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Pounds To Derian

By Ren Withnell

August 2014

BAT MCC, the bike club formerly known as Swan 2 Wheels, held a "Fun Day" on Sunday the 22nd of June. We had face painting, tombola, splat-the-rat and lots of other silliness. We were also very lucky that the sun shone for us and attendance was good. 

Now of course we do this for fun, but we also did it to raise funds for Derian House. Derian House is a children's hospice near to Chorley hospital and they provide various levels of care and support for children in situations I try not to think about. During the fun day and a little extra collection from various points we have managed to raise overall the sum of £805. I must say that's a figure I'm quite proud of.

So on Sunday the 10th of August when all the pennies had finally been collected, counted and added up a handful of BAT's set out to Derian house on a rather soggy morning. Not to worry and by the time we got to Derian House the rain had abated and the sun was trying to make an appearance. We weren't expecting anything more than a friendly hello so it came as a pleasant surprise to find a group of the kids had come to welcome us! 

We were taken inside and served hot cups of tea and biscuits. They know how to look after the kids these folks, they know how to look after bikers too. It's hard to describe Derian House because it's a hospital, a care home, a respite centre and it makes me shudder to think it's the last place some children will see. And yet there's no melancholy, no sadness and no despair whatsoever. In fact I find the place entertaining, enlightening and very comfortable. There's some neat gadgets, some far out therapy rooms and a very healthy sense of normality. Oh gosh, if you don't know what I mean make a donation and see for yourselves.

a handful of bikers enjoying tea and biscuits in the cafe at derian house
Tea, served with a smile and biscuits. I ate all the biscuits.

As we leave we're told one of the kids has a thing for bikes, revving engines. Oh dear, I'm on my 125, the gf's on her 125 and SL's on his 250. Luckily MA is on his Ducati with a fruity pipe otherwise it would have been something of a quiet exit. We ride off with a wave and head off to Rivi for a brew and a natter.

CLICK HERE to visit the Derian House website

some member hand over the money and note saying how much we raised
And the reason we are here...the children Derian House care for.

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