Looking across to the snow capped alpine mountains seen from the back seat of a motorcycle

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TMQ's Satirical Bike Tours

A new offering from a wholly new business...Village Of The Damned.  TMQ brings you the opportunity to visit one of the UK's most dull and uninteresting places.  He offers the chance to see very little and be completely unimpressed.  This kind of tour is especially of interest to the adventure motorcyclist who's had enough of remote landscapes, beautiful scenery and challenging cultures.  If your life is full of awe and wonder, try something new, try a tour of Horwich...

Reader's Comments

Ren - The Ed said :-
TMQ...I notice the slowing down as you pass the speed camera. I assume beforehand you were doing 30 and you passed the pub and camera at 5mph?
1/1/2000 UTC

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