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Swan 2 Wheels Egg Run 2013

Blog Date - 01 April 2013

There's countless egg runs out there organised by all kinds of biker groups.  From massive turnouts where the police close the roads through to small ones just like the one our bike club (Swan 2 Wheels) threw together this week.  Nothing more complex than a post of faceache which lead to the gf and I grabbing an Easter egg, some bunny ears and a cuddly toy then meeting at a carvery for breakfast.

the gf in her bike gear with bunny ears on her helmet
The Easter Biker Bunny is here to bring you Eggs and Toys!

About 15 of us turned up, not bad at all.  At 1100 we started our engines and for once the slowest rider in the our merry band through Lowton, Platt Bridge, Westhoughton and through Chorley.  After some bewilderment by me at Chorley hospital someone who actually knows what she is doing lead us the last mile to Derian House, a children's hospice behind Chorley Hospital.

tall biker wearing bunny ears
Another Easter bunny here to scare the chillblains.

Derian house has been going for 20 years now. They offer respite care and "palliative" care, in case you don't know that's care for the dying.  Much as I enjoyed the rideout I did not want to go to the hospice, I feared it would be just too uncomfortable, too painful. My own son has aspergers, a mild form of autism, but he is healthy and fighting fit.  I dare not even imagine the heartbreak of having a terminally ill child.

We were greeted by a handful of staff and a few obviously seriously ill and disabled children.  What I did not feel was any despair or melancholoy, just a mature and unpatronising sense of care.  We handed over our eggs and gifts and I was sure to be first in the queue for a cup of hot tea in the canteen. Talking to one lady she told me it costs over £2.5 million pounds per year to run the hospice so if you're looking for a worthwhile cause...

children with diabilites and carers with the bikers at derian house
Nowhere near as heartbraking as I feared, in fact quite inspirational.

We hit the road again and headed for Southport and the Carousel.  The sun shone and although the air was chilly the day remained pleasant.  As my freezer is presently broken I let the gf treat me to a chippy dinner with hot tea, I'm good like that.  After much talking and teasing we continued back to Rivington Barn for more tea and shenanigans.

motorcycles on the space next to the carousel at southport
Chilly but sunny.

You can find more details of Derian House at and if you're in a charitable frame of mind then you can be sure your efforts wont be wasted there.  I'm thankful the weather held out, at one point we all feared a snow storm. So far it's been an excellent Easter break!

2 shiny cruiser style motorcycles on the car park at rivington barn
"My bike's shiner than yours!"

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