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Scarborough and Whitby 2010 - Going Home


It’s time to pack…again…already. As I ram things into bags I stop to reflect for a moment. I hadn’t expected much from this trip. I wasn’t going anywhere new, we weren’t travelling far and I thought it would all be rather dull and mundane. To be honest, we haven’t done anything wild but I’ve really enjoyed myself this week. Scarborough was better than I had hoped, Whitby was a lot busier than I remembered and overall I’ve had a great time

We stuff ourselves again for the last time and as we load up to leave we say goodbye to our hostess. There’s no rush to be anywhere today which is a good feeling, so on the road I decide to just follow the front wheel, as long as the compass is pointing somewhere west by south west we’ll be fine. The weather is looking changeable, I suspect anytime soon we may be getting wet.

Rolling hills and moorland take us slowly in traffic to Guisborough, major roads speed our journey a little to Thirsk then busy junctions and confusing signposts take us to Ripon. A tight back road and being completely lost drops us into Knaresborough. We know Knaresborough, we stayed here a few weeks back, I also know where to park and get a pack of Yum-Yums. Yum-Yums are kind of like long donuts covered in icing sugar, whatever they are they are super delicious. They must be good, even the gf loves them.

Feeling fatter than ever, as well as guilty, we head home. Lancashire welcomes us back into Colne, with rain. All week we’ve been so lucky, just a spot here and there, plenty of grey clouds but nothing to get wet. Now as I reach the eastern tip of the M65 a fine, heavy and very wet mist settles upon us. We make a stop at the Rocket Centre bike shop for a brew and a warm before returning back to my place.

Will I go to Scarborough again? Yeah, happily. For my taste I think a week would be far too much, the 3 nights were perfect. I’d apply the same rule for Whitby too. We are both considering Runswick Bay for a winter weekend break as it is so beautiful and relaxing, but there’s not much to do. I think it will be a good idea to take some time to look around the North Yorkshire Moors too, probably camping around for a long weekend or week.

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Scarborough and Whitby 2010 - Going Home
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Home Travel StoriesScarborough And Whitby 2010 - By Ren Withnell

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