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Watford 2015 - Meeting Monk

Would you travel 200 miles just to meet a random stranger? Ren decides to do just that simply to see what happens. 

the hare krishna temple on the outskirts of watford. Looks like any half timber country home

It Never Rains Down South Ren heads south on a mission to meet BAT reader and contributor "Monk". Contrary to popular myth it definitely DOES rain "daan saaf".
Meeting Monk Ren meets Monk. But...what if Monk is a psychotic axe murderer?
A Taste Of England Ren returns home after stopping at Monk's place. The sun is shining and there's time to think on the way through Middle England.

Reader's Comments

Monk said :-
I would like to thank Ren for his excellent write up of his journey 'darn sarf'...I would also like to say that this is not my house!!!!

Unfortunately,It is in fact the Hare Krishna temple, open to all who wish to visit, which is not too far from Watford, Hertfordshire, where I actually live,it's a peaceful oasis, where I did at one time live as a monk hence my epithet 'monk'.

Here's anothe pic, below, of the lake within the grounds of this magnificent temple.

1/1//2000 UTC

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