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CB300F - Yes PLEASE!

Blog Date - 31 July 2014

Oooooh I'm all excited! Not felt like this since I glimpsed Honda's new CB 500 range...and before that Honda's NC 700 range. OK...ok I admit it, I've got a "thing" for economical Hondas.

So what's got me all of a dither? Honda's forthcoming CB300F. I'm loving my CBF 250 right now - as a motorcycle to ride. It is so light, so easy and so much fun! There's power but nothing scary, it handles great, it's (relatively) economical and works well 2 up with gear. The problem with mine is it has had a hard life and isn't in what you might call the best order. 

Now...if Honda has created a modern CBF 250 that is slightly more powerful and fuel injected but retained the light weight and superb handling then I WANT one! 

The CB300F must however be competitive price-wise to Suzuki's Inazuma. The list price for the 'Zuma is £3408 at the time of writing but I know the local dealers are flogging them at £2999. That's a lorra bike for norra lorra dough. I suspect the Honda will start out at £3,699 or thereabouts. 

It must be economical too. As it is directly related to the CBR300 that is replacing the CBR250 and the CBR250 and it's relatives the CRF250L and CRF250M are all economical at about 90 mpg then we're onto a good thing. The Inazuma suggests 85 mpg, I am however wary of "claimed" figures, I look forward to real world riders publishing their consumption on fuelly.com

Honda are evidently aiming the bike at the female riders. The seat height is 785mm which although is low compared to a lot of other non-cruiser motorcycles is still not as low as it could be. It's light too and narrow which all help the shorter and less physical rider. Honda's promo video shows a suitably dashing gentleman riding the CBR300 model, only to be joined by his beautiful lady friend on the CB300F. Honda need to be real careful in the marketing here. Many lady riders would welcome a bike they feel comfortable, confident and in control of but if it becomes a "girl's" bike they'll resent the implication that they're not up to the job of riding a "man's" bike.

At least Honda haven't painted it pink. 

Would the notion that this bike is aimed at ladies put me off? Hell NO! I want, demand and adore small, light, economical, good handling and FUN motorcycles! Even if Honda did paint it pink I couldn't give a damn. I think it's a fine looking bike and I can't wait to get my hands on one.

Honda's next problem? They've put me off buying the CB500F - because I'm going to wait for the CB300F!!

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Reader's Comments

Sharon said :-
Yes is certainly looks an option for the smaller rider. I would be most interested in giving it a try myself. Plus the seat height can apparently be even lower.

From the Honda website
"A low 30.7-inch seat height does more than help make sure the CB300F fits a wide range of riders. It makes it easier to put your feet down at stoplights and in parking lots—a big confidence builder. Plus, we’ll offer a Honda Genuine Accessory seat that’ll lower seat height even further!"

If you get to the end of the video the man then rides the CB300F and the female rides his bike. So I think that is quite clever by Honda.

I am really excited by the fact that at long last the big names are finally beginning to make lower and lighter motorbikes that are suitable for the smaller rider, be they female or male.

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