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Review Of Bering Textile Lady Fit Trousers - By Sharon Parker

I have had my Bering Lady Fit Trousers for seven years now.  They are the only real pair of bike pants I have owned.  When I was younger I committed the crime of just wearing jeans but I was not a regular bike pillion then and was too young to realise that jeans do not save your skin.   However, older and wiser and with a boyfriend who owned a bike and regular bike trips on the cards I invested in my first pair of real bike pants.   At first I was not sure if I should go for leather or textile so I tried on a variety of both.  I never could find a leather pair of pants that fitted .  I am only small at 5 feet and only about 28 inch in the leg.  All the leather pants were just huge on me.  So that option was soon off the cards.   The textile pants fitted some what better but still most were baggy on the hips,( I also have small hips) too long in the legs and quite frankly clearly made for men.

Then I eventually came across the Bering Lady Fit trousers and wow.

They fitted fantastically well.  Snug as you could hope on the hips, nice and tight around the bum and with adjustable leg length and knee pad position the perfect fit on the leg and the knees too.  The slim legs were flattering in design and they looked as feminine as any bike pants can. They felt snug and comfortable the very first time I pulled them on and at the price of £90 back in 2003 it was job done. I had purchased my first pair of motorbike pants. Very pleased I was with them too after trying on so many that simply did not fit. So they certainly lived up to their name of Lady Fit.



100% Waterproof and breathable insert
Removable thermo-alu lining
Height adjustable CE Knox knee protectors
Pockets for CE hip protectors
3m Scotchlite Reflective Fibre Tech Material
Adjustable leg length
Bottom leg removable elastic
Short back zip

They also have stretch panels above the knees and zip up from ankle to the knee to allow easy fitting over boots with Velcro at the bottom to secure.
The waist has two short elastic panels on either side and also offers further adjustment via velcro straps to ensure a great fit.
One zip pocket to the front.

sharon sat on a rocky shore wearing her bering lady fit motorcycle trousers
This is me in my Bering Trousers.

Seven years on what do I think of my Lady Fit now?

I still adore them, they still fit great, they still look great and they have exceeded my expectations in their durability.  Surviving both hot and cold weather and keeping me both warm and dry and comfortable and cool as the weather required.   They have as yet (fingers crossed to prevent jinxing myself) never leaked.  I go out on the bike every other week for weekends with the boyfriend and have had several holidays and long journeys in them.  So they have seen their fair share of wet weather, including a trip of over 6 hours where it battered down relentlessly for the full journey. So their claim to be 100% waterproof is 100% correct.

The removable lining keeps me  warm too but being an incredibly cold person I do put on an extra pair of leggings underneath them in the winter and that usually keeps me as warm as I can hope to ever be on a bike in the freezing cold and wind of winter.   In the summer the lining is quick and easy to remove making them very light and comfortable in the heat.  That said being the cold person that I am I rarely feel the need to remove the linings in our British summer time.

The Bering Lady Fit Trousers are still available today and at present (Oct 2011) retail at around £125 to £150 and come in range of 7 sizes but in only one colour that being good old black.

So if you want a pair of ladies bike pants that fit great, look good and will keep you either dry and warm in the winter or cool and comfortable in the summer, with the added benefit of Knox protection then look no further.

I cannot recommended these trousers highly enough.

I give the Bering Lady Fit a gold star 10 out of 10. 

CLICK HERE to see Sharon's updated review

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