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AGV Pivot Click Bodge

Bodge Date - 27 April 2017

By Ren Withnell

You might remember the tale of the self-destructing AGV Pivot but if not...

AGV K3 SV Pivot Click (Pt 1)
AGV K3 SV Pivot Click (Pt 2)
AGV K3 SV Pivot Click (Pt 3)

But if you can't be bothered to read all that basically there's a little piece of plastic that gives the visor a stepped opening mechanism. This piece of plastic has a nasty habit of breaking.

The broken pivot click in place on the helmet's visor mountDOH! Grrrrr...

I purchased some replacements. These offered different steps in different colours but these started to break too. So I took a moment to closely view what happens when the visor is opened and closed. All the various pivot clicks have a big step at the fully opened and fully closed position and when the visor is pushed against this it deforms considerably. Presumably AGV planned this and thought the plastic to be - erm - elastic enough to cope with this level of deformation. They were wrong.

The obvious solution is to reduce the amount of deformation. With the use of a small piece of sandpaper I softened the sharp profile and inserted the pivot click. The pivot click is now no longer a pivot click, more of a friction provider. Gone are the steps and the visor is now like visors of old that were just screwed to the side of the helmet and relied on friction to keep them open.

A pivot click for the AGV K3-SV that has been sanded down a littleJust a few moment's work with the sandpaper to take the sharp edges off.

For me this is not an issue, in fact personally I prefer it. If you like your solid and definite positions then don't go taking sandpaper to your pivot click. If however you don't mind a non-clicking-pivot and you also prefer non-clicking-pivot-clicks that don't break then I am pleased to report I have not broken my latest set of (now ex) pivot clicks.

The visor mount plate holds the newly sanded pivot click in placeIt's been there now for a good year now and it's not broken. Problem solved.

What's your motorcycling gripe? And more importantly what have you done to fix it, circumvent it, bodge it or just blooming well avoid it? We'd love to share your knowledge. Click Here.

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