walmart as they were way a fraction of the price of the patches and just as effective. There is an interesting side affect though. After a couple of days you could have used my pee to refill highlighter pens, it was the same colour as the bright yellow highlighters. I would suggest taking them for a few days before you go north to build a level in your system.

25/10/2016 21:11:24 UTC
Ren - The Ed said :-
Alan - you say the word "mossies" which implies to me mosquitoes. Oddly enough mosquitoes don't seem to find me that tasty, it's the midges, I believe they're known as "no-see-ums" in some places, that eat me alive.

That said for the price of a pack of vitamin B1 tablets from my local supermarket I'd be more than willing to give it a shot.

Cheers Alan :-)
26/10/2016 09:41:48 UTC

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