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CBF 125 Side Stand Switch - Fixed

Blog Date - 04 April 2013

Regular readers will know my side stand switch gave up the ghost last week. After what felt like a long wait I received delivery of a used and somewhat dirty replacement side stand switch from fleabay. I tested the switchyness of the switch while talking the gf through what I was doing with my multimeter in that special extra-patronising way that only a know it all bloke can do. I'd like to think she learned something other than how condescending I can be.

Having time on our hands this Easter break I thought it may be entertaining to let the gf fit the side stand switch too. I passed her some tools and said things like "this is the turny thing" and "this is called a spanner sweetie". After a little guidance as to what I wanted putting where I left her to it, expecting to be called every few moments with dumb questions like "why is it dirty?" and "which way do I turn it?".

I did need to give her a pointer as to which way the switch fitted but otherwise it was a great surprise when she called me back into the shed and all was together! I'd instructed her not to tighten anything as I wanted to check it first. I did check and everything was just as it should be so all I had to do was nip up the bolts. Happyness! It seems the gf has much to learn but she's not mechanically incompetent and applies her broad intelligence well. From now on any jobs I don't want to do I'm going to pass to her.

pretty lady working hard fixing a motorcycle
She looks the part don't she. 

So readers this weekend she may be fitting the wheels back onto the 600, servicing my car and I may ask her to rebuild the old CLR 125 thats in the living room. She is also available for repairs to your motorcycle, £30 per hour or if you want her to wear something sexy whilst stripping...your motor...£60 per hour. 

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Reader's Comments

GF - Sharon said :-
Never mind Pimp Your Ride Ren you seems to be pimping your GF cheeky sod .....pppffffhhhhh :-)
Ren - The Ed said :-
I don't like to think of it as "pimping". I prefer to see it as maximising my return on investment.

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