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Bering Textile Lady Fit Trousers Review Update

By Sharon Parker

Update Review - August 2014

I originally reviewed these trousers purely as a pillion rider. As stated as a pillion they remained waterproof for over 7 years. So on the strength of that once I passed my CBT and began riding my own bike I purchased another pair of the exact same trousers. I believed they would keep my dry for many a year to come. 

However this was not the case. It would appear that being a pillion and therefore being protected from the worst of the weather by the rider made a massive difference to these trouser's ability to remain waterproof. Also the sheer amount of time I have spent on the bike has increased since riding my own bike so this should also be taken account.

The Bering Lady Fit trousers as a rider have remained waterproof for only one year or in terms of mileage for a distance of 8000 miles.

I do understand we cannot expect these garments to remain waterproof for ever. The fibres rub together as we walk or move around and break down but I would expect, or at least hope, one could have more than just a year. So as a pillion rider yes these trousers were brilliant. As a rider exposed to the full force of the wind and rain they were a disappointment. They leaked at the crotch, the usual place trousers usually first spring a leak. 

So as a rider I will have to reduce the 10 out 10 star rating that I gave them as a pillion rider.

Rider rating - 5 out of 10 ... nice fitting pants but they do not remain in my opinion waterproof for long enough. One year is simply not good enough. 

CLICK HERE to see Sharon's orignal review.

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