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CB500X OP (Power) Plugs

Guide Date - 07 March 2017

By Ren Withnell

OP? OP means "Option Plug" apparently. The idea is these plugs allow owners to connect stuff to the electical supply of the motorcycle.

There is one under the seat with 2 wires, positive and negative. In this position I'd expect this one to be used for maybe charging a mobile phone under the seat, extra lighting at the rear or putting power into a top box or pannier for whatever purpose.

The other plug is tucked tightly in the fairing near the digital speedo. This has 3 wires, positive, negative and "high beam". This could be used for handlebar mounted GPS, extra lighting and charging in a tank bag perhaps. The 3 wires means additional lights can be switched between dipped and main beam.

The Rear Plug

This is the easy one and is found under the seat as shown below. 

The option plug's location under the seat of the CB500XThere it is...

Front Plug

Getting to the front plug is a whole different ball game. To access this you will need to remove the side panel and then remove the fairing panel. Once this is done the plug is tucked up beside the clocks to the right hand side.

The front option p[lug tucked away inside the binnacle and clocksIt's tucked right up there.

By removing the fairing this will allow some degree of acces. However - very limited access. You can get in there to unclip the empty connector (I'll explain later) but my fidgy fingers could not get it back in. To make life easier you will need to remove both sides of the fairing and then remove the plastic trim or shroud around the clocks. This makes accessing the front option plug quite a task.

Empty Connector?

Both the front and rear OP come in 2 parts. On side is already wired up and ready to go, the side connected to the bike's electical circuits. There's a corresponding piece that mates with the wired side but has no wires or connectors in there, just rubber bungs to keep the muck out. 

The idea is that you are expected to source and terminate the connection yourself. I *HAVE NOT* done this myself although I may do in the future. From the fabulous comes this link to a site that appears to sell similar connectors with the terminals required. Again I cannot vouch for this but it looks right.

So that's the option plugs. I'd love to hear from anyone who's used these option plugs. I'd like to know if any other motorcycles also offer something similar, I'm sure some do. 

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