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First Look at the Suzuki Inazuma 250

Blog Date - 19 November 2012

It tweaked my interest this bike.  250's powerful enough for 2-up and motorways but small enough to give good fuel economy.  The blurb on the website claims 85mpg but I reckon with judicious riding that might be improved.  It may be the half way house between the super economy of the 125 and the Fazer's 2 up touring that I've been looking for.  So when I saw the bike in the flesh at a bike shop, I took the time to take a good hard look.

suzuki's new inazuma 250 in a bike shop
Suzuki's latest 250cc offering...

The first thing I notice is the way it looks.  I've been drooling over the KTM Duke 200 which is no doubt a very pretty bike, this Inazuma is completely bland in comparison.  But, and it is a big butt (sic), pretty as the KTM is it's rather impractical.  The whole purpose of a 200 or 250 for me is to have that little extra power for 2 up riding and/or carrying luggage.  The rear seat on the KTM is barely even an afterthought.  The Inazuma has a proper seat for both riders and while not as luxurious as a large bike it looks perfectly serviceable.  Otherwise the Suzuki looks at best bland, at worst the headlight is plain ugly and it has a big fat arse. 

the rear end of the inazuma which is wide and round
It's not UGLY but certainly not beautiful eaither.  The twin cans seem excessive.

The other thing that strikes me hard is the exhaust.  I stand to be corrected on this but I think it's good old plain steel with some chrome to make it look better.  It doesn't.  If ever a bike begs for a simple aftermarket system it's this one.  2 pipes lead from the 2 piston motor to a collector box then flares out on either side to 2 huge silencers.  When this is compared to the neat system on the KTM and other cleverly positioned pipes like the XJ 600 it looks like they'd forgotten to design the exhaust at the same time as the bike.  Having 2 cans also means if the bike falls over theres double the chance of needing a new silencer, possibly a whole new system.  Come on Suzuki, you can do better.  I hope the aftermarket people do better.

the lower part of the inazuma exhaust, plain black and rather flimsy
Chrome...into silver paint...into matt black presumably all mild steel...into huge cans...come ON!

So I've found the downsides.  Is there an upside?  There certainly is.  It is obvious the bike's built to a budget with a steel frame and swingarm but it looks solid.  It has a smart liquid cooled all new twin motor.  Tubeless tyres although I don't yet know if they're radials or cross ply.  I've read it's a long stroke motor so although it's not powerful (24bhp) it should pull in a healthy manner.  Disc brakes both front and rear.  There's also some fancy nonesense indicator that lights up when the motor hits a certain revs, this can be set to 3 levels.  It's hardly a computer remapping for "rain - normal - sport" but it might be useful at some point.

suzuki inazuma clocks with analog rev counter, digital speedo
This is the view that the owner and rider get, this at least looks perfectly fine to me!

There's nothing really impressive, but that may be just the point!  It won't win any races, it's looks won't make people swoon, I doubt it's handling will set your pants on fire but it may just be an ideal hack that's cheap to run, easy to ride, won't bite and may make you smile from time to time.  And if it can carry myself, a pillion and a ton of camping gear and give over 90mpg then I really really would be a happy bunny.  I keep on coming back to the NC700 which I KNOW can do all that...but it's £1,700 more...

front view of the inazuma, showing the headlight and cowl
And for Tom McQ...a shot from the front.


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Reader's Comments

Tom McQ said :-
You didn't take a photo from the front? Tsk! It looks pretty good to me mate, but is it worth spending all that money for something marginally better than your 125? Surely, if you were going to go 2-up with a ton of camping gear, you'd use your frugal Fazer? Or are you looking for something to replace BOTH your current bikes?

You can always buy my SuperDream :-))
Ren - The Ed said :-
OK Tom, I've ADDED a shot from the front, I hope that makes you happy.

I'm always looking, looking for that elusive perfect bike. It must be as pretty as a MV Augusta, as reliable and as fuel efficient as a C90, as fast as a Hayabusa, carry as much luggage as a Goldwing with a trailer, handle like a GP bike and be very capable on all road surfaces, even off road.

What would you recommend?
John Almond said :-
In that case Ren, get an electric converted VW camper van.

Ok not a bike but should be great for you.
Black Inazuma said :-
There's a Yoshimura After-Market Slip-On Exhaust available for the Suzuki Inazuma 250 for approximately $666.00 to $889.00 depending on pipe material options ( http://blackinazuma.bravesites.com/entries/general/suzuki-inazuma-250-yoshimura-slip-on-r-77j-exhaust ).

There's also a 2-1-4 IXIL Hyperlow XL Dual Exit Silencers Exhaust System for around $532.00 ( http://blackinazuma.bravesites.com/entries/general/suzuki-inazuma-250-stock-v-custom-exhaust ).

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