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I'm Glad I Went To Anglesey

Blog Date - 07 May 2018

By Ren Withnell

The Menai bridge across the straits. The Welsh mountains are hazy in the background
The most photographed view on Anglesey. Well everyone else does...

Dave has offered me a bed for the night. I have my tent with me and I've got my head around setting that up and sleeping in it. That said regular readers will know I'm not a natural camper and the notion of a proper bed and a proper roof is rather appealing. 

The barbecue is lit. I'm not a vegetarian although I don't eat a great deal of meat. Dave keeps on piling up huge slabs of pork and lamb and chicken. It is delightfully tasty, the pork is locally sourced as Dave was apparently talking to the pig not long before we devoured it. Now that is local produce.

Dave and his wife Chris have recently purchased a disused chapel on the mainland. Being a builder type Dave is working on converting it into a home for them to live in. Dave and I ride down there. I can see there is much to do, Dave seems confident they'll be in before autumn starts to bite. If it were me I don't think I'd be in there before 2021.

The inside of the large old chapel has the floor up and sewage pipes installed
Me? I'd cover it in bits of old wood and throw a bed in the corner.

Sitting here in the setting sun talking to Dave and his wife Chris is better than sitting alone it the tent. Alas time marches on and I feel the need for sleep. I've done almost 200 miles today on the 125, it's been great and so has the company but I need my rest. I am essentially a 46 year old boy.

I depart in the morning. As ever "thanks" seems barely enough gratitude for my bed and my meal and the pleasure of such good company. It's all I have to offer.

The 125's exhaust is leaking just that little more each time I ride it. I'm going to have to fix this aren't I. Urgh, that's going to be horrible. I "pft pft pft pft" my way along the Menai Bridge, "pop pop pop" my way around junctions and roundabouts and finally on to the A55. I'm off to see Sharon.

It's another fine day but today's ride is transportation. I'm happy with this though. The 125's exhaust is not yet noisy, just noticeable. There's little wind. The sun is shining. The temperature is between too warm and too cold. There's traffic on this bank holiday Monday morning, thankfully most of it is heading into Wales and not towards Liverpool.

I do have to turn off the A55 at Pensarn because I'll be needing fuel sooner or later. 

Aaah Rhyl, I remember Rhyl. I remember it being a scruffy washed out has-been resort. I remember it being the butt of many jokes. Rhyl was all about disused fairground rides and litter blowing around the streets, ramshackle arcades and signage falling off shop fronts. 

I'll venture to say Rhyl still won't win any awards yet but thankfully today it looks to be achieving average. Average is far and a way better than it used to be. The arcades look maintained and fairground rides are in use. The streets are cleaner and the shops appear to be open. It is no better than countless other British seaside towns, but it's no worse so well done Rhyl.

A long beach and concrete wall somewhere on the Welsh coast
It's not bad here you know, not bad at all.

As I wendle my way along the A548 through Prestatyn and Mostyn my mind turns to travel. Soon...soon I will be in Spain! I am worried and fretting. I am excited and desperate to be there. I've been watching the weather in Spain and while I'm basking in sunshine here in North Wales Northern Spain is getting a soaking. Maybe they're having their rain now so it's warm and dry for when we arrive?

I'm glad I made an effort this weekend. I'm reminded of Billy from Chunky Tread when this pops into my mind. He has set his mind to make an effort to get the most from every day. Recently I've not been making as much effort as I should, I've gotten lazy and settled and dull and stuck in the routine. I shall not kick myself too much, routine is good for the stability of the mind but it is a balance thing, I need to push myself a little more. 

The sun is out, make hay while it shines.

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Should I Go To Anglesey? How hard can deciding to ride a bike be? Ren makes it seem very difficult indeed. Luckily he makes his mind up otherwise this post would not exist.
I'm Glad I Went To Anglesey Ren is seemingly quite positive today! Has the sun gone to his head or has Dave's barbecue cheered him up? We're sure he'll be back to his usual miserable self.

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