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SORN Changes

Blog Date - 12 December 2013

Thanks to Sharon Parker for the tip-off...

Whoop Whoop! It's not all doom and gloom from the governmental bodies. Occasionally, very occasionally, they do something right. This time the DVLA is stopping the requirement to re-SORN your unused vehicles every year.

The idea is that you simply SORN the vehicle when you take it off the road and that will be the last you hear of it. It's then up to you to tell the DVLA if you do put it back on the road. For myself it'll make little difference, I've only had one SORNed bike so it was barely a hassle to go online and inform the DVLA it was still off road. However I have a friend with upwards of 30 motorcycles all in various stages of (dis)repair and I imagine this could be a nightmare to keep on top of.

BUT!!! If you buy an already SORNed bike or sell your SORNed bike you need to inform the DVLA. Also the new keeper needs to SORN it again for themselves. And if you move you have to tell the DVLA. In fact this does all make sense. The DVLA needs to know of changes to ownership and address to avoid easy thefts and wringing. 

So it's not "SORN it and forget it" but it is that little simpler. 

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