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Frank Thomas Paddock Boots MX021 Review

By Sharon Parker

Review Date - July 2014

I have a real problem finding motorbike boots to fit me. I only have little feet, size 3. However doing gymnastics as a child ensured I built up my calf muscles. This combination does not seem to work in the world of bike boots.

Most boots I simply cannot get to close. Of the very rare few I do find that fit I have to go up about 2 sizes to get them to fasten. This then means two to three pair of thick socks. This is not too bad in winter when the extra layers add warmth but clearly is a big negative in the warm.  

So the best solution seemed to buy some short paddock motorbike boots.
Simple right? Well no not really. I found lots of nice boots but I still struggled to find my size. Most of them are men's and they do not start at a tiny size 3.

Riding past the small J&S in Preston I decide to call in to see what was on offer. They had a couple of paddock boots by Frank Thomas. The MX021 and the MXW010. Both were super comfy. I asked if they had my size, they did not have a 3 but the did have a 4 in the MX021 in stock. Unusually for me a made a snap decision to buy them. I usually research a product before purchasing it. I was so made up to find a boot that was so light and comfortable but with good solid rigid sole. At a reasonable price of £50 I bought them and put them on to ride home right there and then.

the mx021 boot by frank thomas, short ankle boot in black leather and red trim
Nice looking boots

The Technical details -

Constructed from leather with Cordura side panels.
Triple density comfort arch support.
Anti-fungal and anti-bacterial moisture wicking liners.
Reinforcement to the toe, ankle, heel and sole.
Gear change reinforcement.
Reflective detailing for added visibility.

the sole of the mx021 boot with grip pattern. The sole is very strong to protect the foot
Strong reinforced durable sole 

Having only owned these boots for only a couple of months this is only a short term review so far. 

I have been very impressed by the comfort of these boots. Comfortable from the onset the comfort only improved after a short wearing in period. I wore these to the Isle of Man and they are fantastic for walking around in off the bike. They are so light and breathable and as comfortable as any leisure boot. They have kept my feet feeling cool even in hot weather.

The boots are fastened by laces and have Velcro tab at the ankle top half of the boot. To ensure the laces do not flap about and run the risk of becoming caught I tie the laces into two long hoops, double knot them and then push the loops inside the boots either side of the tongue. The Velcro tab then fastens over the top of the laces. This seems to work a treat and the laces cause no hazard when secured in this manner.

the laces on the boots being tucked away as sharon holds the boots
Get those laces tucked away safely

These boots would be perfect if only they were waterproof. The boots are however not waterproof. On a really heavy downpour on a long journey I experienced the totally horrible feeling of soggy wet feet. The boots were in no way advertised as waterproof and I did not even know at the time of purchase that there were paddock boots out there that do claim to be 100% waterproof. I have later learned that the other boot I tried on the Frank Thomas MXW010 do claim to be waterproof. DOOH!!

Wet feet is the price I have paid this time around by not doing my research and making a snap decision.     

So what rating will I give these boots? It feels unfair to mark them then for not being waterproof because they were not advertised as such. But does anyone really want a motorbike boot that is not waterproof? Even if you are a fair weather biker you may still get caught in a unexpected shower. I could not just take these bike boots alone if I was on holiday, even in the summer because rain is a fact of life. I made the mistake in buying these boots because if I wanted waterproof I should I have done my research and bought boots that claimed to be waterproof. 

So I am going to give them two scores. 

For a dry day only these boots are excellent. Very light and extremely cool and comfortable. You can walk around in these boots comfortable for hours off the bike. So if you only want boots for guaranteed hot dry days or you live not in the UK and actually have lots of dry sunny weather then these are the boots for you. 
Summer dry day rating 9/10
For myself personally and the fact I ride all weather 3/10 

So in conclusion these are lovely boots for dry weather only. I love to wear them and have done so a lot lately because we have been blessed with some lovely weather. But if I see a grey cloud in the sky I cannot wear these boots. For me and how I ride in all weather these were a mistake. In all honesty I cannot see the point to a pair of  bike boots I can not trust to withstand a shower let alone a deluge. A very comfortable mistake but a mistake non the less. I should have bought the MXW010

Reader's Comments

Mike Stride said :-
I won't buy these boots {or the waterproof ones either}, in case strangers come up to me on the street and say, ' Excuse me Frank, got a light ?'
Waterproof, well made yet nondescript paddock boots are hard to find. I'm an undemonstrative kind of guy, albeit extremely handsome.
23/10//2016 2:05:33 PM UTC
Ren - The Ed said :-
I have the same problem when I wear my Oxford bike jacket Mike... An endless stream of people thinking I'm a professor at Corpus Christi university. Hmmmmm.
24/10//2016 9:49:12 AM UTC

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