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North Wales 2011 Short Break - Epilogue and More Images

I think my trip to wales was a success. There is one problem I need to address however, that of entertaining myself when I'm alone in the evenings. When I've travelled with companions in the past this has never been an issue. There's always a bar to go to, conversations to be discussed and the joy of just messing about. I'm not afraid of going to a pub alone, but sitting alone in a bar can be just as lonely as sitting in a tent alone.

What I need to do is find things to do alone. I don't want to end up hanging around random stranger's tents looking company and entertainment. I don't want to be that guy that you can't get rid of when you and your partner want to have an intimate evening in the tent.

I live alone at home, and for the most part I manage to keep myself entertained on those evenings alone. There's TV to watch, the whole world of the internet to browse and then there's always the cleaning and tidying to do. But what can a chap do by himself whilst camping?

Mark had it sussed. On his Gixer he had fitted a simple, cheap 12 volt lighter socket. This allowed.him to charge his mobile phone and run an LED light. It doesn't sound much but this meant he could listen to music, watch films and tv, surf the net and interact with the rest of the world via his fancy mobile phone. The light also means he can read a good book. Books seem like a good idea as they're easy to transport.  My only concern is that especially on the 125 I'd be worried about flattening the battery on the bike.  That said I don't think charging a phone or running a very low power LED light will kill it.  So the plan so far?  Take a book and make sure I can charge the phone.

North Wales is a good place to visit.  It's definitely not the place to visit if you want to go fast on your bike though.  Firstly it's too busy, secondly even though Richard Brunstrom (Ex chief of police in North Wales and a stickler for speeding) has retired I still think the area is strictly policed.  If you're not wanting hyperspace and would rather take in some scenery then Wales can offer mountains, back roads, greenery and a wide range of places to visit and stay the night.  I said it was busy, it is but it's not crammed full like that lake district.  It's also very easy to get to.

A Honda CLR 125 Loaded up for camping
My little Honda, buckling under my camping gear

A jib on a concrete jetty in Rhyll
It's not really a pretty place is Rhyll

Slate mines in the mist at Blaenau Ffestiniog
The slate mines in the mist. Many many memories here.

Green hills, rocky outcrops and trees, a typical welsh countryside scene
A typical scene in the Welsh countryside. This was taken at Rhyd

criccieth castle ontop of the hill, seen from a road lined with guesthouses
Criccieth Castle, seen from the guesthouses where I used to stay as a kid.

Another welsh countryside and mountain view, hills and valleys in the morning mist
Welsh hills and valleys in the morning mist. Seen from Mynydd Du campsite.

A deep blue sea coming into a beach and headland
Morfa Nefyn Bay and the beach. Beautiful sea.

tents on a gren field with static campervans on the hillside
Bagnor Campsite in Trearddur Bay.

a broad curving beach and coastal defences at trearddur bay
The busy main beach at Trearddur Bay.

stones arranged into a circle to create a camp fire
Marks camp fire. Apparently it was the main gathering place for campers....that was until the night I arrived.

A harbour wall protecting a dry harbour
A nice Welsh harbour on Anglesey...I forget where.

North Wales 2011 Short Break - Prologue
North Wales 2011 Short Break - Going To Criccieth
North Wales 2011 Short Break - Criccieth to Trearddur Bay Roaming around North Wales and the Llyn Peninsula Ren is killing time and exploring. This is what 125s were made for.
North Wales 2011 Short Break - Going Home From Trearddur Bay
North Wales 2011 Short Break - Epilogue and More Images

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Home Travel StoriesNorth Wales 2011 Short Break - By Ren Withnell
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