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Finding The Right Balance In A Wibbly Wobbly World Is Not Easy - Feb 2014

Now you would think after my Trough terror I would have all my confidence back. But alas this was just not the case. During the next few ride outs I was still nowhere near the confidence level I was at before my off. I found I was riding once again with a death grip and with a body that would not relax. My brain was in a constant state of high alert and every maneuver was thought through piece by piece again. Nothing was flowing, nothing was coming natural.

Truth was I wanted to go out on the bike but I was not enjoying it like I did before. But the bottom line was I was also determined not to give up. I had to push through all this and keep going. I was so much slower and so much more careful then ever before. All this led me to feeling very frustrated and made me disappointed in myself.

But during the last few days I am beginning to re-think this. I knew before the off I was getting a little too cocky. So much so I did start wondering where was the line of over-confidence and as you all know I found it. So maybe I needed to slow down, maybe I needed to me more aware of the dangers and hazards that are out there for bikers.

With hindsight I realised there were probably a few times before my off when I was in danger of riding beyond my ability. There were a few corners where I would scare myself and I would get by more with a hope and a prayer rather than me feeling in control of the bike.

So I may be riding slower but I have to admit I believe I am riding more safely and more within my ability. I feel on the last few ride outs more in control of the bike rather than as previously sometimes allowing the bike to take control. I do not mean I no longer make mistakes, I do. I just feel more in control more often and to achieve that I had to learn the hard way to slow down and not try to rush my progress too quickly. I had to find my own pace. Now I have found it I can hopefully build on it .... but slowly this time one step at a time. Now I have finally it seems forgiven myself for my off and seen the positives in this all I need to do is relax again and see if once again I can enjoy the ride. Easy said the proof will be in the riding so .... RIDE ON!!  

Reader's Comments

Tom McQ said :-
Your early riding days (read months, even years) are filled to the brim with fears, anxiety and tension. We are, in fact, our own worst enemies! Everyone can give you their tips and advice, but little of ends up being actioned consciously. Personally, I think there is only ONE thing that will improve your riding skills and allay your fears and that is quite simply - mileage!

1/1/2000 UTC
john de ville said :-
I fully agree with Tom. I also think fear is a good thing, you just have to control it. Fear keeps you alive, fear keeps you aware of forthcoming dangers, What spoils your ride is that the fear is right there at the front of your mind. You will one day end up riding and enjoying whats happening around you, enjoying being at one with the machine you are on. Some people never get to that stage and I think its all down to how the brain is wired. Take for example guys and girls like Guy Martin and To us mere mortals they seem fearless but years of practice and the way their brains are wired takes them to another level but deep deep down I bet they are still fearful of what can go wrong,but they seem to b able to put that fear away some where.
1/1/2000 UTC
Sharon said :-
Thanks for the input guys !!
Well controlled fear may be the way to go John. It is good to be aware of the dangers but as always it is a balance thing.
Tom yes I think mileage is the key and hopefully I will get even more once the summer begins, if it ever does. Meanwhile I just keep getting out as much as I can. Should get some decent mileage on the bike when I go to Northumberland and Scotland later this year. First big trips on the bike. Well BIG to me :-)
1/1/2000 UTC
john de ville said :-
Right, I have posted your latest blog on the Doh (deauville forums) and im getting some good feed back, I will post a link to this site so they can get an insight into what goes on.
1/1/2000 UTC

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