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Blog Date - 23 February 2015

Yesterday I went to The Adventure Bike Warehouse (Adventure Bike Warehouse) and spent a rather splendid afternoon eating chilli, drinking tea and hanging out with lots of other people whom have either been to some far off places or like myself hope to get to some far off places. There were of course lots and lots and lots of BMW's GS range there, a handful of bona-fide motorcrossers, the occasional large capacity road tourer and of course myself on the own "BIG" bike, the CBF 250. I think I was the only one there with a bright yellow flourescent jacket too. I didn't stand out, no, not at all.

However among the chatting, poking around each other's bikes, ribbing each other and generally being quite unpleasant the rear of a "Dakar" BMW 650 was brought to my attention. Why? Because it features a winch, that's why. A winch, on a motorcycle? I've seen them on explorer type 4 by 4 cars but not a bike. The idea is that if you get stuck in mud you can winch yourself out or perhaps rescue a fellow traveller who's got stuck. I'd certainly never considered the notion of fitting one to a bike before now though. Initially it made no sense but the more I think about it the more sense it makes.

a small but powerful winch fitted to the rear rack of a BMW motorcycle
That's the ticket! (Image courtesy of Pete Road2Manchester)

  • Stuck in the mud alone? Winch yourself out, backwards admittedly but you'd still be out. 
  • Be the best buddy ever and winch out fellow riders when they get stuck.
  • Want to park your motorcycle and luggage securely? Lassoo the cable somewhere high such as a tree, a handy gantry, a nearby crane or a sturdy lamppost then winch the machine out of harms way. Ensure the winch cannot be operated without the key.
  • Leave the cable trailing behind you. Allow cyclists to hang on to it for a tow then charge them 20 pence per mile.
  • When you're being tailgated let the winch out and smile as the hook bounces around, denting the tailgeter's bonnet and smashing their headlights.
  • Use the same tactics to avoid being caught by law enforcement officers by fitting an additional weight.

All these things make sense. However being the genius that I am I have come up with the ultimate plan. International Motorcycle Breakdown. Oh yessssss! I am going to fit a similar winch to my trusty little Honda CBF 125 as I believe this bike is the best bike for the job. There's nothing that a Honda 125 engine cannot tow. The idea is that I get a call from a motorcyclist who's broken down or stuck in a ditch in say, er, Latvia. I hop on my CBF 125 tow bike with my tent and my gear and make my way to them. Now I do understand that the trip may take several weeks but by the time I arrive the client will be REALLY glad to see me. I can then tow them out the ditch or to the nearest motorcycle repair centre.

Rather than ride home afterwards I would camp up and await my next job. This way I get to see the world AND earn a crust as I'm doing it. Everyone I meet will be happy to see me and the world will be a joyous and perfect place to be. Now, bear with me a moment as I'm off to purchase the domain name ""

If you have any other amazing uses for a motorcycle winch please add them in the comments below.

Reader's Comments

Rob said :-
The only other use that I can think of, is the necessary ingredient for sarcasm?
1/1//2000 UTC
Ren - The Ed said :-
Sarcams? Why...who's sarcastic...?
1/1//2000 UTC
Nick Taylor said :-
I'm thinking of something funny to post relating to thunderbird' s that has recently been given a new lease of life on telly, but I can't.
Sorry for not introducing myself, my name is nick taylor, I'm 20 years old and have been part of the biking community nearly 5 years. I hail from the land of turnip farmers, norfolk, and currently ride a '94 cbr600f. Found your site completely by chance and am thrilled. Your write ups and travel stories are miles better than what's in your average RIDE magazine or MCN etc. As a young keen biker I have the same attitude as you tight northerners have, keeping costs down but still having a great time. Not everyone who likes to tour on a motorcycle has a ewan McCharley bmw1200gs with the entire touratech catalogue thrown at it. I may be penny-conservative but I don't cut corners on riding kit or the experience that is riding a motorcycle. Well I'll stop yapping on now and let you guys get back to doing what you, keep up the good work!!!!
1/1//2000 UTC
Ren - The Ed said :-
Hi Nick. Thunderbirds on motorcycles, I can feel a new TV series coming on. Anybody good with two wheeled supermarionation?

20 years old and on a CBF 600 F? Am I right in thinking it'll need to be restricted? I'm old you see so I no longer understand these things. Eeeeee...when I were 20 years old I dreamt of CBRs but only had the money for a CD200 Benly.

And there's nowt wrong with Norfolk, them turnips won't grow themselves ya know. You should try being ooop norf, tha cloth cap under thi 'elmet don't 'arf itch.
1/1//2000 UTC

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