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Ride To The Wall 2013 More Pictures

Here's some more images from the marvellous day out. Do you see yourself anywhere?

knutsford services filled with motorcycles and bikers
Knutsford Services 0920. Now THAT'S a poppy!

bikers 4 and 5 lanes deep coming to a roundabout
Just coming out of the M6 toll booths. Bikers bikers everywhere!

a field filled with motorcycles of all makes, models and styles
I reckon there's a lot of bikes here today.

spitfire plane from underneath
The Spitfire gives us another close up view.


three red devils skydivers in tight formation
Now I think they're just asking for trouble, linking themselves together. Good show!

red devil sky diver with a large union jack flying beneath him
Flying the flag. 

2 male bikes with their arms around a small lady biker
There are some dubious characters in attendance.

bikers looking around the large wall of remembrance
This is the wall, this is what the day is all about.

lots of bikers an foot all walking back to their bikes
It's time to leave and ride back home.



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