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CBF 125 OE TVS Tyres...Yikes!

Blog Date - 02 September 2012

When I first saw these tyres on my shiny new (to me) CBF 125 I thought some numpty's managed to wear out the original tyres in under 5,000 miles and put some cheap rubbish on, presumably to sell it.  Nope.  Having read a number of forums it seems Honda were actually foolish enough to fit these tyres as original equipment.  What the hell they were thinking I do not know.

The CBF 125 is made in India.  It states on the frame plate that it's from India.  The TVS tyres are Indian too.  OK fair enough, just because a tyre is made in India does not make it bad, I'm sure some of the quality brands are made in India.  But TVS do not make a quality tyre, well, not one that is fitted to the CBF at least.  These tyres are in a wibbly wobbly world of their own, especially when it's wet...which it often is around here.


tvs rear tyre fitted onto the cbf 125
...I mean the look fine and there's plenty of tread...but...

When I first collected the bike over a week ago it was dry.  I'd noticed the unbranded tyres beforehand and I'd made a mental note to go easy on them, a wise choice.  Of course the first time you ride a bike it's all a bit odd, different and takes a bit of getting used to.  So when I navigated a corner and thought I'd got a puncture I stopped and took a look.  Nope, it all looked as it should.  Things did improve a little on the ride home, but not much.

The next time I rode the bike it was wet.  What a hair raising experience!  I know the tyres are skinny but riding over any ridges, overbanding or lines on the road made the bike feel squirrely at best.  Corners, well, unless the road surface was perfect the sensation of movement from the rubber was terrifying.  If the road was in good order then it was merely scary. 

I now have 400 miles under my belt on the CBF and I'm liking the machine so far.  I am actually adjusting my riding style and my speed to compensate for the tyres and it's a little better.  It's currently the end of summer and although the weather has been inclement it's not yet getting cold.  My fear is the cold and perpetually damp weather of winter will make the bike almost unbearable if not plain dangerous.  Regular readers will know that I'm tighter than a lorry wheel nut and I hate to part with my cash, but I fear I may have to invest in a set of "proper" tyres.

That is another issue!  There is, as far as I can find out, only one company that make a set of tyres for this bike in these sizes, Continental's ContiGo.  Again in their infinite wisdom Honda saw fit to fit unusual sizes, 80/100 - 17 front and 100/90 - 17 rear.  Fortunately a set costs £107, fitted to loose wheels, so it's not an insurmountable expense.  I just wish there was more choices!  Still, most readers report a considerable improvement in the quality of ride and handling. 

There is of course the option to fit non-standard tyre sizes.  I've seen people report a 110/80 or 110/90 for the rear and there's more options in these sizes.  My problem is if there's ever an accident or some other event, would this have any bearing on the insurance and the road worthyness of the bike?  I always err on the side of caution when it comes to legal matters and I do not wish to fall foul of some regulation.  So far, the ContiGo's are looking like the best option.

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Reader's Comments

John Almond said :-
Not sure if its a Honda problem with shite tyres but when I got the DV it had macadam's tyres on it and I found out that they were the stock tyres that was put on it when new. They really were shite, probably would have got 50,000 miles out of them but the compound was like plastic, I put a pair of Avon storm 2s on the DV and it became a totally different bike.
Badger said :-
The TVS tyres are horrific. They last forever, I had a nail in mine today, and I thought, thanks for that, it's tipped me over the edge now, to finally get a pair of Continental Conti- Go!'s.
Jordan said :-
To anyone that comes here wondering what a good pair of tyres to get is, I went with the Pirelli angel city and they are very very good!
23/03/2017 01:05:41 UTC
Ren - The Ed said :-
OH my lord! Jordan I DID NOT know Pirelli made these tyres in the correct size for the CBF 125 but it seems they do. I might just give them a shot...thanks :-)
24/03/2017 18:16:15 UTC

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