The city of Nice seen from the surrounding hillside bathed in sunshine
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Getting Ready For Spain

By Sharon Parker

This year for once I am going to be prepared. So in February I ordered some Spanish books. I will speak the lingo before I go. I sorted out travel insurance in February as well.
Then things began to go pear shaped. My already poorly daughter got even sicker. Thus began emergency trips to hospitals and hospitals stays. Priorities changed and my focus moved from Spain to home.

So rather than months of relaxed and thoughtful preparation things got squashed into odd free hours or minutes here and there. I am not complaining, it is life, it's not fair and it's not right it just is.
I did manage with my mobile mechanical wizard Ren to fit a cigarette lighter to my bike. This gave me the ability to charge a power pack for my phone and to use the amazing boy toyz mini straighteners I found. Yes they are for boys because it says so and they are blue. We then sorted out power to my sat nav we had bought. Nothing fancy just a car one with a waterproof case.

The power socket now fitted to Sharon's Kwakker
Next an oil and filter change done by my own fair hands under the watchful eye of Ren. That was the bike all prepped and ready.

Even though preparations were made it was far from certain I would be going to Spain. My daughter's health was still a major concern. However she was insistent I should go. Still I felt guilty, yes it had been hard, yes I had lost weight, yes the break would do me good because I know I have to be well myself to look after others. I know all this but I still felt bad. 

Both daughters have had a rough time of late, their beautiful Nan had recently lost her battle with cancer. She had beaten it twice such was the power of her fighting spirit. However the third time around cancer claimed yet another of its far too many victims. They had already lost their other Gran as young children so the loss of Nan was keenly felt. As I said it ain't right it just is.

Beth came out of hospital about a week before our planned departure. In that time I decided I would like a new sleeping bag. I wanted to be able to get all my sleeping equipment into one of my 20 litre Kriega bags. Currently it has to go in the 30 litre  middle bag. It would be better to have all my heavier items it the centre bag and the lighter sleeping stuff in one of the side bags. 

Trouble being my sleeping bag was too big and bulky so a smaller one had to be found. I will write up about the sleeping bag dilemma in a separate post for now it's suffice to say I got a new sleeping bag, a new liner and a couple of emergency foil blankets. Sleeping equipment sorted.

The new small sleeping bag 2 lilos and a tiny sleeping bag liner
All I need for a good night's sleep. Hopefully 

I also could not decide which motorbike jacket to take. My warmer winter textile or my newish leather jacket. The hi-viz for the textile was grubby so I ordered a new one. It came but it was too big, Doh! I ordered another in a different style in a flap because I was running out of time now and it came, minus the zip opening I wanted. Double doh. The Velcro fastening worked just fine so with no time left I kept it as a make do. 

In the event after all that faff I decide to take my leather which already had a newish hi-viz that fitted so the new hi-viz was never needed in the end. Triple DOH! Ahh well I am amazed in the very limited time I had available I had managed to get myself organised at all, albeit a bit haphazardly. 

As usual the part I kept putting off was the packing. I hate packing, I'm rubbish at it and I always take what's not needed and leave behind what is. To make things worse the Spanish weather wasn't behaving itself so as well as my bikini it looks like I will require woolly jumpers too. 

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Building Up To EspaƱa In the prologue to their journey Ren can't help but feel that the forthcoming journey might be a costly disaster. Forever the optimist.
Getting Ready For Spain Sharon is determined to be ready, organised and prepared for her forthcoming trip to Spain. However life is even more determined to ruin her plans.
Bodging Daaan Saaaf Ren bears witness to an impossible event. Then there's some last minute bodging to be done.
Motorway Miles And Muses Sharon's derriere proves more than tough enough for the big ride across England. Can she manage to lose them emotional luggage while securing her physical luggage though?
To The Ferry What are the chances of Sharon getting out of bed very early twice in the same week. Well she'd better had otherwise the Muppet's will miss the ferry.
Ocean Blue Sharon's more excited than nervous but this is the first time the Kwakker has been aboard ship. That's if customs let her on board.
Lost Off The Ferry The great adventurer and motorcyclist Ren is proving that he is in fact a useless idiot. He can't ride and he can't find a campsite that is open. Oh what will become of the BAT muppets?
Campsite Conundrum Sharon is having way too much fun while Ren is trying to find a place to sleep. Well someone has to be happy when Ren's such a grump.
Discovering The Picos After a troublesome first day in Spain hopefully Sharon and Ren's luck will improve. Thing is they have a 187km detour to reach their destination. There have been worse detours though.
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