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Keeway RKS 125 Chain And Sprockets

Note Date - 01 June 2016

By Ren Withnell

This is not a how-to, this is simply a note about which chain and sprockets can be used on a 2013 model Keeway RKS 125. 

a very clean 2013 registered Keeway RKS 125The model in question.

Firstly the chain. This is a standard 428 chain with 116 links. 428 gauge chains are common amongst most 125cc motorcycles and the only difference usually is the number of links. 

Secondly the rear sprocket. The standard rear is available from JT Sprockets using the part number JTR810. It is also the same as used on the Suzuki GS125's from '97 to '00. If memory serves me well it is 43 tooth but JT Sprockets have a range of sizes that will fit around the JTR810 pattern. JTR's 810 Sprockets

Thirdly the front sprocket. This is the unusual one. The splines on the front sprocket are a perfect match for the Suzuki GS125 and also a lot of the Chinese GS125 copy engines. HOWEVER!! Do note that the Keeway sprocket is unusual because it has a recess (see images). This recess along with a slightly shorter output shaft prevents the fitment of the common pattern sprocket. So far I have not found a pattern part to match. From a Keeway dealer here in the UK a genuine sprocket cost around the £17 mark. While this is almost treble the price of the pattern parts it is not a major disaster. 

See also Keeway Front Sprocket

2 sprockets almost the same except the keeway item has a cut-awayThe original Keeway sprocket is on the left, note the difference.

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Reader's Comments

Ren - The Ed said :-
ADDITIONAL INFO - Front Sprocket.

"Joe" on another page posted a link to a website selling the correct front sprocket at half the price of the same item from the dealer. Link below.
motorcyclespares.net/article/576508/vehicle/keeway-rks-125:78566/ ...
08/06/2016 14:25:21 UTC

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