The city of Nice seen from the surrounding hillside bathed in sunshine
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Ross said :-
Ren said:- Please put £5000 into Ren's bank account - this should shut us up for a few months.

Please post your bank account number and sort code! ;)
06/06/2018 17:07:52 UTC
Ren - The Ed said :-'m not entirely sure I'd trust you with that Ross. Tell ya what email me and I'll send you my address, you can send me a cheque huh?
06/06/2018 17:11:55 UTC
Henrik said :-
Entering Oslo from the sea-side is the best choice, foto-session every time :-)

08/06/2018 10:21:04 UTC
Henrik said :-
Zuma does carry the heavy load, and does well :-)

08/06/2018 10:26:40 UTC
Ren - The Ed said :-
Blimey! That poor old 'Zuma. It looks like something out of a "save the donkey" advert where the poor mule is overladen and abused. Please be kind to your Suzuki.

Enjoy you're trip Henrik and keep on sending the images :)
08/06/2018 11:49:32 UTC
Henrik said :-
Yep, got a lot to learn packing a bike better, lunch break, and fuel, 321,7 km done, main roads, 68.8 mpg, (higest mpg I have had is 82,8 on the smaller roads), mountains are getting higher, snow on top now,..

08/06/2018 14:32:19 UTC
Henrik said :-
Ringebu, stavechurch

08/06/2018 14:34:11 UTC
Ren - The Ed said :-
Just found Ringebu on Google maps. Seems like you're already a good way north now Henrik. Fabulous pics.
08/06/2018 15:34:07 UTC
Henrik said :-
At Mosjøen, hitting "Mo I Rana" next

09/06/2018 12:08:10 UTC
Ren - The Ed said :-
Wow! There are some amazing places in Norway. I hadn't realised how big the country is too. I hope the weather holds for you.
10/06/2018 07:56:38 UTC
Keith m said :-
Gear indicators. I've never had a bike with one and have never missed not having one. But if you read or watch bike reviews it seems to be quite a big over sight if it's missing. Are they really that useful?
10/06/2018 08:30:10 UTC
Ren - The Ed said :-
Hi Keith m.

I started riding way before gear indicators became fairly common. I seem to recall there was a Suzuki that has a list of numbers that lit up on the dash but otherwise they were pretty much unheard of.

Never having had one I never missed it. Then Sharon got her first bike, the Keeway RKS125 and that came with a set of lights behind some numbers. As a lot of the Keeway is based on old Suzuki tech I'm sure this was inherited from said old Suzy. Sharon, having got a gear indicator, became used to it and perhaps even reliant upon it. When she got the Kwakker 250 without gear indicator initially she was lost.

Despite her misgivings she has adapted and overcome. Now, like most others, she no longer even notices the lack of gear indicator.

In my humble opinion? They are handy and useful, but not at all necessary.

If the bike doesn't have one? For myself it would be way way down on the list of things I'd look for on a bike. BUT. If there were 2 bikes side by side and they were equally matched on economy, value, ability, performance, luggage carrying capacity, ease of service, running costs, quality and how much I like the sales person then maybe a gear indicator could tip the balance?

The argument is with digitised motorcycles the computer can see the revs of the engine and the road speed. It is but a simple program to calculate the gear the bike is running in. On a million pound development program why would the manufacturer not make the extra effort to "do" a gear indicator?

For myself I wouldn't worry. But there might just maybe and extra few sales of that bike if it did have the gear indicator. Big oversight? No.
10/06/2018 08:44:35 UTC
Rod said :-
Like Ren I started riding before bikes had gear indicators, but then bikes only had four gears!
I had a GT380 Suzuki and a GT550 Suzuki in the 1970s which both had gear indicators, but then changed to a number of Kawasakis which did not have gear indicators. I think that you adapt to the bike you are riding, and a gear indicator is not at the top of the priority list when buying a bike.
Having said that I now ride a Suzuki and I do use the gear indicator all of the time, so it is not that a gear indicator is not useful, just not necessary.
As Ren said then!!!
10/06/2018 09:16:45 UTC
Henrik said :-
Yes, Norway is big, been driving 2000 km in the mountains last 3 days, I'm only half finished, and when I am finished I have only scratched the surface :-)

10/06/2018 19:33:04 UTC
Henrik said :-
Last two Lofoten

10/06/2018 19:35:09 UTC
Henrik said :-
Waiting for the night-ferry, its one hour past midnight, get some food while waiting, daylight allways, on the norse side of the polar-circle, you can drive for hours, enjoy the view, put up the tent to sleep, and then continue when you wake up again :

10/06/2018 19:43:23 UTC
Henrik said :-
Drying fish

10/06/2018 19:54:14 UTC
Sharon said :-
Just loving your photos, they are stunning. Also like the idea of a night of endless sun, or light anyway, thanks for sharing
10/06/2018 20:40:09 UTC
Sharon said :-
I found gear indicators really useful when I was learning to ride. Or so I thought. When I passed my test and bought a bike without them it freaked me out. But once I got use to not having them I was actually glad I no longer had them. Why? Because I realised I used them to ride by route. This gear for this corner this gear for that. I wasn't listening to the bike telling me what gear it needed. Listening to the bike, feeling what gear the bike requires is by far superior I believe to my old way of choosing a gear prior to an event. Now because I don't know what gear I am in without an indicator I let the bike tell me what it wants.
Only time I miss it is when I think I am first gear and then find I am not at lights etc. But I would never choose a bike because it had or didn't have gear indicators. It's not on my list of importance.
10/06/2018 22:09:32 UTC
Henrik said :-
Thanks Sharon, its a new morning, camped in the woods,...

11/06/2018 05:54:10 UTC
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