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The Scottish Trip 2010 - Going Home


And so it is I find myself scoffing my last holiday breakfast all too quickly. There's a lot of miles ahead and very few will be the fun miles I've become used to this week. It's back to purposeful mileage on motorways. The rest of the lads leave ahead of me as I'm still faffing around with luggage. I'm glad as it means I can travel at my own pace again. The landlady and her husband come out to wave me off so I quickly put my helmet on as I hate over-dramatic goodbyes. I politely nod as I ride out onto the main drag.

Evening sunshine over Loch Linnhe
I've seen 7 days of this view, now it's time to go home...

On the Rannoch Moor road I wind the bike up hard one last time and try to fix into my memory the sensation of high speed. I know from Crianlarich the speed will tumble and the traffic will crawl alongside the narrow road to Dunbarton. It does, frustratingly so. Instead of turning onto the Erskine Bridge and onto the motorways I follow the A82 into Glasgow. I wish I hadn't. Glasgow’s not a bad place, it just looks, feels, smells and crawls like any other UK city. It reminds me of the things I don't miss about home. It tells me this is the end of my holiday.

The Scottish Trip 2010 - The Trip North
The Scottish Trip 2010 - The Dalwhinnie and Pitlochry Loop Ren rides out with the boys across the Scottish Highlands. There's a scare, some thrills but more than anything else there's beauty and space in abundance.
The Scottish Trip 2010 - Portree And The Kyle Of Lochalsh Loop
The Scottish Trip 2010 - Strontium and The White Sands at Arisaig
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The Scottish Trip 2010 - The Kyle Of Lochalsh Loop - Again
The Scottish Trip 2010 - Fort Augustus and Neptune's Locks
The Scottish Trip 2010 - Going Home
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Home Travel StoriesThe Scottish Trip 2010 - By Ren Withnell